Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Malay Supremacy: Should it continue?/ 谈马来主权

The recent gathering of 200 Malay NGOs was purportedly to discuss the status of Malays after the elections. From my reading in Utusan Malaysia, I must say that I’m totally disgusted and disappointed that many academicians who are involved in the congress are totally living in ivory towers, completely out of touch with the rakyat of Malaysia. Maybe they have been in the University for too long and they are there not because of their academic excellence, but because of the affirmative action program, so much so that they are so lacking in intellectual capabilities to come up with to put it kindly, hare-brained proposals. This is obvious as their standards have been going downhill, unfortunately, they are playing a leading role in this congress, presenting their papers and guiding the Malay NGOs.

Today, we are talking about globalization, competitiveness, equality, fairness, democracy and we have among us people who feel that they should be more equal than others by virtue of birth and hence, you can see some bumis who feel or who demand their entitlement as if by right of birth. To make things worse, this is sometimes reinforced by government agencies and this is often the cause of so much friction and dissatisfaction among the non-Malays towards the Malays.

It is because of this that I always feel that race and religion will continue to dominate our political landscape. If the Malays insist on “Ketuanan Melayu” (Malay Supremacy) and that they are supreme in this country, they should not be worried about the advancement by non-Malays since in their mind, they are always supreme. Problems arise because in order to be supreme, they want the non-Malays not to advance. They want to eat the cake and keep the cake. The PM always says that he is a leader not only for the Malays but all Malaysians. So, we hope that he will walk the talk and not be shaken by these 200 Malay NGOs with their emotional and racial rantings in Johor Bahru over the weekend.

Some Malays must accept the political reality that Malaysia today is different than Malaysia 51 years ago when we achieve independence. If this group of Malay thinks that we are still the same, then we are doomed as a nation. Obviously we have changed and we will continue to change to cope up with the changing time. It is those Malays who have not changed, unwilling to change or not knowing how to change that caused Malaysia growth to be slowed down in the last 15 years, while the rest of the world have moved on, we are still saddled with the problem of race and religion and who is supreme in a land that belongs to all Malaysian to be shared equally by all Malaysians irrespective of race and religion.



Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

I think all these 200 people are still sleeping and dreaming and living in their onw world as the rest of the world are changing. They have been pampered too long and their mind set is without the tongkat, they can't move. Although we are talking about globalisation and the technology is so advanced, but their mind set and thinking is still in "Intranet" (only communicate among themselves), not "Internet" (communicate with the rest of the world". I would said that, it is very difficult to change their mind set, because they can't accept the fact. God Bless...........

Anonymous said...

What foundation is the Malay supremacy based on? Are the Malays more hardworking, more intelligent or more resoureceful? It is the result of UMNO in power for 50 years. The political landscape is changing, we see Ong Ka Ting sounds likes DAP. This is too little, too late and he is barking on the wrong tree as well. I think Dato Ong has brilliant mind just his timing is off. He should retire and pass the control to either his brother or Ong Tee Keat. At lease, Ong Tee Keat wants to abandond racial politics.

Funniman1965 said...

In Malaysia there will be people who would talk, analyse and and stioll talk. They would be the type who have meetings after meetings with teh tarik and kuihs and still whining what to do.

We have another type who says, you talk all you want, but I am going to do my things. I won't rely on you. I have to cari makan because by the time you finished talking, I would die of hunger.

The Malays can talk all they want. Chinese do not need to be rash over these things, we need only to be aware of such talk. At the same time, let's do our own things. When we are united, our negotiation power is better. Then only we start to talk.

Look at China. 20 years ago, they do not need to talk. They just work and consolidate. Today, China know that they have the negotiation power. Even US cannot do anything to them.

Take the cue, MCA.

farzain said...

"I would said that, it is very difficult to change their mind set, because they can't accept the fact."

Woah woah.... hang on there lysender. I don't know "they" meaning those 200 people or "they" meaning Malays in general. I am a Malay myself and I believe in changing my own destiny, with or without anyone's help. So be careful with the generalizing. :)

There is still hope, now umno is waking up that the whole malay supremacy concept is getting not so relevant for use now (we are open now, yes). I am confident they will figure it out soon enough they have to stop using it.

