Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Comment on Elizabeth Wong’s matter

I can understand what Elizabeth Wong is going through in the last 48 hours.

I can only say that she has my sympathy and support. I feel that she has done the right thing by offering to resign as EXCO and state representative and I fully agree that everyone has the right to privacy.

Elizabeth Wong must stay strong and be brave to face the storm. This is not the end of the world.

Finally, it’s your determination, honesty and hard work that will earn you understanding, support and recognition.







Voon Tek said...

You do not understand, your case is very much different from hers, you see Dr Chua you are a married manl how dare you try to hood wink the public from your performance!

Get a life!

阿土伯 said...

I really hope those UMNO politician having this kind of thinking. She is already a victim, why need to further hurting her. Terrible!

nanyang said...

Thank u DR.chua, Elizabeth Wong is a victim

ng lum yong

Kian Tong said...

Dr. Chua,
Though I'm no fan of any politicians, I sympatise Eli Wong as much as I sympatise you when you became a victim of privacy intrusion. Perhaps, dirty politics.

I feel the general public should look at such unfortunate circumstances from different perspective. Morality, if it's an issue, should be viewed separately from the core issue, i.e. politically-driven assasination and smear to bring one's career to a premature end by privacy intrusion. It's very sickening to see our mainstream politicians have brought the political game in Malaysia to a new low.

As a key office bearer in your party, I hope you can do your part to raise the level of our politicians in this country. I'm sure your party can make a difference. Those responsible in smearing you a year ago should be brought to justice...regardless of status in the party and Government.

Looking at the chain of events over the last 3 weeks, I could not stop my mind from linking the events to the dominant ally of your party. Well...that's just an assumption...I may be wrong. But if my assumption is true, I think it's a silly strategy. Average Joe like me without political affiliation are kinda sick and tired; politicking has gone overboard in such trying times.

To me, the General Election is done and over for almost a year. We expect both sides of the political divide who've been given the mandate to focus on their bona fide duties. It's service delivery of highest quality that I'm expecting in exchange for the taxes that I'm paying.

Those in the Executive branch are paid to do their job as "senior management personnel". I think it's fair for me to have expectations on them similar to the expectations of a minority shareholder and a client of a company towards the CEO, COO, CFO etc.

I dread thinking who's actually performing ministerial duties (i.e. the day-to-day management and operations of the Government) when they're all tied up with political games.

Pearls said...

I cannot understand why we, the society condone such evil actions! Why are we making an issue out of this?

Is it anyone's problem or concern if a human being, may it be Elizabeth or you, decides to sleep naked or have sex? Is it anyone's problem if the person having sex is married or not?? The fact is IT IS NOBODY'S PROBLEM EXCEPT THEIR OWN AND SPOUSE(if any!!)

Quit it la everybody!! It is people who play high and holly that make such evil game an excellent and nobel way to "kill" off someone!! If all of us dont react to such moronic-ness, I am sure such game will be out of fashion. So, can we all start to grow up and only react to REAL problems?! Sleeping naked also wrong ah? Woman and Man having sex is also wrong ah??

p.s. real problems are when a human in office is caught in the act of CBT, rape, murder, weird sexual preference like paedophilia or beastiality or Necrophilia!!!

Genesis said...

In the midst of the impending global economic meltdown, most countries are busy finding ways to surmount this critical recession, but our country appears to be oblivious of the severity of the situation. Instead, warring politicians are scheming to use underhand methods to discredit their political foes. The exciting political game is to have a smear campaign and bring down their oppositions by dubious ungentlemanly and unprofessional ways. Nothing is more important than grabbing power and maintaining their grip on power. No wonder the saying goes, "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely."
It is comforting to know that the 'out-going' PM called on all MPs, govt. and opposition to suggest ways to brace the hard times ahead.
Bi-partisan politics to counter the adverse global economic turmoil must soar above present back stabbing politics. The govt. should focus on the important economic issues at hand. Unfortunately, his merrymen are short-sighted and prefer other self-benefited hobbies.
One last word on Elizabeth Wong, her case is not a moral issue but a blatant invasion of her privacy and ill intention to discredit her.

ylcw said...

Voon Tek, you sound very immatured and "holier than thou". Who are you to judge? Everyone has sinned in the eyes of God. I find your rudeness much to be desired. You obviously do not have much compassion for people.


Anonymous said...

As much as I respect as a person who is willing to resign, take note that Elizabeth's case is different.

There is nothing wrong in being naked in the private room.

In any case, please sort with your President on you being sidelined. Nobody is a fool to see that you are being blocked in anyway.

In fact, I am just wondering: What the heck is your role

LohSH said...

It is not necessary for her to offer to resign both as an EXCO and assemblyman. It is not the right thing to do at all!

Private matters are out of bound to anybody else.

Those unlawful culprits who behave like blackmailer or kidnapper, if they cannot be brought to justice, should not be rewarded at all and get away so easily!

Bowing to the unlawful and unscrupulous actions of these despicable culprits will serve only to make them even bolder in time to come, thus further endangering the safety of the society.

