Monday, May 12, 2008

Bandar Mahkota Cheras Toll Turmoil

A lot of people are euphoric about the Pakatan Rakyat state government of Selangor. They have been in power for less than 2 months, still too early to pass any judgement. We cannot deny the 'new broom sweeps clean' phenomenon. So far, there is no obvious infighting among the component parties of Pakatan Rakyat and this is a good start for them. However, Pakatan Rakyat’s Wakil Rakyat should be conscious that they are in the state government now and are a part of it. They should be solving problems and not just raising problems. They need to change their 'opposition mindset' and get down to governing.

Hence, whether they should take to the street on the Bandar Mahkota Cheras issue is debatable. They may be sending the message that if people are not happy with any issue, they can protest, demonstrate. The problem with any demonstration is that when it involves many people, it may be difficult to control and some may end up taking the law into their own hands. It is so obvious that this is not the most effective way to solve the problem. If you are a part of the government, unless of course you want to show that you are 'a man of action' and that you’re with the people thus taking part in the demonstration, you should not neglect the avenues available to you now that PR is the state government in Selangor.
Nevertheless, in the Bandar Mahkota Cheras (BMC) incident, the use of excessive police force against the protestors was uncalled for and should not be tolerated in our society. Violence only begets violence. There has been too much of this inappropriate force used recently.

In yet another unrelated incident some time back, a Selangor state EXCO spent the night in jail because he apparently obstructed the police who were taking action against a hotel which was a front for illegal and immoral activities. Is this particular Wakil Rakyat doing the right thing?

Back to the case of BMC issue, firstly, it can be easily determined whether the toll concessionaire has the right to build the barricade. Secondly, the authority that gave the permission for the barricade to be erected - is it valid? Thirdly and most importantly, people who are affected by the toll have the right to demand an alternative road so that the toll road is not the only road of access.

All these could have been resolved through the state government since land matters fall under the purview of the state, rather than through direct confrontation(especially now that the Selangor state government is PR). A leader should lead, so when in power learn how to govern more effectively and not just protest and take to the streets. Imagine what would happen to Malaysia if over every issue Wakil Rakyat is involved in demonstration.






回到蕉赖皇冠城封路事件,当局应该确认该大道公司是否有权设路墩并、第二,谁授权设路墩,以及 第三,受影响的居民有权要求当局开设交替道路。由于土地权在州政府手中,上述这些事项都可以通过州政府解决。身为领袖应该学习如何有效执政,而不是上街示威。试想想,如果每一位代议士都参与示威,我国会变成怎么样?


zackdanial said...

Datuk Seri ,
Please ask MCA to take care of Chinese people . Dap is doing very very well now . More action is needed then talking .

peisheah said...

If the wakil rakyat works like the previous MCA / BN wakil rakyat, we can wait till the concession (plus extension) is over before the road is accessible.

The police & FRU did nothing wrong. Just gave us a bath & a smoke. And give us a free show of MP bashing. The MP lost, so his car is vandalised.

Welcome to the new Police State.

Yap said...

Datuk Seri,

Remember Zakaria of Klang? Yes, we have a new CORPORATE ZAKARIA OF CHERAS and that is Grand Saga! May I suggest that you visit the site and speak to the affected residents of the area to understand their frustration and suffering in silence.It is so easy for Corporate Zakaria to mobilise inspectors, FRU, men in blue, traffic policemen and plain cloths policemen to supervise Grand Saga provocative actions against deep suffering rakyat and than turnaround to say the residents are mobs. Its easy to past comments behind desk tops. See for yourself what is substance of form. Check it out Datuk Seri. Do not let ghost of Zakaria, now known as Corporate Zakari abuse the rule of law against the rakyat.

KIMHO8 said...

The 2 months performance is better than none and never. What has MCA done for all the past years?
Is MCA a piece of art broom which is made of jade or crystal that cannot be used for sweeping?
MCA might be a broom for display only. Be careful, it is a fragile broom lah! 

Can MCA solve this problem while in the state government? NEVER EVER!
The great BN leaders will never care or concern about the RAKYAT
but they will give a bit of attention to certain group of people for their political support lah. The most important for them is money making. $Money, $money, $money, in the rich man world.

We did not know the true story of the case, better don't say something bad about people lah!
The other unrelated incident, a former Deputy Minister has been misjudged by the court with
the misused of power from the police and a former greatest leader from BN . The former Deputy Minister has been jailed for six years. Can we trust our police to run their duty?

