Thursday, February 26, 2009

An Economic, Social and Education Consultative Council

Many of us are familiar with the Economic Consultative Council set up by Dr. Mahathir to discuss post NEP policy.

Today, a lot of people think the government should set up a council not just confined to economic, but to include social and education matters. 

We are confronted with a host of social and education issues beside economic. It is good that this council have representation from politicians from both the political divide, NGOs and professional bodies.

Let the government leaders listen to problems at the ground. This is a difficult time and it calls for a difficult decision. At least it shows that the government cares for the rakyat and is willing to listen and hopefully to respond accordingly.

If a mistake is made, the government must have the political courage to admit and even apologize to the rakyat.

Take this opportunity to hear the grouses and shortcoming of the NEP, the education policy and the social (including racial) issues starring at us.

Nobody can claim to have panacea that beset us.

The call for a total review of NEP becomes louder everyday. With the economic slowdown, it is timely to ensure that we are competitive so that even under the most difficult economic condition, because of our competitiveness, we have economic growth.

In Malaysia, economic growth and development is closely associated to social orders. NEP implementation has always been a contentious issue. Someway along the line, NEP’s objective of poverty eradication and restructuring of society was hijacked. This has caused a lot of distress and dissatisfaction, both among the Bumiputras and Non-Bumiputras.

A proper review without an emotionally charged atmosphere will be good for the nation.

While the nation develops, unfortunately the standard of education continues to slide. We have to take the bull by the horn; otherwise we continue to churn out graduates that cannot find job. Quality human resources and brain drain will be one of the major constraints in our nation development.

We will continue to slide in our competitiveness rating at the world stage if we have 3rd class human resource.

Post 308, the intense and non-stopped politics have affected racial relationships. Racial harmony is the foundation of our nation’s prosperity and development. Nobody can afford to destroy this rather fragile racial harmony.

A relook at policy and how we cope with the daily stresses of work and living because of rapid urbanization will hopefully desensitizes our racial instincts. 


Mayyen said...

Hi Dr. Chua
It is sad that there are people who still try to bring u down. Well...many rakyat feels that u r a great leader. Just let u know u r a much better leader than the one called Ong ..hehe.. stay cool and the fight is on till its over.

Kok Heng said...

Dr Chua

Do hoping your courage is well treated. Your serious comment and point of view in social daily matter is an opener to many if they intentionally deliberate it conventionally.
The one has always said doesn't understand what your mind is thinking is really a hypocrite. He is in power right now, but he is quite an imbecile to master his own uses of language in answering questions that media puts on him. It shows that he isn't as good as he tries to perfect himself. When he chews his words and bites his makeup sentences, all the people know what he is trying to show. He tries to utilize all his physical strength to show off that he is a great master of old Chinese literature and culture. The funny is that when facing Chua Soi Lek, he automatically becomes cypher goose. Poor man.

Chinese said...

Be strong to next GE. You will be someone.

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