Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's Time to Resume Work

Chinese New Year is over.  It is time to work.  The Ox year is recognized as a difficult year, both at the economic and political front.

Maybe I should disclose what I have told the Chinese media in one of the Open House event that I attended. 

After the 1st day celebration of Chinese New Year in MCA Headquarters, I received a lot of phone calls about my seating arrangement during the function that was graced by YAB Deputy Prime Minister.  I was placed together with MCA veterans. 

My response has always been the same.  I don’t really care about seating arrangement during functions.  I have to attend the Chinese New Year Celebration hosted by MCA and how the leadership wants to place me; I leave it to their wisdom or lack of it.  Since this is their prerogative, I will not complain.

Party leadership can control my appointment in the party.  However, it cannot restrict my thinking, movements and activities. 

I told the press about the ups and downs of politics and that I personally have been through and seen some of it.

Leaders can consolidate their positions, but it must have some “CLASS” of its own and not be too blatant as to provoke anger among members. 

A politician’s destiny within the party is determined by its members, but elected representative is determined by the Rakyat.  You can hold high post in the party but it’s the rakyat that will determine their political life in the general election. 

If you lose in the general election, it signifies the rejection by the rakyat and your party position becomes meaningless.  In short, you may be a great party leader, but the Rakyat is still the boss.

Some comrades within the party treat me as an enemy.  In fact, reliable sources informed me that some MCA State Chairman informed their division chairmen not to invite me for functions. 

One MCA Minister went to the extent of instructing senior officials that they should not co-operate or help me in anyway in the course of my work as Chairman of Government Policy Monitoring Bureau. 

To REINFORCE this, there was even this SMS going around among MCA Leaders that I am a liability to the party, hence, Chinese civil servants that go near me are taking unnecessary risks. 

I treat all these with an open mind.  They treat me as an enemy but I treated them as friends.  It must be frustrating to some of my comrades in the party.

Some leaders talk of seeking consensus, but their action speaks otherwise.  Time is running out and is not on our side. 

The same leader talks about unity but their action are often the most DIVISIVE.  They seem to live in a make belief ‘World of their Own’. Good luck to them!













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GentleMan said...

这领头‘ 蛮牛 ’已经越陷越深 就要变成 ‘ 疯牛 ’跌入万丈深渊。

Low said...

I just realized blog is the best place/media to follow up what is happening to our leader and it is just like a virtual speaker which you would have no time limit to "speak up". Where you seated is no more an issues. Space is never the constraint. No one care who you seat with BUT "listen" to what you said. No one is able to "block"/"stop" anyone to meet anyone virtually. We still hear you.

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Something is going on in Thailand. The Thais are never satisfied with their leader. Each time there is a new leader, each time the people would come out in full force and demonstrate. So it is the people who decide who they want for a leader. Something is also going on in Barisan Nasional. There are cracks here and there and these cracks are getting worse.

yakuzanam said...

i believe no one can ever stop your fighting spirit. you have shown it in the recent party election.

you have also shown that you have deep and sincere passion to revive MCA. you can just quit MCA or politics upon resigning from all position BUT you came back in one-piece. your leadership, analytical mind and outspoken are well-known by party members.

being cornered by the minority party member IS okay because i do believe the majorities ARE not in slumber mode. the minority shall be outnumbered when the next party election comes.

hope you shall be given a bigger mandate to fully lead MCA by then(regardless of bn is still the ruling-government). there are still many tasks yet to be carried out to revive MCA after the march 08 general election.

gong xi fa cai and BEST of health.

Cassandra said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

My fren told me you very arrived later 1 hour to the open house to greet visitors at the main entrance. The others were there before 8:30am greeting the rakyat.

Your wife was very friendly.

But you do not look as friendly, hope you ok?

Cassandra said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

In the spirit of a new year, perhaps you as a senior, can show the other junior MCA members how to act sagaciously and not always scold your own colleague members in public.

It's not nice feeling to be antagonistic.