Do you undestand that the government will never listen to the RAKYAT at all? The message of RAKYAT has been rejected by the great BN leaders. It means BN totally did not has any consideration for the RAKYAT.
SO, the anger of RAKYAT will never ever cool down anymore ! Anyway, that state EXCO is a RAKYAT too who is made of flesh and blood with a big caring heart for the RAKYAT to fight the violence for obtaining the justice.

(From : a non party member rakayt
who hunger for equality,
truth and justice but with
a poor English. The
BN has to be blamed
lah, who else! )

adamkontiki said...

The police should adopt a neutral position in the stand off between the BMC and Grand Saga instead of taking the side of the latter to tear gas demonstrators from the BMC. And there is nothing wrong for an exco member to show solidarity with the BMC. Also it is high time that the BN federal govt allows the 4 Pakatan state govts to govern without obstructing them like what some federal ministers such as Azalina tried to do

笑看风云 said...

Dear DR. Chua,

" BMC toll "
a few question cross my mind.

1) Why NoT even a single party thought of the owner ship of the road for so long???
2) if the state government have verbally inform the public , the ownership of the land do not belong to the toll operator then
police should request them
1)prove ownership before digging and blocking.--- imagine if two country are digging on dispute territory, it may cause big, big problem.
2) show JKR, or dewan bandarraya approval to dig or block, you can't simple dig on any road without approval-- if you damage a high tension cable, fiber optic cable,
you just can't just inform the police and dig
3) on safety reason -- why don't the toll operator provide a proper manual traffic control , if it was meant to care for the safety of the driver as temporary measure.
4) why can't the state government cut the nonsense request police or right body to do a proper , safe traffic control.
5) i may be wrong ? or maybe they have reported? why don't the people live there report police that third party force into private land , digging and blocking .make the road dangerous, driver unsafe, people confuse?request police to stop them.

i may be wrong but it was the impression or interpretation i got when see TV news or read paper.

"bmc people "may be wrong

wrong in a way, there are no proper action from the government-- the state or the federal.
wrong because they were given the impression or wrong signal that , the road operator can close if they want to close the road even the state government can't do anything . digging or blocking on other people land .so people think you can close i can open because it was not on your land. you are bully us , two years.......

it will be unsafe to open up the road, our friends or love one or innocent people may be the whole world is looking let wait and see action of

hope " BMC " you got your
" way out"

Anak Johor said...

Dr. Chua,

I fully agree with you about the behaviour of some of the KR MP and State Assemlymen. Being the ruling party and members of the ruling state government, these Wakil Rakyat or DUN have totally forgotten who they are. Do they think that they are still in the opposition and everything can be resolved or overcome by street demonstrations?

Perhaps they are so used to demo and protest everythign they don't see not, they did the same thing this time.

I am no supporter of unfair toll road concession contracts, but things should be resolved in a civilised manner. I can't blame the residents of Bandar Mahkota Cheras for being charged unreasonably and have to pay toll whenever they leave their houses, but for our honourable YB and DUN to behave in such a manner, it sounds a mockery of our democratic system.

Perhaps they are so used to seeing Tian Chia who used to kick up a demo each time he was around. But I believe after the election, YB Tian Chia has learnt a lot more. There are better ways to resolve problems.

YB, there are always better ways of doing things.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

It is quite a well known matter
When all the soft approaches fail
The hard method is used to batter
To lift anchor up so that the ship can sail

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 120508
Mon. 12th May 2008.

gonawin said...

Datuk Seri,
Do you know we have been fighting for the access road for the past 2 years ( rightfully the only access road for BMC to the main road). By right, the MPkjg should be doing all the fight as they approved the road. Remember!they are the local govermant!!!!( Local goverment, my foot!). Where did the MIC MCA and UMNO ( including yourself, Datuk Seri) go all these while? They have no time for us or God knows if they are the powerful behind scene players in this Saga. The ex tol minister had the cheek to say the road can be opened with a tol on it. ( thousand NANDRIS to Sg Siput voters)

Makkal Sakti said...

very well said!
I hope you will encourage your colleagues to do the same and you will practice what you preach!

Commenting this way alone does not resolve the issue. You should write in to all the MP's and the cabinet to back your solutions.

In totality, this should be for the people and not just the 'big business'. So let's resolve this as it affects the people more than the 'big business'.

