Monday, February 23, 2009


I went to Petaling Jaya police station today to identify a tape following a police report lodged by a resident of Petaling Jaya recently. 

I told the police it is the same tape as I have identified in January last year.

I strongly feel that there is an attempt by some quarters to revise these dvd tape to continue to discredit me, to threaten and cowed me into silence.  

I will give my fullest cooperation to the police.


(吉隆坡23日讯) 马华署理总会长拿督斯里蔡细历医生今早到八打灵再也警局录取口供,提供线索助查光碟重现的事件。






anti said...

You are the actor in the DVD, there is no "discredit" at all.

Joan said...

Looks like you definitely have enemies, dude.......unfortunately, they are from your own side. Bak kata pepatah, Bagai musuh dalam selimut !!!

shltplnk said...

I have never watched it although I have had a chance to watch it. Whatever you have done in your private life, nothing would destroy your image for you being a great politician! I told myself if I watched it, I would betray you! I respect you, and also respect your private life. Nobody should have questioned your private life. 他們計不如人才使用詭計! 真卑鄙!

bantiek said...

I remembered Pak Lah once said that your case would not be investgated after you had relinquished all your political posts. Enough is enough. How come suddenly it crops up again ?

donplaypuks® said...


You, like most humans, slipped and fell from grace. But you admitted your mistake and did the honourable thing. So, we forgave you.

Now this vendetta against you is surely the filthy handwork of the Mafia top men at MCA, especially Ong?

Well, my advice to you is to fight it and bring down these crooks who are trying very hard to deflect criticism away from their frauds and scandals like the $4.2 billion PKZ debacle. Ong has still not released the audit report, which means he's trying to supress its findings and perhaps to re-write it in more favourable terms; in short, attempting a cover up!

Anonymous said...

Soi Lek,
No point defending MCA. It's time to do a "Hee". That I absolute the whole chinese community would be very happy with your action instead of that "Hee"
Leave the party with your gang and set up MCA baru.

Loh said...

Is oral sex against the law? How does the police uphold the law when the actions are done in private? If the police only acts when the action has become public knowledge, it amounts to selective persecution.

If the police was against the revelation of such oral sex act then it should investigate the intention of having the DVD release. Sould the police investigate the person on the tape if there was on apparent advantage to the person concerned, or should the police investigate how the act was capture on tape and who release the dvd?

If the police intended to make investigation with the purpose of discouraging similar actions, then it has obvioulsy misused scarce resources for unfruitful use. There are increaing number of criminal cases on the streets and the public are crying out loud for protection. Yet the police finds it proper to waste time on matters which have no concern to the safety and security of tax payers.

The yet-to-resign PM did not show good example in asking the head of illegal government in Perak to make police report on the action of the Speaker of Perak LA. It would appear that AAB considered police the competent prosecutor-judge-jail warden. With that kind of PM, is there any wonder that malaysia is at best ranking ahead of only Zimbawee, but behind Myanmar?

cakap mesti bikin siap siap said...

Is this a measure to deflect the from the long awaited PKFZ scandal?

60th anniversary is coming soon.

Whole country are waiting for the PKFZ disclosure as promised last year.

Tuanku said...

Dear Dato Seri Dr Chua,

Your sympathy and support for PKR lady, Eli Wong is indeed very noble. You are also a victim of such idiotic act by some low class politicians in your party or within BN to invade your privacy life and eventually they want to destroy your political career.

Now the internal ghosts from your party and within BN appeared again to haunt Dato Seri Dr Chua on your past nightmare on hidden VCD tape after you sound supporting Pakatan Rakyata ADUN Eli Wong. You broke their arrogant anger on your outspoken support given to PR in the media. They want to keep your BIG Mouth Shut by way of using the public to lodge a police report against you on the VCD tape again.

Malaysians are very angry, upset, shameful and disgrace by your party and BN leaders for using such dirty low class tactics to destroy good leaders like you in the same camp or like Eli Wong in te opposition camp. The sodomy case against Dato Seri Anwar was false and the nude photo against Eli Wong for invading her privacy are two good example that BN goons are very desperate and worried about PR representatives will topple them soon. Similar Team B goons and its cronies are finding their ways to destroy and finish off Dato Seri Chua and your supporters soonest possible. Mark my word, Dato'Seri !! Chinese Perakians say "MAD CHINESE AGENCY" is a hopeless party failed to defend its own Chinese communities in Perak and Malaysia today.

It is time for Dato Seri Chua to jump ship and change to a new camp -the people choice called RAKYAT UNITY PARTY.


(Neutral & Non-Political Observer)

Alex said...

Dr. Chua, I must admit that I was one of the people who were highly critical of your conduct and attitude concerning the sex DVD scandal last year. But now I think it's time to put the past where it belongs.

The usage of these despicable tactics to bring down people who are opposed to the status quo is not a healthy sign of democracy. And now the police want to charge you for oral sex (according to Malaysiakini). That is probably the stupidest thing I have ever heard, all of us know it is a stupid charge.

And whatever happened to the police investigation into the persons responsible for masterminding the distribution of these DVDs in the first place as well as illegal snooping? Or is it now state policy to spy on its citizens that the state wants to silence?

Suci Dalam Debu said...

Dr Chua,

Yes, these people are out to get you especially when you voiced your support for Eli's case.

I truly respect you for coming clean but then this is Malaysia Boleh. What you say will be used against you by your less worthy opponents.

The level that BN and MCA has stooped to indicates how rotten the coalition is.

