Saturday, February 28, 2009

Press Statement: I can work with anyone/ 文告:我能和任何人合作

I am responding to calls by party leaders that MCA leaders should work together.
I must emphasize that I can work with anybody including the President Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat. I have said this openly in the last year’s general assembly.
The President and me are elected by Central Delegates. We have to work together to fulfill the trusts and confidence placed on us.

The President and Deputy President working together is not an option but a necessity. This is something that MCA members and the Chinese community look forward to. This is the only way that MCA and BN can work together to strengthen the coalition.

I respect all those elected including the President. In the same way, I expect them to accord the same respect to the chair of Deputy President.

After my appointment as the chairman of MCA Government Policy Monitoring Bureau, the bureau has been working actively with 6 meetings and 6 press conferences. This shows that I take my work seriously.

I have a responsibility to the central celegates as a Deputy President. They voted for me and I have to demonstrate that I deserve their support.
MCA members and delegates and the Chinese community are mature enough to know that the party problem is not created by me. Cooperation and closing rank need sincerity and positive action, not just lip service and slogan shouting.
I am fully aware of my responsibility to the party and the Chinese community. I will not let minor issue distract my work. I have spent 25 years servicing the party and the community. In no way I will destroy the party.
I will work with anyone who can effectively transform MCA to meet the high expectation of the Chinese and the rakyat.





Chinese said...

Dr,agreed with you. Please work together. We, chinese need a strong party to back us up, then we can back them up. Not fighting.

People said...

Regarding your statement below:

The President and Deputy President working together is not an option but a necessity. This is something that MCA members and the Chinese community look forward to. This is the only way that MCA and BN can work together to strengthen the coalition.






Mayyen said...

Well said. Thank you Dr. Chua for your 25 years of great service and we ordinary citizens are looking forward for more contributions from you. Your past work have been excellent and you are one of Malaysia's great politician and leader.

francis teo said...

Dr Chua

It is obvious from day 1 that you have expressed your intention to work closely with the newly-elected president. However, you received very cold response from your "BOSS". This is a very unacceptable attitude. The President should hold a two person meeting or dinner with you to resolve whatever issues between you and him. He does not need to get the Treasurer to mediate in this issue. No other persons as third party could get themselves involved in this. The President's unwillingness to accept you has made most of the MCA members and Chinese in Malaysia who want to see unity in MCA feel so disappointed and furious and thus would further cause MCA to lose the already-few parliamentary or state seats in the next election.

I hope the MCA leadership could seriously look into all these before the party becomes TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to the Chinese community.

Cikgu said...

Only apple-polishers can work with the MCA president. He is a chameleon. He puts his tail between his legs when faced with the BN masters but acts like an emperor when he is with the MCA members. He is not a Yellow Emperor. He is an emperor who is yellow. Those who had voted for him had been hoodwinked and are regretting now. He calls other members immoral and illegitimate.By doing so, doesn't he lack integrity? A good leader will protect his pack; not persecute them.


Lee said...

Dr Chua,
Bravo, this is how a leader should act. Unlike your president even after being elected. Instead of getting to work for the betterment of M'sian Chinese he is looking for opportunity to get rid of you. He is also seen not able to know what he is speaking as a Transport Min. e.g proposing that no express buses to run after midnight and banning helmet which is 5 yrs or older. Dr Chua, we hope you can carry on serving the public but also be aware of OTK, he may be scheming to backstab you again via his ever obedient STAR newspaper.

Ahjamal said...

Please Dr Chua dont use the word Chinese community . You are not welcome to represent the majority of the Chinese anymore. Go and solve your ugly problem and leave the Chinese alone.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...




Tuanku said...

Dear Dato Seri Dr Chua,

Malaysians have full respect and honour Dato Seri Dr Chua kind press statement pertaining many calls by party leaders that MCA leaders should work together. You said that you could work with anyone, including party president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat. It is indeed a good news to every Malaysians especially the Chinese communities.

