Wednesday, February 11, 2009

PR Breaking Up?

After the 308 political tsunami, there was euphoria and optimism that PR is a reliable alternative to BN authority.

Earlier, I have written in the blog that we should be more careful about the future direction of the PR coalition. While facing BN in the General Election, they have the common agenda that is to beat BN and win. After the General Election, the more difficult task will be:

1) Governing the state

2) Sharing of power

One of the reasons for the fall of PR state government in Perak is the minority represented by the MB PAS trying to exercise control over the majority of DAP. Hence, the outburst of Karpal Singh against Anwar and against PAS is to be anticipated.

Obviously, when Karpal attacks his own party and colleague, Kit Siang and Guan Eng, then obviously people may think his personal agenda overwrites his party agenda.

In any of the BN component party, Karpal Singh’s action will invite a disciplinary action. However, in the PR coalition, which is a rather loose arrangement and not formalized, I wonder who can enforce that its component party toe the party line.

This will be another acid test of the level of cooperation and confidence that they have among themselves. No way can Karpal say that this is his personal view when he’s the chairman of DAP.

The BN’s coalition is not a perfect coalition. It has a lot of defect and weaknesses that needs to be improved but at least it served the need of the nation for the last 52 years.

Obviously, there is a need to redefine the role of component party and how UMNO dominance can be reduced so that the cooperation becomes equitable and fair.

Meanwhile, Malaysia will be subjected to more politicking, which is rather unfortunate in viewing of the economic crisis that we are facing.

Now we are suddenly confronted by 2 by-elections, the Bukit Gantang Parliamentary seat in Perak and Bukit Selambau state seat in Kedah.

After all the confusion in political arena recently, BN must now work harder to win the hearts of rakyat because if not, BN may be on the other side of the table after the next General Election.

However, the PR is not the best alternative. A lot of PKR members are splitters group from UMNO or DAP.

Indians and the Chinese representation are still minimal in PR. We cannot escape from racial politics in Malaysia.


早前,我在部落格里写道:人们要更谨慎看待对民联未来的方向。在全国大选,民联成员党有共同的议程,那就是击败国阵夺得胜利。大选结束后,会有更多艰难任务等待他们:治理全州 以及职权配置。













GreenBug said...

You might be right, PR might break up but as individual parties DAP, PKR and PAS are still relevant unlike the MCA and Gerakan. I don't think you will agree with me though... :)

prayoon said...

Thanks for making my day with this joke .......

How about BN breaking up???

telur dua said...


BN should stop undermining PR and give them 50 years. OK?

Ahjamal said...

I beg to differ Dr. What Najib did in the coup in Perak allows the ppl to come closer to support the opposition. I am of the opinion MCA and the component parties will suffer a back lash from the people.
If I were you or MCA you should have protested against UMNO un gentleman
provocation towards the right of the ppl. Sad for you and MCA which will be the victim of a lousy in coming PM who rating is less 30% and with numerous problems and an enemy of the ppl .

People said...

Take care of your position in MCA first!
Why so busy body on PR Coalation?

Until we see the break up of MCA between your gang and Ong Takut gang, we will never see the break up of PR coalation.

michael said...

You said, "One of the reasons for the fall of PR state government in Perak is the minority represented by the MB PAS trying to exercise control over the majority of DAP. Hence, the outburst of Karpal Singh against Anwar and against PAS is to be anticipated."

Is that what you see?
Karpal's outburst was not only directed to DSAI, it was also directed to LKS and his son.

I thought you might have more depth that your shallow view of the matter.

As long as there is a hated and an unrepentent UMNO, there will also be sufficient common grounds for the opposition to unite against.

Component parties in BN will never be able to exert the kind of influence to policy as a component party in PR.

How to?
One bark from UMNO and all the rest shall fall in line and
MCA had to be reminded of that time and time again by the keris.

Mango said...

Then MCA should take in the "traitor" Hee and see how its members will react.Does all MCA members believed in the concept of "running dog" or this woman is just an opportunist? Would MCA welcome her to join ? Speak up and let the matter rest or you are just the "dog" to Umno. Definitely not the Chineses who are non MCA members that have more dignity and uphold the Chinese culture of trust and honour.
MCA is already broken and corrupted long before Mar 2008, at least PR still have a chance to cement back the cracks. All these is because of a selfish woman, otherwise we wont have all these arguments about Karpal Singh, AI, Nizar, Zambry or even the Sultan's decision.