The politicians, particularly those who are the legislators themselves, should ask this question:

Do we need these despicable culprits to help maintain and protect the morality of the society?

Maverick SM said...

Datuk Dr Chua,

Your words are kind and I agree with your empathy.

Our nation has gone to the dogs and no one is now safe.

The nation filled with schizos within the pandora boxes in Umno and MCA and MIC. We need you, who had equally suffered such strains to fight this war of evils. Dr Chua, you have many people who supported you and believed in you. But you must not stay idle and only blog. You must push MCA forward in the fight for humanity and social justice.

JY said...

I noticed when anything (bad) happen on PR, the leaders and ofcoz the supporters will relate the issue to politic conspiracy, or be straight - point the fingers toward BN. In this case, I feel symphathy to Eli. But it showed how unwise to point the fingers to BN when her sleeping photos revealed. If such case bring more supports and symphathy from the rakyat, I suppose there will have more and more sleeping (or nude) photos published by PR leaders. Wow~ Don't you think a perfect strategy?

I believe nobody is thinking this way. Everyone is pity and symphathy on PR after the froggy Perak issue, and now Elizabeth case. The RAKYAT is feeling detested on BN. If that is true that all these are the political tactics from BN, we will see the victorious PR in the federal government 3 years later.

MCA, I believe you all hear the voice of RAKYAT. But action...?

Pan Zer said...

Voon Tek,

I think you got some problems understanding simple English. Which part of Dr Chua's blog did he say that his case is the same as Elizabeth? He only said that he understands what she is going through. I suggest that you either brush up your English, or re-read Dr Chua's blog again (or do both). What is there to hoodwink? The public is not as stupid as you are, Voon Tek.

It is people like you who should get a bloody life!

Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

What a shame that Malaysia again become "a famous country". What happen to our society? Hope that the people behind it will be caught soon. Oh i think i should say the people behind it will got his retribution. The curse is also to the one behind your case..

God Bless....................

問文 said...


春天 said...

Datuk Sri,
She can resign and we should respect her decision. However, I personally feel she don't need to do so because she has not done anything wrong basically.
There is no anyone suffering from her case except the shameness of herself being humilated by those unethical human being.
Of course people who cares about her do get hard feeling as well. As a victim she do not deserved anymore unneccessary attacks, like what has been badly demonstrated by few BN guys.

Skeatx said...

I really cannot understand how is it right for her to resign. For this I agree with Voon Tek here.

Dr. Chua mentioned it is right for Eli to resign from her EXCO and all positions.. Why is it RIGHT for her to resign when she has not done anything wrong unlike Dr. Chua's case, where he clearly committed adultery. Its pretty obvious.

Dr. Chua 's resignation was a right move as he has done SOMETHING morally wrong. but certainly not Eli, in her case.

But then again, I don't think Dr. Chua has any ill intentions at all towards Eli and I hope that his sympathy was "genuine"

Skeatx said...

I really cannot understand how is it right for her to resign. For this I agree with Voon Tek here.

Dr. Chua mentioned it is right for Eli to resign from her EXCO and all positions.. Why is it RIGHT for her to resign when she has not done anything wrong unlike Dr. Chua's case, where he clearly committed adultery. Its pretty obvious.

Dr. Chua 's resignation was a right move as he has done SOMETHING morally wrong. but certainly not Eli, in her case.

But then again, I don't think Dr. Chua has any ill intentions at all towards Eli and I hope that his sympathy was "genuine"

aZRoy said...

Dr Chua,

U don't understand her. Her circumstance is definitely different than yours.

U are married man, and u get caught by your so called social partner. Plus, in a HOTEL!

But she... u can think about it yourself.

You Bee End leave her alone, don't make things even worst for her.

呉 和豪 said...

人之初生裸也,人归于土裸也,裸,纯乎,错乎,罪乎,何其错 ,何其罪 ,无可而知。

steven said...

Dr. Chua,

An immoral politician and an innocent assemblywoman? Both may concern invasion of privacy but that's the only similarity.

You are guilty and you came forward only when the tape was revealed (I absolutely doubt that you would have come forward had the tape not been exposed!!!).

EW did nothing wrong!!! How could you say you understood what she's going through?!!! Hypocrite!!!

Ps: You only won after contesting again because you have your own supporters NOT the public!!!

anil said...

I think we should condemn those who use this kind of dirty tactic to bring down their opponent / ex-girl friend or boy friend. This is a serious intrusion of one's privacy. And Eli needs not resign as she is a victim in this case. Those who ask her to quit like Khir Toyo is a desperado, a person who is not really qualified to talk about moral values.

Likewise, for your case, you have already took responsibility by resigning from all positions. And the central representatives have already re-elected as the Deputy President. They have already accepted you for coming back. I don't know why some still harping on this issue.

笑看风云 said...

Dear DR.

Elizabeth wong is a vitim , the selangor govermnet is a vitim ,the people is a vitim, the country is a vitim.

All of us are vitim.

just imagine if " syndicate" instal hidden camera and take "ALL" our beloved ministers, member of paliment, MB,..... personal naked or private sex photo and post on the net or distribute to people's phone.

very soon we will have election every now and then our country will go bankrupt.