I like my leaders to act kindly and not simply scolding somebody because of publicity or position.

I still remember your campaign pledge to play the role of a dutiful deputy to support the President. Sorry to say this, I don't feel you are honouring your pledge with all your scoldings.

I hope you can play role of a kindly leader like Zhou En Lai who always stand up for his leader solidly.


Kanny said...

Low, as a Schizoid Personality Disorder like OTK, he can't even believe what he was wrote on his own blog, and said that it's not belongs to The President of MCA, how can we trust him?

Rose said...

If they continue to waste their time on injury our comrades, a EGM will punish them not far in the future!

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翁诗杰之所以搬出这些旧家私,除了自己无能、身边无人之外,最重要的还是“避重就轻”,免得说到痛处,惹巫统反感!如果他真要提出有实际建设效用的方案,则三大策略应该稍作修正,改为:1. 严惩贪腐,还外资信心;2. 不分种族奖掖国货商家,分均使用国家资源振兴全民经济;3. 透明化贷款标准与配额,公平公正公开,免于裙带利惠,浪费资源!



Lee said...

Dear Dr Chua,
Your fighting spirit is really admirable. Please keep it up. You will prevail as the recent performance of MCA leaders are getting from worse to worst. E.g Transport Min. Accident rate getting Higher. Health Min. Dengue is getting critical and Housing Min. Along is getting Bolder with their Banners all over Housing Estates.
We need you to stay on to get rid of these useless leaders in MCA if MCA is still a significant party in the coming election.

shltplnk said...

about the seating arrangement, you were placed together with MCA veterans, that was arranged by OTK! I hope we can have Extra Ordinary Meeting soon! I cant wait for the next MCA elections!

chchoo said...

市民运动所需要的社会代价是有必要进一步探讨的. 而我不认为华社已准备好. 谢谢您的指教.

呉 和豪 said...

Dato Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek

Once again A happy new year to every one.

May this energetic Ox bring us every good things

I just want to try to make my comment from Buddhist point of view though I may not be qualify enough.

1) “I don’t really care about seating arrangement during functions.” That showed that Dato Seri has the

wisdom to see beyond and think beyond , Lord Buddha is great because he can see beyond and look

beyond and became the great social reformist , he even gave up his throne in order to promote social

equality and to abandon the castle system.

2 “ Party leadership can control my appointment in the party. However, it cannot restrict my thinking, movements and activities.”
No one save us but ourselves not one can and no one may. We ourselves are master of ourselves.

3“If you lose in the general election, it signifies the rejection by the rakyat and your party position becomes meaningless. In short, you may be a great party leader, but the Rakyat is still the boss.”

When we remember we must always think of the source , we also must always think of our roots”

We must think that we can become leader because of support of Rakyat , we must be thankful to them and willing to serve them.

We must always think of the interdependence among beings .

4 “To REINFORCE this, there was even this SMS going around among MCA Leaders that I am a liability to the party, hence, Chinese civil servants that go near me are taking unnecessary risks.”
How far is this true I don’t know . But it would be a sad things if one is prevented from giving constructive view in order to improve the performance of an organization. But I treat this common because it do occur in MCA branch and Chinese organization where vocal members are prevented from giving their constructive view by senior officers. This is not healthy and that show how immature we are.
5 “ I treat all these with an open mind. They treat me as an enemy but I treated them as friends. It must be frustrating to some of my comrades in the party.”
Happy to learn that you can think beyond and have some quality of Jesus Christ
Christ said “Thou Shalt loveth thou opponents”

6 In conclusion it is very non productive to initiate “SMALL ACTIONS”

Welcome to my Blog

As a concerned MCA member, I am trying my best to help in the process of rebuilding and repositioning of the party.

Therefore, I welcome party members and members of public to post your constructive suggestions and opinions on my blog on how to rebuild and reform the party, eventually enabling MCA to regain support from all party members and the community.

Thank you for your suggestions.