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Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

I agreed with you that, it is too early to jump into conclusion that the race based political party is going to end of the road. As everything is uncertain at this point of time, and nobody can predict the future of Malaysia. However, i agreed with Dr. Lim that, whether it is going to end of the road all depends on the performance of the oppisition party. It is because people will do comparison among the state government based on their performance. But we can't just take one or two years of their performance to compare. We need to give them more time to perform. One thing that i agreed with Mr. Low from PKR, from this GE, it given an opportunity for us to think rakyat's thinking is over our expectation. For this point, we need to take into consideration. But i don't agreed that based on this GE, we can conclude that race based political party is going to the end of the road... Thanks for upload to your blog for people that from overseas to watch. God Bless.........

CHee XtheMan said...

Dr Chua,

I want tp express some questions here as i have not had a chance to call in at all.

first of all,

1. MCA did failed Chinese in many economy and business opportunity, for example Munoz had preventing non malay entering certain business area for example business based on petroleum, Car manufacturing and also all GLC companies.

2. If an elected gov failure in providing basic needs like country stability for business, education, medication to rakyat, then why rakyat needs a gov to lead the country ? I was disgrace when you said not necessary for a gov to ensure basic needs of a country !

3. Singapore has been very close to us in many areas. They have races like we do Malay, Chinese and Indian, why we have been falling behind so much .... don;t you say they are small country and ez to managed, but they all eat " sambal belacan " also OK. The FDI of Singapore was 4 times more that us ! Singaporeans earning per capital is 4/5 times more than us ? Why ? coz BN had failed in leading the country after 50 years !!

4. Why now only most of the MCA, MIC and Gerakan have the guts to talk like a man to Umno ?

5. We are not vote for PR just wanna to protest, We are not a dump voter ..... look at leaders like DSAI, LKS, Hadi Awang ..... these 3 guys is already good enough comparing to the country no 1 and the second ! (Pak la is just simply cannot trust .... and Najip ... is racist).

kaili said...

You said that MCA contributes to the stability of the country that aids chinese to prosper. Well, that's very true. I mean, aren't UMNO doing the same thing to Malays and MIC to Indians? Your answer is not an answer at all, it's a common sense.

What we want is why do Malay people get benefits from the government: financial aid, economic policy (PETRONAS originated from there) for business, which was dominated by chinese before that?
I would not be happy like you to say that chinese still have higher GDP compared to other races. We are, but the gaps are closing. What I meant is not that I refuse Malays from catching up with us in business, what I am concern is they are catching up unfairly.

We work our asses out to get into Form 6. They enter Matriculation. We work HARD(!!!) to get into local universities. Those that did well of course enter the university due to 'media publication' and MCA help through (media, again)
Those that did OK, they are totally rejected by local universities. And the remaining seats? Matriculation students who have easier exams, shorter pre-u course, higher quota, got in without, I would say, much effort.

I just want to point out that we did more, but more benefits are scrapped from us, from what we deserve. I would not even want to comment on asking government to give financial aid to chinese. I would be happy if you could realize how detrimental the monetary policies are to the chinese. They can easily push us to the border, and we won't be able to stand anymore even if we fight like hell.

Just so you understand. I'm afraid that you politicians are so far up you couldn't see what's happening to the people below.

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