Darick said...

No way Karpal's action is his personal view since he's DAP's chairman?
Come on Dr,
Will ur 'sex scandal' is ur personal action? no way since u r MCA Dep.President?

PR breaking up?
D nation & Perak is being rob, rape & sodomise 'legally' by corrupted regime racist umno/bn.

ask urself:
- y those 3 frogs is still 'missing'?
- y Hee still not dare to meet her Rakyat?

donplaypuks® said...

PR breaking up ? In your dreams!!

I think you should worry more about MCA breaking since you have been sidelined in many areas like that MCA trip to China! Imagine that Daim and 2 Mohammads got invited but they 'accidentally on purpose' forgot to invite you!!??

As for the indians they would rather have whatthey do in Pakatan but more than ever before representation in State Govt and local Govt than being treated like pariahs (e.g. PPP and Kaveas by UNNO) and 2nd class citizens. Could you have imagined an Indian Deputy CM in Penang or Speaker in Perak before March 2008?

What are you waiting for Dr.Chua? Your days in MCA are wasted and numbered. Get out while you can before you are all washed away with UMNO come 2013!!

Das said...
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linda said...

DS Chua

Hope you would just concentrate on MCA matters as there is urgent need to enhance our Msian Chinese integrity, solidarity and competitiveness with the global recession which is taking a toll on Malaysia.

Do not throw petrol (meaning accuse, undermine, criticze, etc) at anybody's house as, in return, your own house (MCA) is equally subjected to such similar "petrol bombs" being thrown at as well.

Let's us be more matured in politics and be gentlemen in handling politics in a more professional way. We all, Malaysian politicians should come of age and see things in the way for and on behalf of Malaysia and not otherwise for politician's sake; if at all you politicians have the heart of all Msians.

So what if PR is breaking up? Is it due to your comment contribution here? I think, you are actually trying to keep yourself abreast with the mainstream politics by blogging into other people's business. You should mind your business within MCA which you cannot even contribute significantly, DS Chua. It is sad that it had developed into this sorry state that you as the Deputy president of MCA has no significant contribution towards nation building.

Even, UMNO & MCA State Youth chiefs have roles to play. Stick to your objective to revitalize MCA. Fight it out with guts, tooth & nail with OTK. It is democratically right to express your views within MCA itself first before going aboard (or overboard?) on other party's business.

I am not for PR or anybody. I think we Msian Chines have lost our objectives and direction with so many in-fightings between the President (from Tan Kooon Swan days to present)and the deputy President.

MCA deserves to lose in PRU 12 & mind you worst of all in PRU 13 of which a reminder is hereby served unto you, who would still be holding the Deputy President's post when PRU 13 comes around.

A leopard doesn't change its spots. MCA or MIC or UMNO will not change their ways

Chee Yong said...

Dont talk nonsense. If you want to talk about being critical, you had been very critical speaking up against some personalities in BN. Then why no action is taken against you? In PR, this is called "muafakat". The fact Karpal can criticize Anwar and yet Anwar was open enough to take the criticism shows that there is no master and slave relation like BN. I dare you to say something like that to the UMNO head and I bet you will be seeing protests organised by UMNO Youth against you. So Soi Lek, thats the type of coalition you're in. A slave in BN.

呉 和豪 said...

To YB Dato Seri Dr.Chua Soi Lek and all bloggers
“The BN’s coalition is not a perfect coalition. It has a lot of defect and weaknesses that needs to be improved but at least it served the need of the nation for the last 52 years.”
“Now we are suddenly confronted by 2 by-elections, the Bukit Gantang Parliamentary seat in Perak and Bukit Selambau state seat in Kedah.”
“After all the confusion in political arena recently, BN must now work harder to win the hearts of rakyat because if not, BN may be on the other side of the table after the next General Election.”
在马华党校上课时我也有学习到道德经第四十五篇“善道篇”原文如下“大成若缺、其用不敝。大盈若冲、其用不穷 ,大直若屈,大巧若拙,大辩若讷,静胜躁,寒胜热,清净为天下正”。如以白话文来解释就是一个完成了的系统还有不足的地方,应不断改善才它的功能才不会退竭。一个盈满的物体也有一些空间,所以它的用途可以被扩充。看似正直的也有歪曲的地方。练熟得艺匠总认为自己还苯拙。善于演讲的人总认为自己还不够流利。冷静可以克服躁烦,清新的气象及安定的环境是社会处于正轨的象征。

A system that has been built need to be perfected continously so that it can fuctions continuously .
A solid apparently full and intact has void in it theefore its function can be extended.
A straight line has someform of curvature , A skillful craftman still think he is
still lacking in his craftmanship , A good speaker still think he is not eloquent
enough , calmness overcome uneasiness , cold overcome hot .A transparent and
clean environment is an indication that the world is on the right track.
Please also listen to "兴革之道"

Mike said...

