Monday, February 16, 2009

Ban on Highland Development Lifted

Now, the Minister of Work has announced to lift the ban on highland development.

While I agree that there should not be a total ban on highland development, I am surprised that when announcing the lifting of highland development, there was no detailed information about how highland development should be supervised during the project implementation, who should be the monitoring agency since there are many agencies involved.

It cannot be left to local council where there is a lack of expertise.

If private and government consultants are involved in highland project, they should be held accountable. When the project is completed, who is supposed to monitor and for how long.

I regret to say that while the government has not announced its detailed findings in Bukit Antarabangsa tragedy, it has chosen to pre-empt the study by lifting the ban.

Every landslide provides an opportunity to the authority to investigate the actual cause of the landslide – what went wrong and who is responsible. Often nobody seems to be accountable. The usual finger pointing and blame game starts. There seems to be lack of political will to ensure safety in highland development.

Meanwhile, buyers must be more careful in purchasing hillside houses. We have never seemed to learn from the human tragedy that strikes residents of Bukit Antarabangsa.



朱刚明 said...

I was also extremely "shocked" by the unexpected announcement too.

I remembered someone mentioned banning the highland projects regardless of ....

Well, who the hell cares about the well being of the people?

If you stand on the people side, you're viewed as anti-establishment; and if you're on the government side, you're anti-people. Life is really difficult.

Robert Lua Khang Wei said...

Yes, Dr Chua good point. The government should publish and announce the investigation and detailed information.

FelineRulez said...

A good day to you Dr Chua,

I've been following your blog for a while and you seem to make the most neutral remarks so far among BN politicians... so I would like to hear your take on the victimization of Elizabeth Wong, I feel it's apt to comment on this particular topic of yours since Elizabeth is a strong activist against uncontrolled hillside development prior to her political career.

Your colleague in BN, another Dr by the name of Khir Toyo, equate a single woman being photographed nude sleeping in her own room as 'immoral'.

This issue is beyond partisan politics, I hope Dr Chua will prove to be a voice of reason among the dirty politics taking place.


Pearls said...

Didnt I say all this ban on Hill slops, highland development and what have you with the hill is just a 'HANGAT HANGAT TAHI AYAM" thing to appease the then victims, this round were Bukit Antarabangsa and Medan Damansara folks?

Now that the heat is off, so many other heat is happening, here we go again la... APA LAGI!! Havent we all lived in Malaysia long enough to learn and know that our law makers/enforcement/guardian of the country are people of no integrity!? This is not call no integrity ah?? Than call what? FICKLE MINDED?? My ass!

Now that the mangkuk has lifted the ban, I am sure whatever hills we are left with will come down, people will continue to die from it and of course! developers will grow richer, get all sorts of alphabets to their name (conferred by all those ugly royal fatsoes who talk rubbish and act like idiots)and of course get away with murder!


saji said...


Saya telah menulis /mencadangkan sesuatu kepada PM dalam laman warkahnya yang ada kaitan dengan apa yang Datuk bincangkan ini tetapi masih tidak berjawab.

Cadangan saya ialah keperluan mewujudkan entiti "independenat chacker c&s consultant" dalam organisasi yang dipertanggungjawabkan memberikan kelulusan kerja tanah bagi projek pembangunan melibatkan kawasan tanah tinggi dan lereng bukit.

Ia berdasarkan pengalaman saya melaksanakan projek konservasi bangunan lama Sekolah Victoria di Jalan Tun HS Lee KL untuk dijadikan Kompleks Taman Budaya yang di bawah penyeliaan Ibu Pejabat JKR.

呉 和豪 said...

YB Dato Seri Dr.Chua Soi Lek


Low said...

I wonder if Work Ministry can update over on their web-site and explain in more details of "Ban on Hoghland Dev. Lifted". There could be very lengthy resons why it is so and Internet will be the plat form to explain this to the public.

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