Saturday, February 14, 2009

EXCO in Perak

Ever since the BN government forms its EXCO, I have been receiving a lot of calls and SMS complaining about the composition of EXCO in Perak.

MCA is not given its correct representation in the state government. There are 6 elected ADUN appointed as EXCO. Since there is only 1 MCA ADUN, he was appointed to the EXCO.

However, the state government appointed 4 advisors with the status of an EXCO and this is the part that has given rise to dissatisfaction about power sharing at the state level.

Of the 4 appointed members, 2 come from UMNO, 1 from MIC and 1 from Gerakan. In other words, the state EXCO is made out of 7 UMNO members, 1 Gerakan, 1 MIC and 1 MCA.

No MCA members were appointed as advisor with rank of an EXCO.

Before the 308 General Election, MCA had 2 EXCOs, there was 1 from Gerakan and 1 from MIC.

To add insult to injury, the Gerakan ‘advisor’ was to be in charge of Chinese affairs. MCA is a solely Chinese based political party. Gerakan claims itself to be multiracial political party, then why is Gerakan representing the Chinese?

So, on these counts, Chinese affairs should be given to MCA. There should be an appointment of MCA advisor. There is over representation of UMNO in the EXCO composition.

People will compare the composition of EXCO plus the advisor against the line up of the previous PR government.

I wonder the new MB has ever discussed with its component party before the appointment of advisors or is it a question of after appointment, then only inform.

Hence, today, there is the unacceptable power sharing at the state level. I am sure that this will be fully exploited by PR in the next by-election.

On a personal level, I will raise this up in the coming MCA Central Committee meeting on Sunday that the composition in EXCO is unacceptable to MCA and that the one in charge of Chinese affairs should be MCA.

Meanwhile, I’m given to understand that there is an intense lobbying from the both political divide to be the candidate in Bukit Gantang.

Often the choice of candidate does influence voter’s choice. Local candidate usually does better than parachute candidate, unless the parachute candidate is a national leader and a well-known personality.

Let’s hope when the new candidate is chosen, there will be no interruption from UMNO members that will jeopardize the chances of winning in election.

There is no safe seat to BN and PR. Both parties need to slog it out to achieve victory.















Anonymous said...

Dr Chua,

MCA/Gerakan should not be appointed as excos. If they are they should reject the appointment.

They have lost the mandate from the Chinese.

Anonymous said...


1. 行动党高峰落下

2. 马华谷底反弹

3. 民政党咸鱼翻身

4. 公正党危机变转机

5. 回教党可圈可点

6. 巫统尽失民心

糊涂侠客 said...

Datuk Seri, what we can do if the leader of MCA Perak already agreed with this? How are we going to turn this back?

Vesu said...

someone has lost the grib ds. look at the indian advisor cum exco . due respect to veerasingam known as mr.nice guy , but mic and indian com need young , energetic , new face but with characters to suit the newly branded party claim to attract youngsters ; veera lost his adun seat and he is closely associated wt samy vellu who has lost his glory after march 8 .08. so BN has not change yet... same 2 mca . Y are your news not in the star paper? as a johorean i am totally against this boycott against anak johor lawfully elected as deputy president of mca -

GentleMan said...

You Speak the right things in the
right time.
Responing and take action very fast,
We like you and support you because
you are very very daring to fight
for the 'RIGHT'.
MCA need the kind of leader like you--
Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek .

Today Sin Chew Daily has
publiced your Article on page 13.
你是一位 勇 敢 的 领 袖 。

Darick said...

No safe seat for BN or PR?
yes ! u r right bcos it's a matter of BN lost with bigger majority & for PR, it's a matter of BN again & again rob, rape & sodomise d Perakians with BN 'illegal' state gomen !
u r against 'Gerakan reps to take care of Perakian Chinese' & it should b MCA taking care of chinese affair?
But all d Chinese nationwide has rejected MCA as their reps !!!
pls get ur facts correct.

cakap mesti bikin siap siap said...

But how come MCA president was silence on this? I thot MCA is supposed the champion for the Chinese community? He takut ah ?:))))

japalang_klguy said...


Actually I think that BN already no confident on MCA or maybe they think that MCA is not useful for them insteads of Gerakan who follow UMNO go anywhere and still supports UMNO which they know is wrong.


I think now there are 2 group in MCA but keep your work,like the chinese always said "Dare to speaks,then Dare to Do" not only just talking.

I think now we chinese feel that MCA cannot do anything for us,if MCA really want to built back their reputation,pls fight more for the chinese,dun just say will fight but never do it.

問文 said...



Loo said...

Dr Chua,

Why is our outspoken Ong Tee Keat suddenly keeping total silent over the whole episode? Doesn't he have any say? I cringe in embarrassment when the two gentlemen who had been rejected by the rakyat in the election were appointed as advisors. Is Perak really lacking in capable leaders?

KIMHO8 said...

An illegal Exco post for MCA. You shouldn't accept if you love your MCA. Another free lunch for MCA?

eddy said...

I have to point out Doc that if MCA candidates had won their ADUN seats in Perak and Selangor also, the Barisan Nasional need not be in this predicament after March 2008.