Dato' Seri Dr Chua is very lucky to let off the jail hook on DVD sex scandal from Pak Lah. You must thank Pak Lah on his D-Day in end March 09 and also you must ensure the doubtful waiting PM will not reverse his mind if you continue to hit his running dogs in MCA.

If you are an Opposition member like Anwar, now you are having free foods, stripe naked and treated like dog shit in the cosy prison for many years. As Chinese saying, Dr Chua visited the hell half way only to be alive again and repent his sinful act and to realise his mistake to start contributing his good deeds to the people, similar like Anwar was betrayed and victimised by his own UMNO masters and cronies that he was jailed and tortured in prison and shame in public for his misfortune sodomy and corrupt charges. Anwar has visited the entire hell for six years to be alive again, hence, Anwar looks like and sounds like Mother Theresa talking about Ketuanan Rakyat-fighting for the welfare of Malaysians in fair justice, equal opportunities and people rights. I believed Dr Chua recalled Anwar raised his anti-Chinese slogan to soak the keris with Chinese blood during his superior political power in UMNO until he was punished severely by Tun Dr M to put him into jail to repent and think wisely - "who are his real friends and who are his real enemies." Anwar realised that the Chinese people supported him during his jail terms and DAP leaders bring him up to become the Opposition Leader today. Unfortunate, his own Malay buddies in Parti Keadilan betrayed him on new sodomy charges and bad mouth him again.

Yes, today Anwar spoke in many ceramahs and public gatherings, he raised his voice loudly said "Anak Cina Anak Saya". Chinese communities jumped up and gave him great ovation and clap their hands with cheer faces. Hidup Anwar !! Can Ong Tee Keat or you dares to say such brave statement ? I dont think so.

Many Chinese communities are very glad to listen, see and read many strong articles from Dato Seri Dr Chua dares to voice out the true stories about the Chinese communities problems and defend the Chinese rights. Many Old Chinese folks commented : "At least Chinese people see a HERO Chua who dares to speak the saint words to offend the arrogant UMNO and to chase away some running dogs in MCA, but how long he can survive in the political tsunami in MCA crisis when MCA Taiko is a coward and his "hidung dicucuk jalan macam lembu" by UMNO. A joker said MCA renamed as Mad Cows Association. MCA can close shop like Gerakan anytime, mark their words today." Many Chinese youths and educated Chinese professionals prefer DAP leaders who dare to speak up, fight out and defend many Chinese and other communities agendas without fear and favour to offend BN arrogant, rude, corrupt and dirty leaders.

For a good example, Malaysians and many Chinese people are very angry and dissapointed to see, listen and read how coward MCA leaders about the official opening of SJK Sin Ming School in Puchong become a victim of BN attacks. MCA Deputy Education Minister talked rubbish about the contribution of RM120,000 to this school but begging small peanut monies from UMNO arrogant leaders. A young Chinese student, aged 15 voiced out bravely: "MCA is hopeless and useless to Chinese education communities. Long live ROCKET.". A hatred on MCA is in every Chinese pupils and teachers mind when they are disallowed to attend their most important day in their beloved school. It is MCA doggy in BN idiots want to punish us if we do so protest by several silent sad teachers of SJK Sin Ming school.

I witness and listen to Anwar ended his speech calling for racial unity by quoting the famous Chinese proverb: si hai ji nei chie xiong di ("Within the four seas all men are brothers").

Later, Anwar was asked to write the proverb in Chinese calligraphy which was auctioned off for RM150,000 to school board advisor Yan Khoon Yin, after some fierce bidding opening at RM18,000. The Pakatan Rakyat state govt contributed RM50,000 for the school. Beside, a windfall of charity funds rolling in from the public to support this school. Malaysians and Chinese communities in Puchong questioned "Where are both MCA Deputy Minister of Education and UMNO Kerismuddin gone missing and a disgrace to the people?". In fact, many teachers and students have attended the official opening of this school without the notice of spy dogs from BN.