Ah Chin said...

I am a big fan of Tiger Woods. He commented once that he was not worried about his Wolrd Golf ranking, because if he worked hard and kept winnig, he would automatically be the No. 1. Those who keep harping on Malay Supremacy should take their cue from Tiger. Your acquire knowledge, work hard and make a decent honest living, then others around you will naturally acknowledge that you are a cut above the rest. Have you heared about the Japanese trumpeting about Japanese supremacy? Yet we know how the world look up to them. Time to get real- crowing about supremacy and do nothing will only make you doomed no-hopers.

CK Loh said...

Some Malays must accept the political reality that Malaysia today is different than Malaysia 51 years ago when we achieve independence. If this group of Malay thinks that we are still the same, then we are doomed as a nation. Obviously we have changed and we will continue to change to cope up with the changing time. It is those Malays who have not changed, unwilling to change or not knowing how to change that caused Malaysia growth to be slowed down in the last 15 years, while the rest of the world have moved on, we are still saddled with the problem of race and religion and who is supreme in a land that belongs to all Malaysian to be shared equally by all Malaysians irrespective of race and religion.

by Dr. Chua

Spot on.

Just want to add on with my opinion. The problem is not with the Malay overall that they are not willing to change. The problem is with UMNO, UMNO does not want Malay to change, or else UMNO is not relevant any more. UMNO keep on asking them to look backward pre-independence, without UMNO, without independence. Don't change as they are great and continue support UMNO to repay back what UMNO has did to Malaysia today.

If we have 'stupid' leader, we have 'stupid' rakyat. The leader is not really 'stupid', just they are selfish, to remains in power, by asking the Malays not to look forward, but to look backward. The nation to move forward is the least priority, the main prioirity is they talk about history and ask Malay to proud on what they are now, and continue support UMNO.

I quote you two examples,
1) First, on the recent interview of the Star in New Politics, after great points discussed on post election by speakers like Tony, Charles, Dr. Chua, Chia Kwang Chye, we have an UMNO leader from Pulai who come out and give his main point. And his main point is our political sytem must remain, as proven by our own forefathers it is a working formula. And he highlighted that if we can achieve independence without shed of blood, it means it is mark of success of BN. And he reminded us of 1969 incidents, and quote two examples why change is not good by quoting Kuomintang and Golkar as examples, both parties that are seems equivalent as BN in Malaysia, and how without both parties in their countries affect the country mentioned.

Come on, a whole 12 minutes speech by an UMNO leader to talk about the POST election impact, and he just mentioned PAST, history and create fears.

If 12 minutes speech in public forum is all about past and history, what you expect on the UMNO ceramah where the attendance is solely Malay?

It is evident that UMNO leaders keep on creating this mindset to the Malay that they are supreme, so that the Malay continue supporting UMNO. It is a selfish way of politicking.

2) The second example, actually is examples of various prominent UMNO leaders like Hishamudin vowing to protect NEP with his keris, Tengku Razaleigh 2008 post election letter on the country is no longer belong to the Malay and they need to have the emergency meeting to fight back and a prince basically said that Malay is first class citizens, and the rest are second classes and continue mislead the public that the constitution says that. The constitution also says fairness for all races inclusive of education rights for example, just that he failed to highlight it.

They are many more cases like that.

UMNO will continue to mislead Malay not to change and remains what they are now, and feel proud of it for obvious political reason.

If you want to blame on the Malay, they are just another victims. The main culprit is UMNO, so that they can be remain relevant in politic.

Ong Ka Chuan just said yesterday, that it is difficult for MCA to change to multiracial because according to their party constitution is to protect Chinese right.

So, is MCA leaders is equivalent to UMNO leaders. where they will continue to mislead the public for their political relevance?

If we say to ramain relevance for UMNO, they promote 'Malay Supremacy',

Can we say for MCA to remains relevance, they are anti multiracial politic?

Ong Tee Keat just very firm stated that he believes the only way MCA to stay relevance is go multi-racial. He sees some light, but will he get the support?

