Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Snoop Squad Tribunal

Today I testified at the ‘snoop squad’ tribunal. I spoke at length to them for over an hour with the testimony being recorded and also handed over to them 5 pages of documents which I have received anonymously by post, implicating the perpetrators involved in the whole underhanded snoop squad.

Even though I believe the terms of reference are too narrow, nevertheless, I have co-operated with them fully and handed over whatever evidence I have and told them what I know about the parties involved. I believe however, that 2 people, not 3 are involved in the day to day running of the snoop squad. As to who they report to, that I shall not comment on without enough concrete evidence.

Also, I have informed them about a further few witnesses which would be able to shed more light on the whole issue. However much I believe these witnesses would be able to provide further information, the final decision to call them to testify is in the hands of the tribunal and I hope that the tribunal will afford them some protection from retribution should they decide to come forward.

All I have to say at this point is that the speculation should stop and we should let the tribunal do its job. I truly hope that the committee will be able to act fairly, justly, with integrity and fearlessly in the current climate of fear and suspicion pervading MCA.

While I have my differences with the leadership, I still support and love the party. After all, I have been a member of MCA for almost all my adult life. The party still means a lot to me and I am saddened by the level it has denigrated to today.

I hope the committee would complete its investigations soon. The longer it goes on, the more MCA members and the public will lose faith in the party.


rainbow said...

It does not take away the fact that you were involved in the sex scandal and you have betrayed your family. Morally, you are not fit to lead the chinese community

cinabaru said...

The Snoop Squad, if it is true, is indeed very a immoral and shameful act of the 2 or 3 people reported to be involved, especially the very innocent looking youth leader. We, the grassroot members felt disgusted with the whole episode. Why is all these happening in MCA? I thought the party 9 points platform was really meant to bring respect and pride back to MCA after the AB team fight.But alas......

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

It's indeed noble to put party above self
Even if it means putting oneself on the shelf
Since the party still provides a safety shell
To help keep off all offensive and dirty smell

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 210508
Wed. 21st May 2008.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Let's not have one spy too many
For out in the field there's too much honey
That will bring much reward and plenty of money
When there's too much exposure of any right bunny

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 210508
Wed. 21st May 2008.

Howard Lim said...

敬爱的拿督斯里蔡医生,小弟才疏学浅,但也看得出不能对这个三人调查委员会寄以厚望... 原因有三:

1. 调查委员会的组成与代表性:

2. 调查委员会的作业模式:

3. 调查委员会的权威与专业性:
就箅"斩鸡头,立重誓",以人类这个物种而视,尤其是事关身份地位,别人眼中人格优劣的问题,为了确立及稳固本身立场,许多人是愿意使用这种手段的;今天看到调查委员会建议以"宣誓"来担保供证人的言词,实在让人错愕,甚至相当置疑调查委员会的权威性,试问有哪个被判有罪的人不曾大言不惭的手按经典立誓背书? 调查委员会必须以实在的证据为考量,并以公正的道德标准为依归,若三人小组一事子虚乌有,涉案三人必须得还清白,若真有此事,应予以严惩,还百万马华党员及马华的支持民众一个公道!而非选择以 "宣誓" 的方式来提升言论及供证的可信度,形同儿戏!

再者,说到惩处,在三人调查委员会完成调查工作之后,所有的证物,结论及报告是否呈交马华会长理事会进行最后的定夺? 若然,则委员会的工作是否能起着决定性的作用也实在发人深思...


或者,依逻辑检测其价值,是搜索传言中的秘密小组的运作程序及成果? 是确认该组织的存在与否? 是找出操作者的身份及目的? 是向党员交待事件的始末? 是清党归正的实在作业? 或... 仅仅只是为已经被确认的事实代赎?

Pearls said...

Aiyooo.. Rainbow, still at it ah? Lucky you not married to CSL.. imagine!! Pengsan! WAHHH!!! worse than Desperate Housewives! Bwahahaha!

Uncle Chua,

Sigh...perhaps it is time for you to think about ending what have been a big part of your life aka MCA.

It is not possible to save MCA any more. This is a very frank opinion. MCA has lost its "lustre and glamour" meaning, MCA has not only lost its direction but its integrity in Malaysia. With all these snoop and scoop going on.. their inability to be the voice of the Chinese race, their inability to command respect from the bully aka UMNO and many other issues, I doubt it is possible to turn MCA around. The younger generations view MCA with disgust for all these follies, the older generations are near pencen (pension) so, not much help there. Gloomy right?

Leave while you are still ahead.. that is best in any given situation including marriage...

KIMHO8 said...

算了吧! 放下,自在!



TANder said...

to be fair, the President have stopped talking about HEALTHY POLITICS...

Camon said...


This is a very clear case of 'Pot calling the kettle black'
Whatever it is , if you are in Ong Kar Ting's position, you would likewise also do the same.
Please name me a honest President!

NEIL said...

Dr.Chua, I bet this is the dirty work of those who are desperate for power.

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