Friday, February 27, 2009

DEWAN RAKYAT Chua sex video case closed, says PM

From New Straits Times, 27.02.09

THE Attorney-General's Chambers will not be taking action on the video clip showing former health minister Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek in a sex romp.

The case was closed, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said in a written reply to Tan Kok Wai (Cheras- DAP) who asked about the progress of the case.

He said 22 witnesses, including Dr Chua, were interviewed, but the authorities could not find the culprit who made the recording. "That is why a decision was made on Aug 28 last year not to pursue the case."

Meanwhile, in the NST paper yesterday (26 Feb), a Wanita PKR chief Zuraida Kamaruddin, who is also the Ampang MP said that the wing would back anyone who was a victim of gutter politics, including Dr. Chua, who is facing a police probe over an alleged oral sex offence.

Even Lim Guan Eng two days back also questioned the police on why would Chua’s sex dvd case is only opened for investigation when the matter happened 2 years back? He expressed shocked over the news of Chua being re-investigated over the old sex dvd matter.

“As a political party leader, what we should show is the concern to the nation development and not just concentrating to attack on someone’s privacy matter, moreover such privacy has nothing to do with other people,” he said.

Surprisingly, my own party leaders just keep quiet about this matter. 


vision2020 said...

Is really embarrassing having own leader keep attack you left, right, centre and take advantage to push you down in this hard time!!! what okt did all these month show how narrow minded, how short sighted and arrogant he is !!! MCA elect you as a deputy that mean they have trust in you so is a shame that okt totally ignore all these !!!MCA fall because the leadership problem, i think okt will bring down mca and lead mca to another major defeat !!! look at opposition leader, all are so sentive on political development and fight for rakyet instead of politician private life !!! but what did okt do ? everything just talk only, nothing materialise, still concern on ppl private life !!! i think you better lead your team jump boat to dap or pkr, padam his muka and i and assure you that rakyet will surely support you than all the crook there and help you get rid of this mca and okt!!!!

People said...


Your President Ong Tee Keat said you are the main problem in the MCA wor.

What do you think?

Faster counter attack la!

天下无双 said...


Mayyen said...

Hi Dr. Chua, Good news. I am so happy for you. Anyway, those people who want to bring you down will come out with other ways to bury you. So, Dr. Chua, stay alert ... you are one of the best leaders in Malaysia.. we need you .

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...

you r now being charged for oral sex lah...totally different case...

cakap mesti bikin siap siap said...

You are being judged by OTK using media and intrusion of privacy. Ask OTK what is his stand on Elizabeth Wong case, does he support the intrusion into Elizabeth's privacy? If it is yes, why double standard?

Wouldn't it proper if OTK made a request for himself and all the MCA leaders & executive council members (although there is no video so far on them), to sign a declaration that they never engage in oral sex before with their wives or friends in their lives before?

Fair and square?

Thim Fook, Law said...

Charged for oral sex? Gee, which era are these jokers or 'puritans' living in? If anything, perhaps it's high time to abolish such archaic laws - relics from the Christian/British laws which don't apply to non-Christians, or Chinese or others! And, who cares who's giving who a blow job? Whether it's you sucking that Saiful's dick, or Saiful sucking your dick (or you screwing his ass), who cares as long as you can do your job well! What a person does in his/her private zone is simply that - "private." And sex - in whatever form or gender - between 2 consenting adults is their own business. In a way I have some respect for you, Dr Chua, when you first admitted to the case, compared to many - especially in you-know-what-party, who would deny or sweep things under the carpet, and everything gets covered up - more through 'might' than anything else. Furthermore, between the arrogant 'Emperor' and you, I'll vote for you - even though I'm not a member of MCA or any political party.

And to those 'moral policemen' in MCA or whatever, don't tell me that they don't have any mistresses/lovers/whatever, whether 'legal' or otherwise.

Melvin Lim said...

I am no fan of MCA but I am a Chinese. Pls look back at the basics of why political parties were formed. Take a look around you, how the Chinese society turned into. Brings back the dignity pls and discard those corrupted. Speak with courage and be clean. That is all we ask.

cyapdanny said...

