Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fake Student Visa

The government has not done a good job in the issue of student visa. It all boils down to greed, both by the private sector and some government officials. Students should have clearance from colleges that they attend classes regularly before renewing student’s visa. However, some dubious colleges (there are more than 500 colleges in the country) who even verified that students “attend classes” when they know they are working. It is not uncommon to find a lot of students working full time. Blacklisting these fraudulent colleges doesn’t seem to work. The colleges should be charged for fraud because aiding and abetting foreign workers coming into Malaysia as students. We only have about 50, 000 foreign students and we often wonder how many are really students.

These fraudulent colleges have damaged the reputation of Malaysia’s effort to be the centre of education excellence since we are unable to address the issue of weeding out fraudulent colleges, who are probably helped by immigration authorities. One wonders how the Ministry of Education conducts accreditation and registration of private colleges. Enforcement is weak or rather non-existence unless they are tightened; the issue of fake student visa will continue to plague private education in this country.


Robert Teh said...

Soi Lek,

You always knew the lack of transperancy and accountability in govt. ministries - why remain in a party, that's at best, a 2nd Class Party in BN?

MCA as a party is losing the support of the Chinese community and even if the party continue to remain in the coalition BN govt., can you hope to remake the party to win back the support it has lost?

Do you think the current powers-that-be and powerbrokers in MCA will allow you to take the spotlight or let you have your way in the party? They will fight you tooth and nail to keep you in your place. Even if you win, is it worth to give up on your ideals and principles, for their support?

I hope you ponder on this, my good doc.

yatim said...

Dear Dr. Chua, so long the civil servise of monoplised by one one race, added with "Ketuanan Melayu" attitude, there is no way one could expect any change. We can go on and on writing on these matters, nothing is going to change. The UMNO led BN government has ruined the core of the civil servent principle. Only a change of government could bring any positive change. Just too bad that you just realised.

lovemalaysia said...

Many even came in and work as PR Girls, Massagers and Prostitutions.

NEIL said...

hi Dr Chua, why can't they learn from other countries like Australia where visa are only renewable if they perform well in their studies. Here these stupid guys only bring in shit in order to make fast money and cause problems to others

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