Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Reply to Yatim's comment

This is to reply Yatim's comment as follows:

I am shocked by your comments expecting the PR state governments to do something abt the schorlarships. MCA & MIC were with BN for 50 years. How come we never come across what you mentioned in your article. IS it because MCA & MIC were cohort coverts in the BN govt. It is more sickening that you expect the PR state govt to come up with something. Shame on you.

Yatim's comments prompted me to make a reply. Pakatan Rakyat manifesto during the election promised a welfare state which included reducing assessment rate for houses and for properties, secondly to provide scholarship for poor students. They were unable to fulfill both of them after the election.

Are you aware that the MCA funded UTAR has trained more than 10, 000 graduates and KTAR 130, 000 graduates? Although we do not practice the quota system and admission is based on merit, 99 percent of students come from one particular race. We hope to see more non-Malays joining us. If we want the government not to practice the quota system, then MCA should set a good example by practicing admission based on merit. Don’t do to others when you don’t want others to do to you.

Education becomes the most important tool/instrument to eradicate poverty to raise the income of a person and to ensure economic independence and social mobility in any society. Hence, in Malaysia, it is also a powerful instrument under the NEP to restructure society, ideally to ensure that no race is identified with any economic function and also to eradicate poverty. While we have been successful in reducing poverty, restructuring of society has been hijacked by some Malays to deny the economic rights and participation of non-Malays and this is the greatest weakness of the NEP since the affirmative action is not based on economic needs, but rather on race.

To aggravate the matter, it is perceived to benefit only a limited number of Malays and this become the most contentious political issue in this country. Affirmative action should not be based on race but be based on needs and this should cut across all racial boundaries. The ultra-Malays and deviation in the government delivery system often would derail such policies which is the sore part among the non-bumis.


KIMHO8 said...

Dear Yatim,

Don't worry! You are not alone. I am on your side. As long as we believe in ourselve.

The power and fund still in the great government's hand. Why are they want to deny?

Come on....lah!

malayamuda said...

Dr Chua,

we seriously dont care what MCA has done behind the scenes.

We want to know what has been done to address the conversion issues, the keris issue, the racist propaganda issues by UMNO, the ISA arrests issues for political reasons, the unfair election practices issues by the BN, the treatment of non Malays as second class citizens, and many others.....

what is MCA stand on this ? Though UMNO always makes its stand known, MCA prefers to stay mum.

MCA seems to chicken out evertime there is a national issue effecting the country and its people and MCA does not make its stand known.

MCA is just a slave of UMNO and used by UMNO as a decoration to paste to the world that we have chinese reps in the Government.

MCA must prove that it is politically viable and not just greedy for Govt positions and posts.

Getreal said...

Dr. Chua,
There is no denying the role of MCA in furthering the quality of education amongst Malaysians without regard to race or religion through TAR. You are absolutely correct about the extremists Malays in UMNO that have hijacked the NEP for their own selfish needs to the point where the ordinary Malays have actually been cheated by the UMNOputeras.

What many of us non-Malaysians, including myself, find disappointing about you guys in MCA, Gerakan and MIC is that all of you were in position and had the opportunity to tell those UMNO extremists of the evil, racist and discriminatory polices and acts commited by the government (read UMNO) but did not. Maybe you guys did and were ceremoniously waved off by the UMNO devils, but the point is you people did not have the dare and sincerity in pointing the faults to the UMNO devils. Maybe all of you guys in MCA, MIC and Gerakan had personal interests involved that UMNO could take away.

All of us ordinary and ordinarily educated non-Malay Malaysians already know what you have explained about how the NEP was hijacked. What we also know is that none of the non-UMNO BN component party leaders had the balls to tell UMNO off. To tell us all about it now is of no use. That is why we voted you guys off in the last GE.

Please allow me to finish off by saying this: Majority of the Malaysians are more intelligent and knowledgeable than the entire BN members and we laugh at all those BN monkeys when they open their filthy stinking mouths to tell us what to do and how to behave. There are countries that are worse off than Malaysia economically but at least they are respected by others. The Malaysian government has been a laughing stock for the last decade and will continue to provide good humour for many foreigners during their breakfast.