I think under the current circumstances, MCA and indeed Gerakan should just get on with the job of helping Zambry in administering Perak and leave the quotas discussion until the next General Election when MCA is able to wrest seats that they lost to DAP/PKR and recover oher seats from DAP stronghold. Only then MCA should talk about their representation in the Perak Exco.

Remember also that MCA lost big time in the Parliamentary elections to DAP/PKR but were still given a big chunk of the Cabinet Minister and Deputy Minister Posts, so just be happy with what you have considering what you have contributed in terms of seats won whether in the DUNs or Parliament. TQ.

michael said...

Dear Dr Chua,

MCA mandate in Perak among the state assemblymen is only 1 out of 28. So if there are 6 exco positions, your party doesn't even qualify to take 1 post.

If your party wants more Chinese representation in Perak as you are harping on that advisor position, your party should quit BN and send PR back to power.

I cannot comprehend your argument that only MCA can represent the Chinese.
Even the PAS MB did more things for the Chinese new villages in Perak in the short 11 months than MCA could ever have done in 2 generation.

NEIL said...

MCA is a spare tyre.when umno needed MCA,they will do or say something to please the chinese.If they want malay votes or support,they will say some bad things about the chinese.
So what do you stand for the chinese,Dr?

PL said...

Treachery is a taboo in Chinese culture. To see MCA fighting to be part of Perak state government meant that MCA support this illegal government partly caused by the treachery of the despicable Hee. If this is how low MCA wants to go, please don't say you represent the Chinese. MCA is shameless.

Loo said...

What else can Dr Chua Sok Lek do? Don't you all know that he is also a toothless tiger now?

Genesis said...

SL, just a week ago, you commented in your article, 'The Fall of PR State Govt.' that the PR coalition in Perak does not know how to manage power-sharing. I am grossly amused after reading this latest article about your disagreement on the appointment of the advisors in the state govt. You have finally seen the light that the BN (UMNO) is worst-off in managing power-sharing. Bringing out this issue in the central committee meeting will get you nowhere for OTK and others will turn a deaf ear. MCA is at its weakest and negotiating for better deals with UMNO is definitely just day-dreaming.

KIMHO8 said...

Still awaiting for my comment to publish.

Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

No matter what, i think the priorty of the BN state government is to settle the economic issue and the unemployment issue. Please help to stop all the argument and focus on the main issues. Action is louder than word. God Bless.................

呉 和豪 said...

YB Dato Seri Dr.Chua Soi Lek
"To add insult to injury, the Gerakan ‘advisor’ was to be in charge of Chinese affairs. MCA is a solely Chinese based political party. Gerakan claims itself to be multiracial political party, then why is Gerakan representing the Chinese?"

As long as the advisor can do the job , then this should not be the big issue. MCA though is a chinese based party has been doing good things for all Malaysian for Example Tar College was set up to cater for the needs of all Malaysia people. We must be generous on this issue remember MCA in chinese is 马华公会and not
马华党, we should give opportunies for our younger brother to breath. The existence of Gerakan in Barisan is essential because race like sinhalese , siam , euracian can not be absorbed into MCA ,MIC or UMNO.

Mike said...

Actually MCA has already lost the support of majority of Chinese. Just visit Ong Tee Keat own blog as below.

In his own blog survey close to 80% visitors voted for MCA to leave BN (or 4 out of 5 surveyed).

As for ISA close to 95% think the ISA should be abolished or amended.

Interesting is it? But did our OTK or MCA do anything about this?

Low said...

Guess not really need to be too mathematically sensitive over the number of "appointted" EXCO.

Should focus on and aim for "elected" EXCO in the next

Again it is in the hand of the new MB to decide. Let him have a free hand.and no suprice MB given extra seat to UMNO as UMNO still gain most among the other party component in BN.

anil said...

Dr. Chua,

I am doubtful when you mentioned "Indians and the Chinese representation are still minimal in PR.". Just look at the number of MPs in Parliment. The number of Chinese, Indian MPs is more than BN. BN is still dominated by Malays.

And if we look at Perak, the representation of ADUNs of PR is more balanced compared to BN. BN is again dominated by Malays (27 ADUNS compared to only one Chinese). MIC can no longer claim they represent Indian community. Mah Han Soon (MCA) said this is something that the people of Perak has chosen. I think he is wrong, the people of Perak did not choose this government which is mostly consist of one race. And what is the point appointing advisors whom they do not have power to execute? Moreover, they have lost in the state election.

I am also doubtful of the new "illegitimate" state government that they can become "the government of the people". UMNO is always having the agenda of fighting for Malay supremacy, do you think they can suddenly discard this agenda and practice "Malaysian's Malaysia"? Their idealogy, system and structure are telling us different thing.

呉 和豪 said...

YB Dato Seri Dr.Chua Soi Lek

"Often the choice of candidate does influence voter’s choice. Local candidate usually does better than parachute candidate, unless the parachute candidate is a national leader and a well-known personality."

If a BN natinal level candidate wnich is as capable as Dr. Chua Soi Lek was choosen to be the candidate ,I will take leave and go all the way to support him or her

Anonymous said...

Why you so worry? You can always blame your President or even Ong Ka Chuan for the dismal performance of MCA. Zam Zam doesn't give a damn about MCA. Be quiet and enjoy the show lah

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