If Dr. Chua think that to promote 'Malay Supremacy' is not correct for UMNO,

how about promote racial politic for MCA, is it correct?

Justin said...


i am beginning to warm towards yr comments....

are we still too late?

which non-bumi wil bite the bullet?

p/s would appreciate yr comments on RPK standing in court for allegedly 'sedition' n chose to go to jail instead of paying the bail.

is this the right move?

would u do the same if u r in his position?

笑看风云 said...


USA has military supremacy, Australia has mineral resources supremacy, Arab has oil supremacy.
malysia once has tin , rubber, palm oli supremacy. and tendency of its Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia , Tamil and English multi language supremacy.

Malay supremacy is already there for the last 20 years but make many "feel"and " believe " Chinese has business supremacy .

WHY NOT ?if malay supremacy can used to work for a more transparent, a less corrupt,truly fair,mutual respect and most importantly can pool all races resources and work for ---- MALAYSIA SUPREMACY

eddiekoh said...

I will be very happy that the 200 fells continue sleeping and continue harping on the Malay supremacy,while we moved ahead.Their mind set is fixed,not even an angel can help them.
Even my 10 years old son told me why these people sound so stupid.

myenvelope said...

Once I heard Umno malays are not the same pack as the malays. Ketuanan Melayu is championed by the Umnoputras, whose interests are self serving. The supremacy mindset has long been their agenda to divide the races in Malaysia. On the surface, they appear to champion the welfare of the malays to gather their support by alienating the other races.

(Sigh!) When are they going to realise plural society such as Malaysia cannot survive by just umno dominating everything?

Ben said...

I have only one thing to say: Empty barrels make the loudest noise..

Clarisse said...

hi dr chua, i believe that every race, gender, religion and followers of all tribes deserve the motivation to be driven towards excellence. i am chinese and i believe strongly in pak lah's idea of malay supremacy (which is not lordship over others but to take hold of their own destiny) - on my end, i strongly believe it will work.

abgbeca said...

salam doc,

like ur talk, luv ur say, but then if i might add, it takes two to tango doc, why did i choose ur blog, mayb it's God's will, b it urs or mine (for this let's leave it to another day).

ketuanan melayu u say doc ...

a bit of preamble of my little self, a malay (some cal themself bumiputera, which i doubt - ahhh another topic u might say here), mid 40's n u cn say tht i am a product of deb, been running my own little trading outfit for the past 15 years, at the mo at the bottom end of the wheels for the past 3 years, during my xciting time hv clocked an annual turnovr xceeding 30 mils three years in a row.

whoa, bef anyone start jumping into their own little conclusions, i am not an umnoputera, am raised in a family of wher my father is a retired 3rd div govt servant n my mother is a retired primary school teacher, n was not undr a govt scholarship n hv not njoyed any govt incentives, which means no MARA no IKS n so forth, even had prblem dealing with moh during ur time.

ketuanan melayu u say doc...

hv nvr been much of a believer of it, even at this trying times at the mo, it's my chinese pal n my indian buddies tht hv bn assisting me in going thru' it, like the old mly saying kais pagi mkn pagi n kais ptg mkn ptg.

but to eliminate it, don't think so at the mo, why contradict then say u?

the reality is doc, it's not a level playing field out ther, in order for it to go, it needs to b done in a "two way" manner, i'll forgo mine n u forgo urs, remembr tht am personally a non believer to it, so i hv nvr hd any qualm at all in letting it go but ar u willing to let go of urs doc.

confusing ain't it, as a mly in trading hv thought me that this is an area tht is dominated by the chinese, even the rental of an outlet cn b higher just becoz' i am not a chinese lest alone things like prices sold to me, shelf space made available n crdt terms offered.

how did i do it? evn ali baba works in both ways (wink wink), wht to say doc, i pun nak idup,

to cut a long story short doc, for ketuanan melayu to go, it has to b a two wy street, not like 2 little kids wher i wnt wht's in ur bag, while i am not showing u wht's in my bag, let us all first b sincere to one another then only later talk abt having a level playing field, only then can we together foster as a great nation

til then ketuanan melayu wil exist n like wht some of my chinese pal hv said, "u knw lh kwn, typical chinese business is always like tht ...".

salam doc

Shawn said...