Jeeivan said...

A very timely tell off not only to Rais Yatim but also other UMNO politicians who have entangled themselves with such backward mindesets. If only MCA and MIC would have stood their ground firmly from beginning the non-Malays and even poor Malays would not be in current situation.

Getreal said...

I apologize for a typo error in the first sentence of the second para. The word 'non-Malaysians' should read non-Malay.

Ah Chin said...

Well Doc, I think you're being unfair to the BR governments. They have been in business for hardly 3 months, and you expect them to fulfill the manifesto now. BN has had 50 over years, and by how much has it fulfilled its manifesto made over the years? It is obvious that MCA leaders are now watching down the necks of BR and will jump on them at the slightest opportunities, even to the point of searching for the needle in a haystack. Not that it is a bad thing to do, but you have to be rational in doing so. Moreover, I believe the BR governments are now having thier hands full cleaning up the mess left over by their predecessors. They know full well that they will be booted out come GE13 if they fial to deliver.

meiyen said...

I don't think Pakatan Rakyat knows the meaning of 'time flies'. This is what will happen if they spend their time being grave diggers, instead of doing what's good and fulfilling the wishes for the people.

PL said...

I will still give PR a chance come GE13 because the sore-losers BN is making things difficult for them. I would rather suffer another few years and then kick the shit out of BN for the sake of my children. Have you notice only non-MP MCA guys seemed to be outspoken. Why the change?

Gerard said...

Speaking about UTAR and KTAR, all of my friends that enroll in it have one thing in common.
No money.

Seriously, nobody likes the quality of education provided. What choice do they have? Where else can you find courses so cheap??
And all of my friends said that the drop out rate there is very high?? Are they lying?
Maybe MCA should focus on improving the quality of education there instead of enrolling thousands of students. All the class rooms are packed like sardines!

And i also have to add, a big problem with MCA is that they love to refer to past contributions for scoring winning points. Wake up pls!! None of that matters now!
Seriously you can say we built 1 million chinese schools , 100000000
sky scrappers and it still wont matter.

petestop said...

Dr Chua,

Keep working on it!

You are one of the few MCA leaders that I respected, especially when you stood up towards the racist policy by Maybank in requiring only dealing with law firmware that is owned by bumiputera.

Although I'm not a MCA support, but I do support you, irregardless of the much that the "snoop" squad has thrown at you. To me that is your private matter.

What is more important is that you stood up for us, instead of all the politikus that makes up the majority of MCA.

笑看风云 said...

DR. Chua,

one great man say
" 异中求同 "

My teacher told me , the shortest distant between two point is a straight line.

Later my other teacher told me the shortest distant between two points is a curve.

You tell me who is wrong and who is right?????

HAHA ;) ;)

tiger50 said...

Dr Chua
Tar college and UTAR has given hundreds of thousands of Malaysian tertiary education which was denied them especially in the eighties and early nineties. No one should deny the MCA that credit. Unforturenately many have forgotten this due to their hatred of UMNO In a way the MCA is a victim of UMNO's policies and action . The MCA never really had the full support of the Chinese and yet they were expected to deliver the goodies to the Chinese and if they did not they were abused at the polls. Lets see what goodies the DAP can deliver to the Chinese and if they dont what will happened

daniel said...

Give any party a chance and they themselves will screw up too. As far as I know and see, PR is not at all doing anything impressive but pick on petty arguments with BN leaders in the parliament. WHy not PR proof themselves and get to waork, HARD because does it occur to them that now is their chance to show people what they are really capable of? PR promised many things, some visionary, some seemingly to give new hope to Malaysia, but come on, even the small things seem to be stumbling to the ground. Selangor MP handling BMC issue, is that in line with Pakatan Rakyat's promises?

I dont know, but it takes more to prove the people that PR is worth it for the next elections at least.

Anonymous said...