Be strong Dr Chua. The rakyat knows that you are no angel. They also know that your opponents are infact DEVILS in disguise.

呉 和豪 said...

YB Dato Seri Dr.Chua Soi Lek


呉 和豪 said...


Mike said...




Enough is enough. These sort of political scandal and character murder is creating havoc in today Malaysia society.

Many corrupted and incompetent leaders in Malaysia still believe there is a market and audience to this sort of attack below the belt. People please wake up and discard all these rubbish leaders in to the toilet where they belong.

Pearls said...

So, is the same "movie" ah? If so, what or why are the police investigating this whole damn thing again?!

Sex, oral sex, penetrative sex, whatever la!! isnt it the same? So, why the big hoolabaloo again?

These police eat rice full full already nothing to do issit??!! For crying out loud la.. there are so many people getting mugged, whalloped, raped, robbed and murdered and yet, the police says they are too short handed to solve and deter such crimes. BUT! the same police force is so keen to look into this..err.. what is it.. err.. oral sex offense?? AIYOOO... come on la. If this is call good governance, I really dont know what the world is coming to!!!!!

Same thing over and over again, wasting time and money! That's what I thought about your latest filem star case and the police force!!

LohSH said...

We must stop helping the criminals who are hiding in the dark to continue perpetrating their crimes.

If these despicable criminals wish strongly to expose somebody’s misbehavior or crime in the interest of the public, then they should rightfully report to the police themselves with the evidence obtained, let the police carry out the investigation and let justice be done!

They dare not report to the police because they know they themselves are criminals!

Stop helping these invisible criminals in one way or another. They are the real threat to the civility of the society. They must be brought to justice!

呉 和豪 said...

Reply to Mike


Rakan Pakatan Rakyat said...



Bukit Gantang & Bukit Selambau的选民们,让我们拒绝马华的领导,拒绝这些伪君子!

Rakan Pakatan Rakyat said...

"Ong Tee Keat said party won't back Soi Lek..."

Of course he will not back Soi Lek as he is busy cover up for his brother over the 4.6 billion SCANDAL.

Of course he will not back Soi Lek because this is the momemnt he has long awaited.

Of course he will not back Soi Lek who carried the most outstanding proven track records among MCA leaders and could be a threat to the incumbent.

And of course, he is an idiot coward who just good at image building but nothing has been done. Look at the current MCA, PKFZ unsolved, dengue and chikungunya death minister is deaf and mute after lost in party election, one is busy travelling overseas.

What can we hope from this party? Dr Chua, quit the party before the party destroy you.

firefly said...

The Peeping Toms (Hilmi and u know who) have not been caught but the victims (Chua and Elizabeth)are further victimised!

Vastu said...

I thought mca will bounce back after they settle down their party election but time has proven I'm wrong. Ong Tee Keat even though win but he fail to accept the people's decision which has voted for Dr.Chua. I think OTK must go since he fail to accept the people's aspiration. mca dying not because others but due to his presidents doing. Dr.Chua I stand with you in this case.

aiyomanaboleh said...

I think that section in the penal code should be revoked. No business of the state to be involved in the private lives of its citizens.

bantiek said...

Should there be any EGM called, you have my vote. I am all out to support you.

francis teo said...

It is shameful for people to bring up this issue again. Tell these people not to interfere in your personal life. Sad to say MCA leadership who is not able to handle Chinese problem, negotiating with UMNO and competing with PR, is good in internal fight. It seems they are playing God. They should focus on other political and economic issues and not harp on this issue. If they continue to do so, what is so different between the new President and the ex-President. Why can't they work with Dr Chua. The fact that you garner more than half of the votes in the last party election warrants them to seriously work with you. Besides, Dr Chua, you have better views and ideas than these people. It is very disheartening and disappointing.

Pan Zer said...

What a sick political conspiracy!
How convenient - one stupid 51-year old fella suddenly finds a DVD, watches it, didn't know that it is the famous Dr. Chua, and out of a sense of righteousness or whatever, or had nothing better to do, actually bothered to make a police report!

I tell you - this is such a sick political ploy by enemies of Dr Chua. This will not destroy the good doctor, but will only gain the sympathies of the people and draw support for him.

Another new low for Malaysian politics. Lets call the EGM and vote out the useless and unscrupulous people!

Rakan Pakatan Rakyat said...


求真 | 2月25日 下午1点36分



















kuntakinte said...

Hi Dr Chua...certain Malaysia politicians are stooping too low in their effort to gain political mileage and to have a bigger share of the cake (some want the whole cake!)

Unfortunately, the party you are in sir is no different.

I used to commend Tee Keat for his outspoken nature but it seems that he is wearing a hat that is too huge for his head presently and his arrogance after winning the presidency does not help at all.

Anyway, MCA is not a party that I can relate to since for all the 35 years of my life as a Malaysian Chinese, I have not felt any sense of belonging to the party. Neither has the party impressed me in anything it ever does.

Unfortunately, with all due respect sir, this is the party you are in.

anil said...

Dr. Chua,

Why this issue suddenly crops up again? You have already taken the responsibility by relinquishing all the postions. And you have been re-elected by the MCA reps. By electing you again, they have indirectly implied they have forgiven you already.

Why the police wait until now to take action on this issue which is happened more than one year already? Why they still cannot catch the culprit who plan for the whole thing?

If MCA disciplinary committee wants to take action on you, I think this is considered as double prosecution, which is not fair to you. They should not resort to this tactic to being you down.

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