OTK should not drag on the personal sex issue with Dr CSL. He should more concentrate on the Chinese issue that marginalize in Malaysia as the citizens since Merdeka until now by the last MCA & Government. Most of the Chinese children still need to pay their own education to university by their parent hardworking money until now. What have previous MCA done for the the Chinese children?? Why certain ppls can proceed to Uni easily from SPM/STPM but Chinese children will difficult to get a place in Uni. We need to save & borrow loan to continue our UNi study. This is only one of the issue that I mentioned in Chinese issue after more than 52 year of Merdeka. Now OTK still fighting with Dr. Chua SL over sex issue. What can the two big adult sit down & discuss something good for the Chinese , other than just follow certain person direction. If the situation that continue, I don't see any future for the Chinese & MCA in Malaysia.

cyapdanny said...

Fight for Chinese in Malaysia. Fight for the children future. Do not fight for Sex issue. Please Two Big Adult, Wake Up. We Can't Always Got Time & Hang On In The MCA President forever. When OTK go chance in a life time,do something good for the Chinese Future Generation. Your Name Will REMEMBER IN HISTORY.

Cassandra said...

Eh? I thought MCA has a moral code of conduct for its representatives during Ong Ka Ting time?

What happened, Dr Chua?

shltplnk said...

Illegal Sex Act, or "carnal intercourse against the order of nature," which is punishable by up to 20 years jail in prison ~ Loads of people would have jailed for life!! Gays would have jailed for life too!! That is ridiculous!!

GentleMan said...

Dr. Chua ,
不知 老翁 有没有 看 New Straits Times 呢?
或者 他的 英文水准太低
看不懂 吧!
整天炒冷饭,实在令人 反感。
看来不但是你 ’树大招风‘,
并且你又是 ’才华出众‘
所以老翁怕了你,甚至 脚都软了。
现在 连
霹雳州的李官仁 都敢敢在
为你 好打不平 ,申张正义!
证明 霹雳州每个党员都是不满
总会长对你 的 打压行动 。
Dr. Chua 加油 !!!

Wendy said...

i fully support you. I think you better quit from MCA because it is sinking now.

Darick said...

b4 & after mca election, OTK said no time to talk talk talk..... 'Transformasi mca' right d way......
OTK's 1st super urgent 'Transformasi mca' is to KICK u out !!!!
OTK said "u r d main porblem in mca !"
like i always said 2u, keep d fire burning on OTK & his lap-dogs b4 he burn u up !!!!

Mike said...









You see all toll increase have to go through cabinet for discussion before implementation. Are you telling me OTK is not aware or involve in this stupid decision. If he is part of the cabinet then he is equally to be held responsible for such flip flopping decision. If not what the hell he is a cabinet ministers and may as well appoint you into the Cabinet.

You see this guy is good not nothing except speaking like a main land Chinese and even that half of the time I can’t even figure what the hell he is trying to said. To watch his TV interview is so bloody painful, most of the time I have switch to another channel to avoid the agony.

Unlike him, you have better communication skill, English is good and so is your mandarin, simple and concise.

With this kind of leaders MCA is definitely doom for failure. Good luck Dr Chua and Junior Chua if you all still decide to stick to this bunch of losers.

cyapdanny said...

Dr. Chua & other should fight with OTK any more. Out side other party will laugh at MCA, especially the major one U . This will cause ppls use the issue to sabotaj OTK &Dr. Chua, the lost will be the Chinese communities & MCA. If the two big adult fighting, ppls from other parties will said to help you but got other agenda to put you under their command and order. At the end, MCA will no more independent to voice out the Chinese communities view & concern. MCA will become another puppet under certain politic party. I hope OTK & Dr Chua can work together & no more fighting. Just come to certain agreement , 2 term or other better so that MCA can fight for the Chinese communities freely and not under control by certain parties.

Tuanku said...

Hello! Dato'Seri Dr Chua,

Looks like and sounds like Pak Lah let you off the jail hook on your final edition of DVD scandal. Unfortunate your MCA Taiko, OTK blamed you for spreading the poison political VD in MCA problems. Pak Lah cannot be wrong in his decision, OTK cannot be right in his stamement. So who is the TOYO Devil in MCA problems today ? Many Chinese ghost busters and spiritual monks are interested to find out and get rid of the politicial devils and VDs in MCA crisis.