The tolled roads were built for better access which in this case, is not the case for the BMC residents. Therefore, it should be restructured. And I'm sure it can be done. If you can build a highway, I'm very sure you can build a small interchange to accommodate the residents of BMC.

Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

I agree with what you said, however, i also agree with some of the comments below. I believe there are others matters to solve this problem rather than street demonstrations. I can understand how the residents there feel. The MPs there should gather and think the best way to solve this problem. Since the problem happened in Selangor, the MB should do something about it. But till now, nothing happen!! I am happy to see the MPs from DAP come out to tackle the problem. Seem like never see any MPs from BN come out to help the residents to solve the problem. WHY???? WHAT HAPPEN TO ALL THE BN'S MPS??? SLEEPING??? SCARED??? This is not only the problem of the residents there, this is a national issue!!
Dr., Please help the people the residents there!! Thanks!!
God Bless.............

Pearls said...

Anak Johor,

Don't you come and play decorum teacher here about how DUN or Wakil Rakyat should or shouldnt behave!!! Those in BN are not any better if you remember that bunch of Sakais who demonstrated at Komtar just weeks after Lim Guan Eng step into office? If you remember another bunch of sakais demonstrated in Terengganu showing their direspect to the Agung pertaining to the Agung's choice of MB!? (That should be classified as TREASON!) Remember Khairy looking like some King Kong at some demonstration infront of US Embassy some years back? Ok.. Khairy was not a DUN or Wakil Rakyat then.. but I am sure he aspired to be one then. So, if I am you, I will just shut that gap of yours about making reference to Pakatan Rakyat because BN is equally bad if not worse!

As for demonstrations are "opposition mindset".. HELLO!!! Dont be a cow. Peaceful Demonstration is a democratic right to express disastisfaction, opposition or otherwise! Get this right la..please la!

As for this fiasco, all can see it was just like BERSIH and HINDRAF... Number 1, people's patience have run thin after all these years of being treated unfairly or in this case, being "ping-ponged" here and there and everywhere by everyone, hence, the last solution, demonstration la. apa lagi!? Talk some more ah!? Don't be mad!

Number 2, it started peacefully with everyone hanging around outside their houses in a relax manner pakai shorts and all... and guess who made the whole thing ugly!? How to be civilized in such scenario!? Go watch You-Tube, see for yourself what actually happened and come tell us if the act of demonstration (demonstrators included) or the police force was at fault for creating a ruckus!?

Now, the BMC issue... Look!! I hate to say this but this has been going on for the longest time and yet, nothing was resolved or rectified during all this while. And now, after 2 months under a new state government, something is done!! CAN YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE HERE? Never mind, work done by this new state government is not very "polished" but it is work done nevertheless!

Yars, yars, yars... the cows eat grass... during Toyol era, there were some excuses or another why there was nothing done but let's cut the crap here.. There was nothing done during BN aka Toyol era is because that fat pisang goreng looking fella who claims to makan tempeh for youthful glow for a MB couldnt be bothered to care!! Full Stop..Tamat.. sekian, terima kasih.

As for the police and FRUs action, I must say it was beyond brutal! Infact, it is a CRIME!! Crime of justice as these buggers are not even sure who is right or wrong and yet, decides to take the side of the richer ones.. aka GRAND SAGA. Is this how the police or an authority entrust to keep peace and order behaves? This is preposterous!! That is why Independent Police Misconduct Commission must be set up to curb all these POLIS RAJA DI MALAYSIA crap!

daniel said...

As newly elected Selangor MB Khalid should do something good about the issue but apparently he is not. Great. Is this how the new state government plan to rule the state in the future? One issue after another. We selangor people are starting to really analyze every single move the PR going to make after this.

rahsia said...

You said : Violence only begets violence

Rakyat says :

ISA begets wimps?

PPPA begets lies?

UUCA begets unemploys?

no IPCMC begets Licensed gangster?

Further, the BMC rakyat did not start the violence. The volume of their shouts is lower in decibel than those in UMNO assembly & parlimen sittings.

Your son, your critic :

bluesky said...

Dr Chua,

Can we know who is behind Grand Saga???

Why our BN gov...not helping rakyat???

Anak Johor said...

Hi Pearls,

You are getting very excited. Did I say peaceful demonstrations are not right? People should have every freedom to express their feeling in a peaceful manner, but I am saying the YB and DUN. They are now no longer in the opposition in Selangor!