Actually such article coming from you is really sad.

In any democratic country, people are entitled to their view and opinion regardless of their social standing. Freedom of speech is the core foundation of a democratic country.

For Karpal to make such a statement, it really shown that freedom of expression is allowed with this PR coalition. Whether you agree with him or not is a separate story.

If you look at your own situation currently No 2 in MCA are you allowed to air your view openly? Answer is quite obvious.

Tungsten said...

Dr. Chua,
At this moment in time you should not be worried or wary about PKR.You should be worried about MCA. At least the people are all behind PKR. As for MCA its most likelyit will become extinct when the next election comes.The likes of you andf your party leaders have deceived the chinese community for 50 yrs already. How much more longer do you think you can continue to fool the people?

anil said...

Dr. Chua,

BN is well represented and can serve the communities well? Read the comment below: -

Defensive New Perak "Menteri Besar"
The Malaysian Insider reported that Zambry Abdul Kadir snapped at awkward questions from reporters at his first press conference, that he has been feeling the strain of defending what has been an obviously unpopular and possibly unconstitutional takeover of the state from Pakatan Rakyat.

Also reported:

When asked today if he thought he has the support of a majority of the public in Perak, Zambry said: "That is why we are here."

When it was pointed out that he did not gain his position as menteri besar via an election, he grew visibly defensive and snapped back: "What do you mean? This is a democratic process.

"Do you understand democracy? I am asking you, do you understand the political philosophy of democracy?

"I am asking you back. Why are you not asking them (Pakatan Rakyat) back when they are
talking about the party hopping? "When they triggered everything right from the very beginning. You should ask yourself about that."

I am not surprised that Zambry feel awkward trying to defend the BN takeover in Perak. But I am amused by his lack of understanding of democracy. If democracy to Zambry means UMNO can do whatever it likes because Anwar is doing the same then this is perverted understanding of democracy. Two wrongs do make a right.

Zambry should be reminded that democracy is about the people. If he thinks democracy can be dictated by the three controversial "independent" assemblymen then we should not raise our hopes on his administration. A leader who does not want to accept reality and trying to distort the notion of democracy is not worth his salt.

If Zambry is so sure that he has the support of the majority, he should do the right thing - get their mandate.

On another note, if Zambry claimed to serve all why would be need to appoint two advisors with state exco status to assist him on Indian and Chinese issues. MIC S. Veerasingam will be his advisor for Indian affairs while Chang Ko Youn will be Chinese advisor. Ironically, the two had lost their seats in the last general election.

How can they represent the the two communities when they did not even receive the mandate of the people to serve?

Unfortunately, Zambry's government is not consistent with his claim - that he serves all. There is no need for both Indian and Chinese advisors if he is really close to the grassroots. Another headache for him, whether or not to continue with the 999 years land lease.
Posted by Khoo Kay Peng at 1:49 PM

collosos said... Parameswara in ancient time, when your faction loses in political struggle against the Majapahits, you and your loyal followers flee Indonesia and come to this peninsular land and found the Malacca Sultanate Kingdom.

Same principle being apply here, if Melayu-UMNO-BN loses against PR, then by all means leave Malaysia, just gather all your followers and go back to Indonesia and form your capitalists’ government-in-exile there. Indonesia is a big country with vast natural resources, ideal place for a capitalist government to leech on.

Guess all the Malays in Malaysia awaken and found themselves in a different kind of “civil war and civil strife”, totally different from the Koreans in the 1950s and the Vietnamese in the 1960s&70s where political struggle is settled through votes, words and money instead of guns, bombs and bullets.

yakuzanam said...

PR has been trying to play the Mr.Nice Guy's role by moving along the neutral line all these while. It's a safe political tactic INSTEAD of heroically, labelling them as the COALITION for RakyatS .... merely a FAIRYTALE or FANTASY.

