Saturday, May 10, 2008

Penang Syariah High Court's decision is much welcomed!

The Penang Syariah High Court's decision is much welcomed by all Malaysians. It is a well known fact that when a non-Muslim convert to Muslim, it is almost next to impossible to renounce Islam and to revert to its original faith.

I still remember there were some states that proposed that anyone planning to do so should be subjected to educational rehabilitation so that they have a better understanding of Islam in the hope of persuading them to remain in Islam. This landmark ruling by the Syariah High Court in Penang would strengthen the belief that non-Muslims will continue to enjoy religious freedom is the basic fundamental rights of all Malaysians to choose their own religion.




peisheah said...

Bother, the Syariah court do not follow precedence lah. So, this is not a landmark case. The appeal is on the way.

And she still can't change the status on her IC yet.

CHee XtheMan said...


I do not want to discuss abt this syariah case.

I like to put some word abt the trend on BN using sedition act charge to RPK and Kapal S.

Well.. there are couple of questions they need to ask Pak la and Najip. They both seems to be "makan cili tidak tahu pedas"

1. Pelantikan MB Terengganu, Umno has made a lot of sedition remark to Sultan .... remember the "Natang" word ? And pak la himself did said "Unconstitutional" on regard of pelantikan MB ? Why no action has been taken so far ? but action being taken to those are no Umno/BN supporter ?

2. What abt Najip himself ? Sedition remark from him widely documented that in the days preceding Operasi Lallang in October 1987, Najib Razak then as the head of Umno Youth, made a speech at a rally in Kampung Baru where he vowed to bathe his keris in the blood of Chinese Malaysian citizens.
And this speech was delivered against a background of banners by Umno Youth saying such things as ‘May 13 has begun’ and ‘Soak it with Chinese blood’.

The above are only 2 examples ..... both examples by far menyakit teringa bila mendengar !!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Religion is a very personal thing
Let me freely choose what I think
Is the best one for me anytime I thank
My God for giving me the freedom to choose after I think

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 100508
Sat. 10th May 2008.

Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

I strongly welcome the decision as i personally think that there should be freedom on the religious. Why must one stop people from changing their religous?? Every religious are meant for good, therefore we shouldn't set rules or regulation on it to prevent people from changing their wishes. As long as you truly belief on it, what is the matter if you choose to believe any of the god.
I hope i won't offend anyone as my concern is everybody should get an equal opportunity on everything since everyone wants to be treated equally.

Mohd Hilmi Ramli said...

Dr Chua.

Actually dont look at Islam only that prevent their fellow to convert to Islam.As far as we are concern, in worst case, (perhaps like Fatimah), no any threat put under her as she wanted to convert to his religion back. No dead threat etc is done. The problem settled thru legal court.(Azlina Jailani as example case,no dead threat upon him by her family)

As a matter of fact, some other religion has put a more heavy threat to any of his fmily wanted to convert to Islam.Kill, dead etc is common to blood relationship suddenly declared ends.

So, be objective when dealing with this issue.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Religious freedom becomes a total natural farst
If I can't freely anytime let go or hold fast
Religion is never meant to be kept in an iron cast
And then kept strung up high on a permanent mast

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 100508
Sat. 10th May 2008.

Pearls said...

First and foremost I must say that religion is something that is personal and unique. It is basically a relationship with divinity which cannot be explained by us mortal souls. It is not something that one do at the spur of the moment or change according to one's whims and fancies. It is definitely more than that... Religion is sacred!!

I personally view that for non-muslims who chose to convert to Islam, they must be matured enough to realise that they are to do it for all the right reasons. The only reason to convert is that one believe and can relate to the Islamic religion and wish to practise this teaching. Converting to marry is crap and should never happened. Mortal love is never a good reason to change one's GOD!

Secondly, when one makes that decision to convert, one has to take upon oneself to make that effort to learn, understand and practise the chosen religion. It cannot be anyone's elses business to do all that except oneself!! Afterall, that decision to convert is made by oneself and nobody put a gun to one's head to convert.

So, after saying all that, I cannot understand why someone who convert will want to renounce the religion he/she chose to get into? Why the wishy washy fickle like mad thinking? Because the marriage is gone or the man is no longer in love with you? How airhead is that? How stupid is that!? This Penang lady made a mockery of a religion all in the name of love which to me is absolutely insulting.. not to human but to divine! This is an act of mockery to GOD!!

I wouldnt say that this Penang case is something that we, non-muslim can rejoice about. If the same verdict was given to Lina Joy than perhaps yes, we can rejoice for the fundamental rights of human being to choose one's religion is respected and upheld. This is because Lina Joy was a born muslim. She didnt have that right to chose to begin with and upon coming of age or revelation, she is allowed to excerise this basic human right. This, I must say is what we all should be asking for.. not some airhead's whims and fancies of wanting to get out of a religion because "love is over"!!

I am not a muslim but I have great respect for religion and I am in the opinion that as human beings we are not to make fun or mockery of any religion whether we believe in it or not. If we all view religion with great respect, we will not have so many of these frustrating and painful lessons.

Conclusion, this Penang case is nothing to shout about..

KIMHO8 said...


突破了大馬記錄. 了不起!


這次才是真的 BOLEH!


iamataxpayer said...

Mr Chua, why don't you put your opinion of BMC case on your blog? What is your opinion of this?

Where is M.T of your party? He is the last person I did have "hope", but obviously i am wrong (again)!

Why a M.T, who is a chinese, dare not comment, 80% of BMC are chinese!

What? your party is "opposition" in selangor? So? I supposed this is a good chance for "opposition" (your party) to show face and prive service to people in order to gain support, still your party is TOTOLLY out of the whole case. Hopeless.

Huh? you tell me?

Your M.T OTK, not to be confused with OTK, but i guess chinese has made them the same in their mind.

After BMC case, your party will never gain any support from chinese anymore.

Dare to put this comment on your blog? We will seee....

KIMHO8 said...

讓人徹底的失望,未免對老板的期望太高了吧!當局者迷,旁觀者清. 林敬益醫生客觀的言論劣勝一籌!

大多數華人沒有在馬華政策中得益,只有受到不平等的待遇,而且是變本加厲。 如果華人有機會得到更高更好的教育以及能夠在各領域的被接受而發揮,還需要去“跳飛機”嗎?難道你在馬華社交里所見到的一小撮富裕華裔,代表了全馬的華人?




Anonymous said...

I think we need to look at this case at prespective. When Tun Mahathir announced that Malaysia is Islam state, MCA did not protest. When Dato Najib said Malaysia is Islam state, MCA was told to shut up by UMNO youth chief. MCA only disgree with PAS on the issue of Islam state. The damage has been done, PAS has gain foot hold as a National party, it just try to hide its true color. There is no guarantee that DAP will win 28 seats again in the future. That is why Malaysia is moving toward Islam state either using UMNO's standard or PAS's standard. On a whole, we must realize the fact that Muslim is majority in our country, we must take sincere effort to understand this religion.

monsterball said...

yea yea yea.....welcome under DAP management.
What have Gerakan and MCA do .in the past?....NOTHING!!

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