Now . Stern action, Stiff punishment, prompt action ,to nail those inolve, especialy the


don't cry over spill milk .

"DON'T RESIGN " Elizabeth Wong, that is what their motive and intendion

these " BASTARD " is a threat to our social stability and national propserity

some one say

" NO ,i will not die in vain"

God bless you

Mercedes said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

Some who have posted their comment here said that your case was different in that you were a married man and so on and so forth...

I just wonder any of these people here, whether man or woman, ever masturbate privately.

I read somewhere that it was an act which is common to men and women. It is also a subject taught in sex education.

But what if, one fine day, any of these people here including the sympatisers of OTK, was secretly filmed doing that act, privately or otherwise, and the film being posted in the internet? or sent through SMSes?

If that happen to Voon Tek, can he be said "You do not understand, your case is very much different from Dr. Chua's, you see Voon TEk you are a married man (wonder if he is) how dare you try to hood wink the public from your performance!"

Personally I think Voon Tek should not be blamed because he would then be a victim of unlawful infringement of his privacy.

But the witchhunters would then say that after Voon Tek had posted his comment here he has become famous and therefore become a "public figure", so his act must be scrutinised because public figure = not private figure = no privacy.

Personally I think the thinking of witchhunters are very wrong and scary, but majority of Malaysians now, like Voon TEk, are very right thinking, high moral values, so the witchhunters would have their support.

So in that case Voon Tek might felt devastated and he might, if not properly guided, commit suicide...

Talking about Malaysians, majority of them never question the criminals' crime of trespass, nor would they be bothered by these acts.

Seeing these, the criminals again and again commit the same crimes and would get away with it.

And these Malaysians would continue to think that Malaysians are highly regarded internationally. For, when the world elsewhere is busy working towards better life, some Malaysians here are busy 'creating new values', as if the current witchhunter-approved value is not high enough.

Jenny said...

Absolutely agree with steven, Dr chua, you say sorry only because you get caught red handed and have no other choice,obviously you don't feel sorry at all for what you have done, you only feel sorry that you get caught and you blame it to your enemy.. if you can lie and cheat your own wife, the closest person to you,you can cheat anyone, Eli did nothing wrong she didn't lie, didn't cheat, didn't do anyhthing unlawful...

Kopi Kau Kau said...

The main problem for this Eli's problem is that you are the HUNTER and Eli is the hunted.

If todate you are not caught red-handed you would still be in seventh Heaven... Just too bad luck is not on your side.

For all I care, Eli can sleep with any good looking guys... that her private affair... but if she is married like you and she curi makan and also try to be a lady hunter... AND she is caught red-handed like you... then she have to resign and apply to join your HAPPY HUNTER CLUB.

In all fairness, sometime it good to remain dumb then to talk and being branded as a hypocrite politician.

My message to Eli is to fight to the end... you have not done anything wrong against your conscience ..Politic is a dirty game.

Join us for a cuppa of kopi kau kau chi piu....

Steffles said...

I do not agree - she shouldn't resign. She has all our support in Singapore.

tc88 said...

How well you stated it. She did the right thing by offering to resign from her exco post and adun seat. Yes, she like you, Datuk Seri before that, has shown exemplenary example by doing the honorable deed to save the party, the official position. How many politicians in Malaysia has this or can do this.

Hopefully the party and the MB and the Speaker will reject this.

Like she stated, she did not wrong. In fact her privacy has been violated and betrayed. The media should have stopped it and reported whoever forwarded the so-call pictures to the police or back to her and not sensationalise it. Meantime like you said, she should remain strong, go overseas for a well-earned and deserved holiday. Think over it and come back strong and hopefully the State will welcome her back to her exco post. The press should leave her and grant her some solitude and privacy. She deserves it. She has earned it. She is entitle to it. Remember... she is the victim.

Instead of focusing on her, the media and authorities should hound the perpetrators and those who are behind it, not just the one that took the photograhs. Go beyond and investigate whether there are underhand perpetrators.

YB Elizabeth Wong, like 95% of Malaysians, you are still and remain an Exco Member and ADUN of Selangor. We need YB like you, just like we need YB like Datuk Seri Chua in these difficult times to revive confidences in the rakyat and businesses.

TC 88

Kok Heng said...

Why must make her to be seen shameful and want her to resign?
Her stay or discard is based on rayak to decide not belong to a few persons to command it barking endlessly.
If she is a dirty wanton lady, next election; voters will show her the point.
All those people if you are truly gentleman, just keep yourselves quiet and shut up. You don't try to decide her faith.
Don't just go away, Elizabeth Wong. Rayak still support you and your party.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Chua,
It looks that this tactic of bringing down someone is getting more and more popular. And it is not only happenning to the Pakatan Rakyat but also to the Barisan Nasional. Therefore politicians who are serious with serving the people and the country should be alert at all times. Trust no one. In fact before one becomes a real full time politician, one should already have to be careful. Money, title, flesh; whoever it is will do anything and everything to make things go his way. But does he realize that the country might go into anarchy ?

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