Nevertheless, the DVD scandal dust has yet to settle peacefully and the forthcoming nightmare for Dr Chua will happen if you continue to hit and chase away the running dogs of UMNO in MCA camp. Remember, the doubtful waiting PM is not as sincere or kind heart as Pak Lah since he has yet to comment about your case todate. He is still holding his final trump card on your scandal to act against you to ensure you and your supporters never jump sink to Opposition parties. Otherwise, you will face the same faith like Anwar's second sodomy charges.

An old Chinese lady says: ""It is timely Dr Chua keeps his big mouth shut and never fight against his coward MCA Taiko and also hurts the feeling of UMNO Taiko and his cronies on Dr Chua smart agendas to defend and fight for Chinese communities rights and equality and justice in Malaysia. Otherwise Dr Chua will be receiving end result like Anwar's black eyes in jails for many years."

So how ? Will Dr Chua and his supporters dare to jump ship and rescue themselves from the MCA sinking titanic from wind of change? Dato Seri Dr Chua...any storng comments ? Malaysians are reading and listening now.


Neutral & Democratic Malaysian Citizen

Kok Heng said...

Police said the case against Dr Chua closed a year ago on account of unable to clarify the monitor of the "black handed."

In MCA, none of them with high power has kind enough to mention it publicly that who is the culprit. Even they are same member in same boat, consider abang adik within an political organization, why its head dares not suggest to form an powerful investigation bureau to find out the god-damned culprit and give Mr Chua Soi Lek a justified jurisdiction since he is central delegates chosen man of No 2?

It must be something behind it definitely cannot be told. In order to take down Dr Chua who might be more capable than them, they used dirty tactic to smear him purposely for their own political mileage.

The person self-proclaim with higher merit of morality is in fact he himself immoral. But he got the gut to criticize other is immoral. People should give him an applause for his abundance of courageous. Does he dare to be the true gentleman to speak the truth? Of course, he couldn't be that stupid to speak for the person he wanted to take down.

A person with such an unjustified mentality, can he be a good qualified leader? I doubt it.

He said when he was in oversea, people asked him about his scandalous colleague, he felt heartache. Was he pointed at Chua again in order to differential himself from him?

What the heck kind of this person? He has no personality to be a leader of MCA. Such a high ranking ethical himself he claims to be, he is not even has the little bit of kindness to be fair and square. At least he must have the slight ability to comfort his unlucky comrade and talk politely.

But he doesn't have the quality a leader should possess.

I wonder was it really true people have asked him about it? If I'm not wrong, as he claimed, he was in China when people there asked him about it. That was what he tried to hurt Mr Chua once again in the pretext that he was sorry for Chua's misfit behavior.

In his out minded claim,I don't give a dime. People in China also don't give a dime as well. They couldn't have asked such a stupid question. Because their Chairman Mao had many wives himself in his whole life. Have they ever considered their Chairman is immoral? Do they still love him even he had passed away many years ago, as well as even immortalizing his name?

The fact is yes.

Come back to OTK, what a hypocrite he is under the bright sun? Go and suck yourself in the dark. Don't show yourself to bring shame to others if you think Chua Soi Lek has ashamed you. If you want people to respect you, you must reinvent yourself to be a person of vindication. Don't keep telling media that Chua Soi Lek wants to be minister. Just tell him you have better choice. Don't stupidly mention the scandalous video again and again. It shows that you are completely imbecile and unkind. If you change your lousy attitude towards Chua, I think he will forgive you. Because in the eyes of public, he is smarter than you. You are totally gutless as well as mindless even you are a headman of MCA.

I have to admit that God has always love the one is stupid.

Suci Dalam Debu said...

Dr Chua,

I am very sure that you will emerge stronger than ever whilst your BOSS is digging his own grave.

OTK does not deserve to be President of MCA because he does not have the type of heart needed to be a true leader.

I used to have a lot of respect for him but he blew it big time. He should have learned from Nelson Mandela.

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