Bandar Mahkota Cheras is in Selangor, and land is a state matter, ask Khaled (BTW, which is in charge of land matters in the state exco? Certainly not Ronnie Liu I suppose)to interfere, and not let the MP and DUN to go out and demo please.

UMNO people demonstrated in KOMTAR could not be taken as an excuse. If people do wrong, you also want to follow them and do wrong? If somebody do something wrong, you cannot say you also have the right to do likewise. This does not make you more right or have the moral high ground to do likewise. That should not be the analogy.

I think in the end I respect Lim Guan Eng. He is cool and handles things quite well, even though he is only 2 months into the job. He travels economy class on official duties (how many people can do that?); he is humble and gets to the hearts of rakyat. No wonder even our Tun Mahathir also could not help but gave a warning to BN to watch out of him, if the BN, especially UMNO, continue to be arrogant, don't ever hope to get back Penang.

I am not sure about other states or the central government though; Mahathir did not mention this, but the BN should be smart enough to know their limits.

Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek said...

The comments below are from iamataxpayer. For some reasons, his comments didn't show in my blog. Hence, here are all his comments:

1) Mr Chua
I am very dissapointed of your blog of BMC, just attacking PR but DARE not even mentioned your party M.T (O-T-K).

Why hiding? As a MT, i supposed he should said some thing about it. And you Mr Chua? Why you keep avoiding? Why can't you tell us why as "chinese(still?)" party, a chinese MT and a issue link to chinese voters in a chinese area, but your party has saying NOTHING about it when the issue is in urgent, when the resident has so much so suffer?!

Where were you? where was OTK (MT) and where is your party?

YOu M$A (a.ka. maihua) should feel shame.

You dare to post this comment?

2) Mr Chua, dare not post my comment? because i ask the right question? Where were you and your party? You said DAP was wrong for protest since they are now "state government", ask you, before election M$A (aka maihua) was member of state government too, anything done? Answer is ZERO!

So just admit it, M$A (aka maihua).

Still dare not post it? OK, no more visit you idiot blog talk of your own sex video.

Wasted my vote for last threee elections, now all chinese (beside than crony of maihua (aka M$A)) has made up their mind.

3) to Anak Johor
Think carefully before you "speak" like a brainless m$a (aka maihua) member.

I am from johor and i had voted maihua for 3 elections (I am so regret now). So where were them when people need help? Where is MoT (O-T-K)? Where is ChuaCD?

Hiding somewhere.

4) yes i agree new selangor government doesn't have so much experience in dealing with the issue, but they are stand infront of people to solve the problem and who you think you are to comment they created problem? Who are you?

So where is your party when people need to solve problem????? Where is OTK and OKT? And where were you? Hidding in house scare your "boss" marah?

Dare to post this out? Mr Chua? (Practically you are not longer a MD).

Anak Johor said...

I cannot agree with zackdanial who says DAP is doing very very well now. How well? Not to forget DAP in Penang in particular, and other states in general, have just been 2months as the government, we will need more time to watch them.

Still remember the PR's promise and election pledge that they will reduce assessments rates by 20%. Now what happens. Selangor MB Khalid says they cannot do it now, for a number of reasons, blah blah blah.

Now they realise it is easier said than done for so many things. You could promise the sky, but when it comes to reality, you have to analyse the facts and figures, then you know it is not easy to do.

MP Teresa Kok said she wanted to set up a special industrial zome to attract Chinese investors. It is a good piece of news. Again, let's see how fast, and how much she can do.

But to be fair to the PR government in Selangor, I appreciate its effort and non communal stance in pushing the pig rearing scheme and fencing off all attacks from BN, especially UMNO members. But don't forget, MCA also stands up for this issue when the Chinese community'sinterests are threatened. So when we talk about service and contribution to the rakyat, we have to be fair, and not merely state "What has the MCA done for the Chinese?" and "DAP is doing very very well" Such statements are just too sweeping, and does not hold water!

Whether it is DAP or MCA, which ever party can serve us better, we will support it. MCA has done a lot for the Chinese community in the past, but not enough; we certainly expect more.

Pearls said...

Anak Johor,

Please re-read what you have wrote.

