Thursday, February 12, 2009

Press Freedom/ 新闻自由

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I am not so naïve to believe that there is absolute press freedom, more so in a multiracial country, where restrain by the press is essential to maintain harmony.

Off late, I have received a lot of comments by people that a leading English newspaper has been giving a lot of space including picture opportunity to some leaders of MCA.

There are days when a particular leader occupies 2 to 3 pages of the newspaper.

Comments made by this particular leader are almost the same, which is “always very sensitive about the needs of the rakyat”. This is good if it is true and not just a political rhetoric.

A lot of people also commented that there is total blackout about me in the same newspaper. My reply was I am not surprised.

I have been travelling and officiating a number of functions and make pertinent comments about current events. To be fair, so far the Chinese press carried my news; but there is none in this particular newspaper.

To the English speaking MCA members, I am probably sleeping since they don’t read about me at all for the last 1½ month.

However, I told them if there is any adverse publicity about me, be sure it will be headline in this particular paper.

Papers have to be reliable and credible. The readers are discerning to fathom this. Only the editorials have loss touch with the people. Yet, these same paper editorials tell politicians not to loss touch with the rakyat.

This same newspaper in its leading comment about Najib adopt people first leadership style – said, “Leaders would always want to hear only good news but they could come from people with personal interest”.

Newspaper should present 2 sides to a coin.

If it only serves to trumpet a selected few and taking readers for granted, then the newspaper must be in denial.

Meanwhile, more and more readers are aware of the happenings in the editorial staffs of this particular newspaper. Good luck to them.













ylcw said...

If you are talking about the paper with certain people "thrown" out, and certain people "put" in by OTK, then you are right.

Anyway, who believes what is written in the press nowadays. NST, The Star, UM, whatever - all BN-controlled. Either read Sin Chew or go online to keep uptodate.


Anonymous said...

Dr Chua,
You are right. I am very bored of seeing OTK in The Star. Before it was OKT.
I've mentioned in some blogs that these fellas have high face recognition already, give other ppl a chance. It makes MCA look like a two or three man organisation with lots of "care leh feh" (extras) posing in pictures.
In a leading commentary, an editor also postulated that he is bringing "public opinion" to Najib. I think he must be either deranged or misguided. The people with the people's mandate are the elected representatives. Others who pretend to be the voice of the people or public opinion are just that, pretenders. Yet, sometimes the elected PEOPLE's representatives also lose touch with the ground and start promoting their own agenda.

Vesu said...



春天 said...

It is unfair for that particular English newspaper to do so.

But if the bosses are asking the subordinates to do things accordingly, I doubt they are able to against the order.

Boycott that newspaper !

Darick said...

ur MCA president OTK not only din respect press freedom, he oso din respect bloggers freedom of expression in his blog !

many bloggers that hv been critical on OTK were 'ban' fr commenting on his blog by time & time again changing the bloggers password without notice !

Shame on OTK & his supporting running dogs! but OTK name them 'watch-dogs' to help his mission to 'korek korek korek'

Mr. X said...

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Kok Chiang Ng (KC) said...

There 3 sides to a coin.

KIMHO8 said...

You have to accept that you are no longer relevant lah!!!

呉 和豪 said...

To YB Dato Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek

I dedicate the following to Dato Seri and hope Dato will keep moving on the right tracks for the benifits of rakyat

Unbeaten by rain
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Having a healthy body
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Always smiling quietly

Doing things
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Seeing, asking, and understanding things well
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Rakan Pakatan Rakyat said...

ylcw,You are wrong.
None of the papers are reliable now including SC. Remember this SC paper was doing exactly the same given so much coverage and photo space to particular mca leader(s) before that leader stepped down?

My suggest is read all: papers and alternative media and evealuate yourself. Every media has their own agenda.

KIMHO8 said...

The Beban Negara style lah!
If you are the stumbling block, a hindrance, a barricade which has clog their evil duty. They will use their evil power to destroy you and hollow you. Good luck anyway!

KIMHO8 said...

Dr Chua,

I will never side you as long as you still maintain in MCA.

But, I feel disgusted with those still thinking that they can use the DVD to destroy a person by humiliation again and again.
Because you are not commit homicide as other(Poo Master to-be).

What I can tell those hypocrites is their act is so childish and stupid. Come on, be gentlemen and fight like a man!

GentleMan said...

Dr. Chua,
小弟 在 今日 星州日报
国内 第 13 版 内 看到
有关 你对霹雳州行政议会
新委任的名单 发表不满。
令 霹雳州马华基层极为赞赏。
DR。 CHUA , We Support You .
You Are A Good Leader.
You Dare To Speak For MCA member
and Chinese Community.

anil said...

Dr, Chua,

I can see there are efforts to blackout you from the local media. I also heard that recent re-orginization of The Star top management is to allow the control of current MCA "main stream" leadership.

But need not worry, we are living in the IT era, we still have alternative media such as Melaysiakini, Merdekareview and also your own blog. You can still interact with the public.
Hope you can still voice out your view. So long as you continue to come out with constructive view, people will support you. Good luck.

vwvg1890 said...

Dear Sir,
As to why ppl won't vote for MCA, UMNO or any BN parties.

Ppl like us r fed up.
a) government service sucks because priority given to their member and we the good tax payers have to what wait for six hours in the so called Kastam; hospital actually all government offices

b) so government offices r run in such a way, don't piss any of (family member; friends and etc.) the staffs. personal matter brought to office. Can't differenciate personal matter can never be mix.

c) their member of the so called Municipal Council has no licence can operate but we can't because non member

d) why spend so much money carelessly?

e) benefits that never really reach the ppl who deserve it. e.g. schorlaship. So how?

f) election time put on a show?

g) government offices all not consistent in the procedure so how can we the public know. the ever changing 1 day "a" next day "b". What happen to the codes, rules, tariff writen black n white. rules r meant to be broken?

h) we don't want to see street protest. we r not hooligans. who dare to visit our country? Businessmen like us got nothing but loses and who to bare?

and etc.

Welcome to my Blog

As a concerned MCA member, I am trying my best to help in the process of rebuilding and repositioning of the party.

Therefore, I welcome party members and members of public to post your constructive suggestions and opinions on my blog on how to rebuild and reform the party, eventually enabling MCA to regain support from all party members and the community.

Thank you for your suggestions.