One fine day, PR will definitely start playing racial-card by SPEAKING up 'racial languages' that SHALL favour the majorities (especially if they form the federal government).

Wake up, dudes. Politic and Democracy are about figures, numbers, population. The majority populations in our nation are not as opened as most of us thought they are. The country needs time to be fully matured in term of developing the concept of Rakyat-ism or multi-racialism.

America for instance, they can now accept a Black President after so many years of racial growth and inter-racial understanding as a nation. Malaysia, 52 years ?

I personally do believe that most of the PR-strong supporters now are NON-malays (being fascinated with PR's fairytales of Malaysia for Malaysians). The Malays are generally still sitting on the fence between pro-BN side and pro-PR. To note, BIG percentage of the CRAZY IDIOTS attending illegal demonstrations and assemblies are Indons, instead of Malays.

Mainly because the Malays are still uncertain about the PR-led government.

To be honest, many of my malay colleagues (mostly, once Anwar's die-hard-fans) have lost faith in his leadership and LIES. They are asking questions like :

1. What happened to 16th Sept 2008 ... then, October ... then, said December pulak ... they were having high hope for the switch of government ... country's political stability has been disrupted ... that was the time when foreign investor WAS ALSO waiting for the change (that has never taken place at all). Politic and Economy never go separate !!!

2. What about the name list of over 30 MPs crossing over to PR as per-claimed by Anwar months before 16th Sept 2008, then, days before 16th Sept 2008, then, after 16th Sept 2008 ? After being rejected by PM Pak Lah to meet up, Anwar has mentioned that he will disclose the name list or even approach Agung ? What happen now ? Name list has been mis-placed ? It seems like the PR-Fanatics have forgotten (intentionally or not intentionally) about this embarassing chapter of their 'great leader' ... to be fair, try to re-ask Anwar on this issue lar !!!

3. What about the issue of cross-over ? How come when Anwar wanna use it (in big scale, to take over federal government), it was happily called LEGAL take-over but when BN used it in Perak (in a smaller scale, taken over state government), it's then being called grab of power and illegal ?

4. And the funny part also, Anwar can always claim that he uses diplomatic ways to persuades MPs to crossover BUT BN pulak, is always being labelled as buying MPs to crossover ? Cant we then see out of the box that BN was the one who always persuade MPs and Anwar was the one who always buy over MPs ?

As usual, oppositions like to say this aint fair, that is not fair. But ironically, they never say it's unfair if they win seatS or stateS. They also never say there are phantom voters in those cases of wins !!!

Everyone will have their own individual perception. So, my above claims are not intended to change or defend my support to BN instead of PR.

We shall really see how DAP and PAS being used by Anwar for his own individual gain. He's in a critical stage of having the 'craze-for-power' disease.

DAP and PAS would be the more relevant political parties as compared to PKR with their years of proven track record (revive, slump, revive, slump ... usual la in politics) and establishment. Sadly though, Anwar is the one who is leading them blindly.

Perhaps, Karpal Singh is the only one not being fooled or trapped in the 'craze-for-power' disease. Well done, Karpal for your firm open-call, in asking Anwar to resign !!!

Cheers to you on that.

The two LimS are probably still wandering around in the world of Anwar's fairtytales, both non-stop dreaming to be ministers or even DPM if Anwar ever becomes the PM.

BN might be perceived to be losing BUT it's not a 'full-stop' ... it's only a 'comma' ...

PR is definitely breaking up with the drastic differenceS in PAS and DAP ideology. At the same time, PKR is sweeping the difference into the big carpet, called PR. UNLESS either PAS or DAP is willing to swallow their difference !!! Watch out, though, the members MIGHT cross-over if they do that !!!

Cheers, Malaysians.

KIMHO8 said...

We cannot escape from racial politics in Malaysia???

If we never try, we will never know!!!

Maybe it won't happen in the near future but at least we are fighting for it...

Ah Chek, please don't just sit down over there and tell people that is impossible lah!!!

呉 和豪 said...

国阵是有正式驻册的,徽章是天枰, 民联是临时成立的政治聯盟。


Kopi Kau Kau said...

aiyah.... you try to ask Pak Lah or Najis to resign.... Before you know what hit you.. you would be drinking kopi-oh together with the Hindraf 5... to protect you so say the Syed Botak....

Wanna to try??? forget it it lah, you do not have the balls and guts of Karpal Singh.

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