The whole issue depends on how you view it. But by what Pak Lah is trying to demostate here. I don't see any harm in motivating the Malays to strive for excellence. And we want that excellent.

Funniman1965 said...


Good read. If only all Malays think like you. Some of my biggest customers are Malay companies with 99% Malay workers. You take on this is from a business point of view. I couldn't disagree more as it is a very competitive world and every man for himself type of philosophy.
Having said that, you do have many NEP related issues which all of us know.

IMHO, this Ketuanan Melayu issue can be viewed either politically or to the man on the street. I do not need to delve politically as many of you guys are so much better. Of course, blame the UMNO for trying to politicise.

To the man on the street, there are indeed problems. Let me give you some real life experience. I used to stay in a squatter area many years ago and there were dogs kept. Even the dogs were tied up, dog shooters would come by to kill them. My grandma who came from China and couldn't understand much Malay had to beg and even kneel to ask the DBKL ppl to spare the dogs. I just stood by watching. They took some $$$ and left.

What I am saying and in this extreme case is that there are people who are using this "Ketuanan Melayu "to their greatest advantage. Of course today we are more educated and able to reason and dare to confront. But there will be people who would be bullied or subjected to pressure by these officers wear some Municipal uniform. Here I must stress that these guys are from Klang Valley.

Today we are trying to interpret Malay supremacy or Ketuanan Melayu and trying to find out what the real meaning is. Does it matter? What mattered most is the attitudes of the Malay people over the non Malays. The perceived rights of bumis and non bumis, the NEP policies, the priviledges give, etc must go.

Of course you can say non malays and malays can work together. As you said, lets be open and we will enjoy all the fruits. But Malays are enjoying the priviledges and the cream. Non malays come in later for any business dealing and if they are willing to work hard they will make the crumbs, and some of these crumbs are big size too. Can you imagine what was the original tenders?

To me also as a Chinese businessman, is not about stepping on someone's shoulders to get up or envy the Malays for getting big orders. I never want to take what belonged to others and not to put sand on someone's rice bowl.Chinese can find $$$ anywhere including selling old newspaper and scraps.

It is about all about FAIRNESS and one's PRINCIPLES.

God bless.....

Lysendar said...

Dear Farzain,

I am sorry that you might misunderstand. Yes, what i meant "THEY" is the 200 people not to all the Malay. Sorry if you think that i mean all the Malay. Thanks for your correction.
Hopefully UMNO will wake up soon.

Pearls said...

These 200 Malay NGOs and perhaps quite a lot more squatting along some roads who think that Ketuanan Melayu is their God's given rights are a result of constant instigation and provocation from those in power!

Seriously, I dont see the difference between Ketuanan Melayu and KKK (Klu Klax Kan). Badawi and the rest of his goonies can package and beautify this Ketuanan Melayu any way and any how they like but it doesnt take the raw fact away that ONE RACE, THEIR RACE, IS TO BE ABOVE THE REST!! No?? How else can you explain what Badawi had said recently?? Let me quote to you what Badawi said recently...

"Malay supremacy meant that the Malays, as the indigenous people in Malaysia, needed to strengthen themselves to ensure they were successful and developed.If they are not successful and developed, then they are not tuan (masters), therefore they will be coolies. I am sure we do not want to become coolies who do not play any role in development because we are weak and not able."

So, if the Melayu dont want to be coolies, they want to be the Tuans, than who is going to be the coolies??!! Surely there must be coolies in order to have tuans right?? So, what does the above quote means with words like coolies and tuan thrown in if Badawi next quote "It is never about ruling over others, or forcing our power upon them" is anything to go by?

If that last statement by Badawi is true, what do you call the recent tiff between Moral Uplifting and the Muslim Religious Enforcement in Johor? What do you call all those funny deals of 30% quota, 60% quota and 5% discount for Bumis? Isnt these a form of ruling over others or shall I say, forcing their power upon the non-muslim?