Last but not least, tell all Malaysian Chinese communities, how MCA can proof strongly that the party is still relevant and important to represent the entire Chinese people in Malaysia? Frankly speaking, thousand MCA members have lost trust, no confidence and felt betrayed by MCA leaders who are very coward and doggy to face the Chinese voters and Chinese communities. Can Dato Seri Dr Chua has the magic touch to turn MCA a loving partner in Chinese communities in Malaysia. NO WAY ! MCA is gone in the wind of change coming soon. Mark My Words now... God Blessing Dato Seri Dr Chua !

Thank you for reading.


Anak Chinese is Anak Malaysia
Neutral & Democratic Citizen

bluesky said...

Dr Chua...since 308...what the rakyat saw is MCA all the times fighting for POWER...sad to say do you think still got hope ma???

Tuanku said...

Hello Dr Chua,

Who is defending the Rights of the poorest people called ORANG ASLI is pure BUMIPUTRA in Malaysia ?

Does MCA is keen to fight for the Orang Asli fortune and defend their motherland from UMNO corrupt leaders ?

Please read the true story from the Orang Asli Leader in Perak.
No thanks to MCA did a bad karma and joined UMNO to topple the legitimate Pakatan Rakyat state government. Orang Asli nightmare of 51st old BN are haunting them again after PR was wiped out by fake UMNO Menteri Besar in Perak.
UMNO and MCA doomsday are coming vey soon cursed an Orang Asli boy


"For 51 years we have not been treated as citizens, but squatters." - Yok Pis Chenadang, Perak Orang Asli spokesman

Orang Asli in Perak apprehensive

The Nut Graph | 24 Feb 09 : 8.00AM
Written by By Zedeck Siew in Perak.

BIDOR, 24 Feb 2009: Orang Asli community leaders in Perak are worried that the state's recent political developments will signal a return to a disregard of their rights.

"We feel concern and sadness at what happened. Where are we in all this? Will Orang Asli issues, that were hot in the last 10 months, once again be sidelined?" said Jaringan Kampung Orang Asli Perak (JKOAP) secretary Tijah Yok Chopil.

Tijah, a Semai, revealed that in the days following the swearing in of the Barisan Nasional (BN)'s Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir as menteri besar on 6 Feb, several trees in the forest near Kampung Chang, in the outskirts of Bidor, had been marked with red paint for logging purposes.

"There are helicopters flying around, surveying the land," she said when met here on 14 Feb.

Other Orang Asli leaders in the state who spoke to The Nut Graph said logging activities in Sungai Siput, which were halted and had their permits revoked by the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) state government, have also been renewed.

A sand mining operation upriver from Kampung Pos Bersih, which was stopped only a week before, was restarted on 12 February, they added.

On 14 Feb, Tijah chaired a meeting of Semai leaders from 10 separate Orang Asli villages between Tanjung Malim and Ipoh in Kampung Chang, Sungai Gepai, where her village is.

The meeting discussed the fall of the PR state government and the BN takeover of Perak, and its effects on Orang Asli issues.

"For 51 years we have not been treated as citizens, but squatters. In our lands, no one lives there, according to the government," said Yok Pis Chenadang, a representative from Kampung Pos Bersih.

He was commenting on the fact that Orang Asli are typically seen as nomadic, even though they have been living there "from before the British".

Tijah Yok Chopil and other members of the Orang Asli community. He explained that while many want to plant commercial crops such as rubber and palm oil, they were prohibited from doing so as the land was officially owned by the state government.

"We are like people hung from the sky, not with our feet on the ground," Yok Pis added.

PR's policies

Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin's 10-month administration took proactive measures to address the welfare of Perak's indigenous peoples.

In 2008, the now embattled menteri besar cancelled logging and plantation activities around Gopeng. The PR state government also announced the return of 900 acres of ancestral land to the Orang Asli of Mukim Teja and Bidor.