MCA needs to break its bottle-neck. Is its leader only good for a junior ministerial position? Any one has the ambition of becoming the Prime Minister? We see US now is ready to accept a Black American as its president. Chinese came to Malaysia as labourers but the black American came to US as slaves.

asian-fellow said...

UTAR and KTAR are regarded as one of the leading institutions in Malaysia. The graduates are regarded highly by the industries, including the Logistics & Transport sectors.

No doubtingly, MCA has done a good job in this manner. Politically, MCA is encouraged to speak up or make a forcefully reproachful protest against anyone who does wrong, even the party concerned is UMNO, they have nothing great, anyway!

But, I strongly believe everyone in BN ie. UMNO, Gerakan, MIC and MCA are well-awake now, especially after the recent great failure in GE (308). PPP is not counted because they have done nothing even after the recent 308...

Well, nobody is perfect, as long as the ones who know where went wrong and are willing to admit and improve, I don't see any reason why RAKYAT cannot render the votes again!

Mr Chua, my family and I, are prepared to give BN the chance by rendering our votes to you all.

Sorry, Mr Chua, I don't address you "Dr", simply because your "Dr" is classified as a type of profession only (NOT a title!), unless a doctorate degree is granted. Anyway, we must respect all other professions as well.

karepu said...

Very funny Dr.Chua, you are comparing Pakatan Rakyat [around 3 month in service] with BN [50 years in service]. Tak logik lah. You people fail to put a pull-stop on umno from going around terrorising no-malay and even malays [non umno supporter] but now are saying PR fail to keep their promise. Stop bickering and make sure BN deliver their promises rather then saying PR fail to deliver.

Malaysian Indian said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

No matter how much you argue and articulate your good intentions, people are not going to be taken up with what you say.

The thing is, a non-bumi politician in this country must first and foremost be HONEST.

Contrary to what you politicians generally think, people at large are quite intelligent. We can make out from your body language, your words, your actions whether or not you are a trustworthy, honest person.

The problem thus far in this country has been a total lack of a single leader who can bring the various opposition factions together into a cohesive and viable political unit. So, the masses just sighed, cursed their fate and went along with whatever was the status quo.

But, all that changed when a smart and thoroughly savy and plitically experienced ANWAR IBRAHIM stepped into the scene.

Dr. Chua, from this point forward you and your cohort of political leaders in MCA, MIC and GERAKAN do not have a ghost of a chance.

For 50 years we have seen how well you guys in MCA did your job. And to put it simply, we are FED UP with the likes of you.

I remember clearly about a decade ago when Lim Kit Siang asked Tun Ling Liong Sik in parliment how the latter's son managed to amass more than a million ringgit worth of stocks at the age of 26, the paramount leader of MCA, the greatest of great MCA dons said: "My son is a very smart intelligent person". MY FOOT !!!

Being a minority in this country, a MCA or MIC leader must first be thoroughly honest. Otherwise, in your lust for power and money you will be tempted to put your fingers in the till somewhere, bend a few SC rules, take a few bribes here and there while the through bred political animal which is UMNO keeps a watchfull eye on you. And collects files after files of evidence against all your wrong doings, only to be brought out in the event of you as the leader of a non-bumi party try to flex your muscle about the rights of your community.

When you decide then to talk on behalf of your community, you will be called into the big man's room. Given a dressing down. And when you come out you will have no choice but to say "Being a minority community, we must act like one".

Jeeeeezzzzz ..... go fly a kite man.

iamataxpayer said...

Hei dude (now i don't even bother adresss you as Dr or Mr)

Utar? KTar? We don't even need these "?Tar" if the government practicing fair selection for scholoship as well as entrance of government universities!

And you think M$A itself funded all ?Tar?

iamataxpayer said...

to meiyen, are you a slave (running dog?) of someone (who's slave aka running dog of someone else!?)!?

You think m$a aka maihua did their job for last 50 years?

I think PR doing well, at least, the digging out lot of DIRTY job done by m$a.

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