All form of supremacy should end. There shouldnt be any tuans and coolies or my race is better than yours or we are the indigenous people and you are the pendatang because we are all HUMAN! We are to treat each other with respect and honour while living on this planet.

farzain said...


I believe so umno will wake up. if we (especially the ppl within umno themselves) all stick together and stay united with our prime minister pak lah. I belive so, there will be a brighter future for all of malaysia.

CK Loh said...

I believe so umno will wake up. if we (especially the ppl within umno themselves) all stick together and stay united with our prime minister pak lah. I belive so, there will be a brighter future for all of malaysia.

by Farzain

I admire your patience. Yet I beg to differ, UMNO can't change. No body can after sitting in comfort zone more than 50 years.

Below is one of statement by new UMNO MP in parliament 2 days ago. I get this from tonypua blog. You can also check it in parlimen.gov.my to get the full context. And his remarks about Indian is shocking, if you read further.

Atas apa? Kesalahan apa? Tuanku hanya mempersoalkan untuk mempertahankan hakhak orang Melayu, ketuanan Melayu (emphasis mine), apakah Pakatan tidak memperjuangkan hak-hak orang Melayu? Ini ada di dalam perlembagaan, saya mendesak pihak Yang Berhormat daripada Batu Pahat supaya kita sama-sama bersetuju, bolehkah kita bersetuju meminta kerajaan untuk mengambil tindakan setegas-tegasnya kepada mereka yang membuat kenyataan atau mengambil tindakan yang mempertikaikan ketuanan Melayu dan hak-hak orang Melayu.

Saya ingin mencabar parti pembangkang, sama ada tuan-tuan menyokong atau tidak perjuangan kita daripada Barisan Nasional untuk mempertahankan hak dan keistimewaan orang-orang Melayu sebagaimana yang termaktub di dalam perlembagaan.

collosos said...

Malaysia is a trading nation.
A capitalists' nation.

UMNO is Ketuanan Kapitalist where the Malay Supremacy is based upon.
The keyword "Capitalists".

In this modern world, the "Shang" group or "Merchants and traders" society class has evolved into Capitalist class.

Malaysia government is a capitalism democracy, the Western-style democracy.

It favors bankers, businessmen, property developers, traders and merchants, accountants, economists, insurance agents, stock brokers, etc at the top half of human food chain.

The awesome power of majority over the minority.

Everyone else are just productive wage-employees, salary-workers or labour-slaves.
The bottom half of human food chain.

An inverted pyramid structure human food chain, a dog eats dog world.

The rules of the game is set by bankers all over the world.

Bankers own the Western-style governments.

UMNO-BN has over 50 years time to develop Malaysia into something similar to USA, consolidating their positions and nurturing their leaders and supporters.

Why the mainstream media consists of journalists, writers, editors, entertainers, singers, newscaster, media executives, authors, publicists, etc.. all in favor UMNO-BN or capitalism democracy form of government?

Because of bankers' divine role who create money out of thin air, and they are the second group of society class that are in close position to benefit from the trickling of capital or money after the businessmen society class.

One more thing, in USA, the Lawyers eat Doctors for breakfast through malpractise lawsuits, etc.

Diana Tan said...

I agree with your post fully. What I dont understand is why now MCA wants to also speak up for all races, not only the Chinese, but also the Malays. They have UMNO who is doing a very good job giving all government contracts to bumiputeras at the expanse of other races. We need the MCA to fight for the Chinese rights. As Lee Kuan Yew rightly mentioned, we Chinese are marginalised because we are more hard working, diligent and richer.

Even now when we do business, we notice our clients are mainly malays as they have more money than 50 years ago. Now the Chinese are suffering and are very tight in their spending. Generally speaking, the Chinese have less money compared to the rich bumis getting all the government projects and tenders. We do business and we noticed this trend.

Welcome to my Blog

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Therefore, I welcome party members and members of public to post your constructive suggestions and opinions on my blog on how to rebuild and reform the party, eventually enabling MCA to regain support from all party members and the community.

Thank you for your suggestions.