Perak's Orang Asli Taskforce Committee, set up in October 2008 under the PR administration, was also unprecedented.

The body, chaired by senior state exco Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham and including representatives from the Orang Asli community, was designed to get as many Orang Asli territories issued with permanent titles as possible. Geographical and historical surveys of the Orang Asli ancestral lands were carried out with the taskforce's assistance.

"Since independence, we have never felt like Malaysians. In the 10 months of the Pakatan Rakyat state government, we felt the promise of citizenship begin to be fulfilled," Tijah, who has been the taskforce's main liaison officer, said.

She revealed that the PR state government's overtures were the first time her community had been invited to discuss, negotiate, and air their grouses as equals.

Asked to comment about the possibility of the BN changing its 51-year-old policy on the Orang Asli to adopt the PR's policies, Tijah said: "We will appreciate that."

However, Tijah said her community was not confident of that prospect. "We are not mocking, discounting, or threatening them. But we won't be surprised [if they stopped these policies]. Perak is now controlled by the 51-year-old government," she said of the BN takeover of the state.

There are approximately 48,000 Orang Asli in Perak, with 216 registered settlements. Land is the biggest issue affecting this community, as most depend on forest produce to make a living.


Malaysians hope Dato Seri Dr Chua should champion the poor Orang Asli communities instead of joining MCA doggy leaders are fooling and betraying the rich and smart Chinese people in Malaysia. Dr Chua can fooled the Orang Asli but cannot out smart the Chinese people today.


Neutral and Democratic Malaysian

chong said...

don't just talk about chinese community and chinese community alone. pls get a "malaysian" spirit.

and do the right thing for malaysia and malaysians.

WE, the rakyat malaysia don't want a murder suspect to be our PM.

do you dare to voice up for the rakyat??? do you dare to against the power for standing up for the truth and the justice???

or better just be a good lapdog and have a good bone to chew in the mouth.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


It's good to publicly state your own stand
With foundation built on rock and not sand
Be brave enough to stick by your own brand
To hear any sweet music played by the people's band

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 280209
Sat. 28th Feb. 2009.

NEIL said...

Dr,You have been saying too much about what needs to be done to MCA.You have to know it takes two hands to clap.What the use if you keep shouting and OTK keeps avoiding what you say.In fact he and his cronies are planning in secret to engineer your downfall by releasing another damming DVD.
Now ,you supporters won't want you,their elected deputy president to go down on your knees and beg.You don't have to over do it.The cards are in OTK hands now.If he still shows arrogant as he used to show,then make the kill.Call for the EGM and cast te vote of 'No Confidence'.We have given him too many chance and it seen this man with the grinding teeth is a slow learner.He must be shown the door becos MCA don't need 'Mugabe'.Let MCA be the first party to kick out a sitting president.OTK MUST be kick out or otherwise MCA will NEVER be able to get back to the glory that the chinese enjoys in the early years.

Suci Dalam Debu said...

Dr Chua,

I am pretty sure that the majority of MCA members know that you are indeed good at your job. You are indeed TOO GOOD for somebody's comfort.

Your statement that you have a responsibility towards MCA members who voted for you speaks LOUD and CLEAR about your commitment to the party and rakyat.

I hope your boss will accord you that recognition too.

jlvk said...

Dear Dr Chua,

I just read your recent posts and I am encouraged by your objectivity and clear-headed direction of where Malaysia will be going in the next decade.

From reading your ruminations I gain meaningful insights on the gravity of the status-quo and a clear picture of the seemingly bleak future of Malaysian politics.

Yet I am leaving this note to tell the whole world that I have high regards for your calibre and character in the midst of your unlucky encounter with fate--i.e. your well-publicized affair.

For the simple reason that you have been straight about mistakes and for my own belief than no man is perfect. I think you must stay to lead.

I look forward to have tea with you to embrace your big heart for the people. Press on as we strive to deliver a better tomorrow and to reinstate the meaning of the seven-letter-word: MERDEKA.

joe v. k. lim

lkh said...