You didnt say peaceful demonstration was not right. But you implied that BMC demonstration was not peaceful in your earlier comment. It was a peaceful demonstration and of course their wakil rakyat was there to kepoh. It is his job isnt it?? Didnt I say go watch the whole scene on You-Tube and then decide if the Wakil Rakyat or DUN in this drama has over reacted?

No.. it is not an excuse for these newbie wakil rakyat to follow but please give them some allowance for not measuring up to your decorum standards. Afterall, what examples have these newbies had in this decorum department. Again, please go watch You-tube and see if the Wakil Rakyat has acted in a sakai manner without provocation like those BN buggers..

Another thing, let me point this out to you... the police raja di Malaysia was very lenient with BN buggers when they turn sakai irrespective whether BN is the ruling state government or not. Where else, the police raja di Malaysia was very harsh and brutal with PR even when PR is the ruling state government. Can you see the difference here!? Can you see that being the party in power doesnt necessary allow them to behave in a manner that bequeath their status? Again, yes, it is not an excuse...

Eh, when I pointed out that BN kakis are sakai I didnt meant it to be a trend that everyone should follow. I meant to point out to you that if you want to be specific about the political party, please bear in mind that there are other political parties who have ruled or shall I say in power behaving in a far more worse manner.

FYI, Khalid is incharge of land development matters. Ronnie Liu is in charge of local government, study and reach. So, looking at this "organisation chart", I think Ronnie Liu got sikit kena mengena with this fiasco lor.

In a nutshell, if the police didnt act like some big time gangster, the Wakil Rakyat or DUN wouldnt have failed in their decorum test. Didnt I say that the whole demo was a relax thing with everyone in their shorts hanging around the housing estate like some mid autumn festival minus the latterns and tau sar mooncakes!!!!!!!

iamataxpayer said...

Dr Chua (now i think you may deserve the title, just that i have to remind myself that you are not longer a MD).

Thanks for posted the comment, now i feel a little bit better (read: little) that you might still care of people/rakyat, we will see this in long run. But this doesn't change my feeling of "regret" because voted for your party.

Appriciate if you can comment:
1. Where were you and your party when BMC people were in deep pain?

2. Newspaper said one of your party leader/member (ex-president of selangor, chuang something...) commented as "currently already become opposition, so cannot do anything". Do you agree what he said? Or you think the newspaper has misreported?

3. Even before this when your party were member of state government, anything done? Mind to tell?

4. Mind to tell the reason that did not post my comment? Because of "maihua" and "$"? Keep in mind you should be ready to face any kind of comments when you started to be a bloger. Else, don't be.

5. But compare to the incident that someone (yang termakan cili dan yang terasa panas) published video of your very private acivities, my comments were kind of "kidgarden" to you. So must be your asistants decided not to pubished? If it so, you better ask your assistants keluar jalan-jalan more, open eyes.

6. Just like someone shown his "parang" scare hell of chinese (but how stupid i am still voted for your/his party?) i will said "IF" you feel my words were rude and hurt, then i said i am "sorry".

7. One last, where the h**l is OTK? He promised to tell the truth of 4.6mil issue but still waiting? Waiting see if DSAI manage to "change the sky" or not?

8. Can you pass messenge to OTK, that he still around become MT not because of so good in "talking" (these sentense that "sound grand but meaningless" - you know what i mean...), Ask him to see example of Victor Ho, such a good "talker" but without supporter. Action to serve people is the ONLY reason can gain support from people.

9. To your party, OKT, OTK and to you Dr Chua, now people are educated, smart and has highly independent thinking ability. Don't ever try to fool people, you will be sorry because of fool yourself.

Lastly, personally i have no problem at all of your sex video, in fact, i can see clearly that it was nothing to do with your job as M.H.

Thanks for reading my "bullshit".

(If you wish to reply, please do so in blog)


Dr TienKon.

iamataxpayer said...

Anak johor said
-->"What has the MapaA done for the Chinese?" and "DapaP is doing very very well" Such statements are just too sweeping."

Thanks your comment, and you certainly have you right to do so.

As a Johorian too, I am now truthly understand why 75% of more of chinese in other place of this country made their decision. Certainly the have their right no matter you think whoever's comment was too sweeping.

Deep in poeple's mind there is a "libra" that use to "measure" everything in this world, including MapaA and DapaD.

My libra finally work fine after BMC/RP/JB/Melaka/etc cases, of course BMC case is more like a main reason because it came with "tears". (Shame myself, why my libra so char-one response so so slow?!)

Have a nice day.

myenvelope said...