Dr Chua.

Do you think otk will wish to cooperate with you?

Before election, he said he could cooperate with one in MCA.

But after election, he was elected as president of MCA, he said he could cooperate with anyone in MCA but not Dr Chua Soi Lek.

With such a high standard of morality he merit himself, can he really forget and forgive your unfortunate encounter?

Discrimination of above, I think he can. He is a normal politician as all others, changing words and twisting view is usual practice to them. If he reverses himself to shake your hand for goodness sake of MCA and nation,it is a good news to many Chinese communities who are supportive to MCA.

Don't just talk and do nothing to reform MCA. Reformation needs attention and firm definition, other wise it is only cipher showcase.

Bn is near dieing. Leaders in side it are going to wrong direction. Compromising among each other is only remedy to help BN improves itself.

At the moment Malaysia is situated at momentum state. Social and political problem is waiting to be solved urgently.

Corruption, judiciary, economy, religion and political figure private intrusion all these problems are yet to be fairly settled. Can MCA under you and OTK provide material solutions to government?

Elize said...


Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

Whether OTK like it or not, it is the fact that you are the no. 2 in the party. Whether you like it or not, it is the fact that OTK is the no. 1 in the party. As the priority now is to rebuild the trust from the rakyat. Action is louder that words.
GOD BLESS.......................

MZZainal said...

Many of MCA leaders have failed to adopt a humble and wise approach in dealing with their Rakyat. Instead we still see a internal strife, character assassinations, ignorance and docile towards their UMNO masters. It’s unfortunate but the reality is that when one has been a servant for too long, they cannot resist the urge to kow-tow.

I have not seen any positive developments within MCA, nor are they true representatives of Malaysian Chinese. MCA’s present agenda is merely to maintain their own seat of power in the hope that their names would go down in history. However such legends would simply make them look imprudent, thoughtless cowards.

呉 和豪 said...


一个有领悟,有良知的马华公会会员, 可以永远成为马华的会员因为马华在建国方面的功劳是不
可抹煞的。但不可以盲目服从, 因为这样只能把马华带向末落。我们也应勇敢接受对方的批评,通过互动才会取得进步。

春天 said...

Dr Chua, well said on not an option but neccessity. I sincerely hope that our President shows his sincerity and plan out the work, and not plan out the failure. Whoever being elected by the central representatives deserved the respect and acknowledgement.

We do not want to see MCA heading to doom.

tc88 said...

MCA has a history of divided leadership. Team A v Team B, or that the President and Deputy President do not work together as a team. Go back to the days of Lee San Choo and Michael Chen, then Tan Koon Swan and Neo Yee Pan and recently Ling and Lim.

Why is this so?

Is it because the Deputy is too strong and popular or is it because the President fear the Deputy may challenge him for the Presidency the next election? Or is this the way the MCA delegates want to ensure a check and balance, ie check the powers of the President?

As it is MCA has lost much of its relevance to the Chinese in particular and to the Malaysians in genereal. Is MCA an equal partner to UMNO in BN? MCA is becoming a joke in Malaysian politics... years running into more than 2 decades of in-fighting. Still fighting when its very relevance in Malaysian politics and particularly within the BN coalition is being questioned.

Malaysians are suffering, facing job loss, rising prices, declining and in somes cases, no income. Yet our politicians are fighting, making numerous police reports every day. Fighting between BN and PR, fighting within BN, fighting within BN component parties - UNMO, MCA, MIC and even Sabah BN.

Anyone looking at the economic issues and doing anything positive? NOBODY. Every politician is saying they are doing it for the Rakyat... Are they?

tc 88

Welcome to my Blog

As a concerned MCA member, I am trying my best to help in the process of rebuilding and repositioning of the party.

Therefore, I welcome party members and members of public to post your constructive suggestions and opinions on my blog on how to rebuild and reform the party, eventually enabling MCA to regain support from all party members and the community.

Thank you for your suggestions.