Who is behind Grand Saga?

Sometimes I think this country is controlled by businessmen.

Skywalker said...

Dear Datuk Seri,

A lot of pro-MCA people are waiting for the PR to fail or to make mistakes and then pounce on them and make a mountain out of a molehill. I agree that PR may be a green-horn in governing, at least they are trying their best (or shown to be trying their best) which MCA has never done for all these years that I am old enough to understand what a Government is about and why was MCA formed.

Even though I am a Chinese, I would like to be treated as a Malaysian more than a Chinese. Why the racial divide, you walk around all the mamak stores, you will see the Chinese mixing with the Indians, and Malays. We as the Rakyat of Malaysia has never had racial problems. These problems are brought up as political tools and create racial divides among the Rakyat for the benefits of political parties.

In all my life in Malaysia and overseas, I know many firends of different races, from CEOs to office boys, I have never at any one time seen or heard of any serious racial discrimination incidents. Maybe some distaste ful racial joke which never meant to contain any malice.

I believe the Chinese has never questioned the special rights of the Malay (which is enshrined in the Constitution). e.g company ownership, Govt projects, discounts for Bumis when buying houses, quotas in Chinese school et. We have never made a big issue out of it. We just accepted it as part and parcel of being a Malaysian. Why? because it was alrady there when I was old enough to understand what life is all about in Malaysia. Why are politicians always bring it up to create racial divide. Those who keep mentioning it should be the ones charged with sedition.

If MCA is sincere to help Malaysians, please help to stop all these issues that are creating a racial divide.

Please help Malaysians to fight for their rights. What right? Right to find out what the toll highway agreements are all about, is BMC toll an injustice? Why leave it to the Selangor Govt? Why can't the Federal Govt. do something about it. Why can't our "Transport Minister" or our "Highways Minister" intervene immediately. Why wait????

The Rakyat has already spoken on 308, not sure if our beloved Govt Reps for the past 50 years is willing to listen (they have heard but may not be listening).

I rest my case as a Malaysian. I hope in the next generation (or maybe this generation, being optimistic) we will treat each and everyone of us as Malaysian. Not CIMB, Chinese, Indian, Malays and ....

collosos said...

Malaysia is a capitalists' nation. A trading nation.

Trade and commerce is Malaysia's soul.

The society therefores must be an inverted pyramid where academicians-scholars are at the bottom of human food chain.

They are like learned Greek slave destined to be employee for the rest of their lives employed by their master, the Romans.

The "Yin" faction dominates Malaysia's political scene.

The "Yin" are like the Romans.

The "Yin" faction coming from Bankers, businessmen, property developers and their associates (accountants, stock broker traders, insurance agents, salesmen, economists, finance executive, etc...) occupy the top half of human food chain.

UMNO-MCA Ketuanan Melayu dan Cina Kapitalist.

Majority rules. Minority cowers and be enslaved.

Top students-scholars are to be bonded the moment they swallowed any scholarships or baits.

The bondage are like a chain with an iron ball chained to their feets because they are nothing but a representative of learned Greek slaves in ancient times.

It is the profits and greed that drives human motivation and spirit to excel, to push human civilization to greater height, to ensure the survival of the fittest of human species, everything else can be owned and be exploited.

Money make the world go around.
Money controls production.

Capitalism works, socialism and communism doesn't work.

Top students or intelligent, foolish and ignorant students choose to study medicine and engineering.

Smart, cunning and wily students choose to study business, economics, accountancy so that they will become bankers, the most powerful human beings on planet earth and own and control the doctors and engineers through the capital creation power that they wield.

He who creates new money out of thin air holds sway over human destiny.

Therefore, The "Yin" faction are the boss.
The "Yang" faction are the workers-employees.

This is the way the world works.
Always be and forever will be so.

Arts, Social Science, Humanities major graduates alway one rung below in human food chain after the capitalists.

This is the law of the jungle.

Bankers-businessmen set the rules of the political game.

They owned capitalism governments all over the world.

Bankers, the most powerful forces of the "Yin" faction rule the world.

Welcome to my Blog

As a concerned MCA member, I am trying my best to help in the process of rebuilding and repositioning of the party.

Therefore, I welcome party members and members of public to post your constructive suggestions and opinions on my blog on how to rebuild and reform the party, eventually enabling MCA to regain support from all party members and the community.

Thank you for your suggestions.