Wednesday, May 28, 2008

7th Anniversary of MCA Purchasing Nanyang Press Holdings

308 election is over and BN including MCA neglecting the new media had been cited as one of the reasons of bad election outing by mca. There is lack of trust in the main stream media because they are controlled by political parties within BN and today marked the 7 years of controversial sale of Nanyang Press Holdings to MCA. Although the stake was reduced to 20 percent, if I’m not mistaken, its time that MCA re-look at shareholding. Maybe we should sell it so that the Chinese mainsteam media do not have political baggage. Otherwise, people will view suspiciously whatever is reported in mainstream media that it is MCA spinning although the reports may be true. Since the stake is insignificant financially, but it still carries a heavy political burden. Therefore, it’s time to revisit MCA’s share holding at Nanyang Press Holdings.





Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

I think politic shouldn't involved in media, in order to maintain in the neutral position. It shouldn't side anybody and it also should report with responsibility. If politic involved in media, then it will affect the accuracy of the news and it will on report one-side news. If the news on report the good things, who knows the other side of the news? Everybody will be covered by the good things, what's the point? If one can't accept any criticism, what's the point?? God Bless............

max said...

If there is a guaranteed way to kill a paper, and that is to be the propaganda mouthpiece of the gov't. I couldn't recall when i've weaned myself from buying The Star, but probably 2 years back thanks to the more vibrant net news where it is uncensored, and i could find out about the truth out there.

Ah Chinese papers would died even faster thanks to being a propaganda piece, and the declining mandarin readers & declining chinese population.

Malaysian Indian said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

When dishing out news to the masses, BN has a classic 'Cafeteria' type of newspaper operation.

For the majority Malays they have the Utusan and Berita Harian. Selling their wares in one corner. Theirs is a much more 'Malay' centered churn out.

For the chinese they have the SIN CHEW and NANYANG SIANG POW.

For the Indians they have the TAMIL NESAN, TAMIL NANBAN and now TAMIL OSAI.

Then for the english educated middle class they have STAR, NST and MALAY MAIL.

Each newspaper like a stall in a common cafeteria caters to a particular community / segment of society. But none is independant.

Each has it's own angle of reporting to a different community, with a different slant, but as per strict guidelines of BN (or more accurately UMNO).

All the newspapers, as in any food stall licenced out to operate in a government controlled cafeteria, is invariable owned by a crony of crony of the government.

The fact is every teenager in the country knows that what is reported in these newspapers is nothing more than BN propaganda.

So people by and large have switched over to getting news from alternative news sources like the internet and international TV channels.

Even uneducate people in the kampongs have realised this, through their educated children.

The direct result of that is the outcome of the March 2008 election.

Only now you oldies in the BN, who have been completely out of touch with the realities on the ground have realised this.

Whether or not MCA sells it's shareholding of any of the newspapers, one thing is sure brudder, none of the existing newspapers are going to see any increase in circulation soon.

In fact, in time to come, most of them will go bust.

Only the enormous amount of ill-gotten money pumped-in by the BN coalition parties is keeping these papers from going under.

Tang said...

Dr Chua,

I really pissed off with what MCA did. For me, MCA has done some good for the community but this acquisition destroyed the fundamental right of the community. MCA was doing something against good governance.
Since then, I will make none of my family member and friends support MCA, including my father, who was MCA member.

Any reasonable person knew that the deal would not good for the community and the country, and you were instrumental in this acquisition, I don't see you show any regret on your involvement.

History will tell our next generation that MCA was the destroyer of press freedom in the Chinese community in order to please Dr M and for the sake of greed and power.

asian-fellow said...

Yes, political party like MCA is NOT encouraged and advisable to get involved in the main means of mass communication, especially television, radio and newspapers!

We, the Malaysians need a Truth and Fair version of any situation. Of course, the report may be a true fact but people would likely to be influenced in accepting the statement as true.

In allowing "light" to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen. This is rather a simple theory.

Please open to public scrutiny, critical observation and examination. Circumstances would lead Malaysia to another level of success.

Robert Teh said...

Soi Lek,

I hope Ong Ka Ting (and his Men) read your blog as they can learn a thing or two from it.

It is an impossible task for a newspaper to convince its readers that it has complete integrity if it is owned by a political party. The question of integrity will also affect the political party as most people would ask why would a political party wants to own a newspaper except to exert its influence and control over what gets published and what gets censored.

MCA must move with the times or risk been rendered politically obselete by the growing political maturity of Malaysians. The "Tow Kay" image of MCA is so "Ah Peah" (outdated) with many critics or cynics saying the party's doom day is near.

One suggestion - maybe you guys should burn all your bush jackets! They are definitely "Ah Peah" in look!

Anonymous said...

nanyang used to be a very good newspaper. Now, i don't even read it.

笑看风云 said...

Dear DR. Chua.

徐志摩 --再别康桥

" 悄悄的我走了,

宝顺 said...

Dear Dr Chua,

First of all i would like to apologized because the issue that i'm going to highligh below is totally irrelevant to this topic.

However i'm posting it here as i can't find a way to send my query to you.

I would like to say that it is a shame that the Speaker of parliment denied the motion on the basis that the case was under the High Court proceeding and that it is not of urgency.

By all mean, the issue is of URGENCY.

It affect the RAKYAT's every day life. If what involving rakyat daily is not of URGENCY, what is URGENT? Isn't that the rakyat elect the MP to represent them and to solve their problem?

Furthermore, If i'm not mistaken, the issue under the High Court proceeding is just a small part of the whole issue.

If we look at the whole issue itself, i suspect the whole issue arise partly because the neglect of the government/relevant minstry in giving giving out the contract. Furthermore, the whole issue now is not simply on whether the Grand Saga had the right to block the road, instead it also involved at least the following:

1. The way that the police behave by not protecting rakyat when the gangster attack the rakyat

2. Why was such issue of access could arise in the first place? Is it due to the incompetence of the relevant parties, who draft/sign such a contract?

Is MCA going to support such motion that is obviously relevant to rakyat?

In my view, the politician should be party blind when the issue or a motion is of obvious relevant to rakyat.

What's your view and what's MCA going to do to fight for rakyat's benefit?

Poh Soon

iamataxpayer said...

Would you pass the messenge to your friend in M$A (aka maihua), that their very last supporter has gone one by one after no voice at all from M$A of BMC.

I am sure you guys diam diam because takut your master marah. Running dog, or begger (DRLim said so), sure got a master behind.

Robert Teh said...

Soi Lek,

I'm sorry too - this is not related to the topic as well.

But I think this is important - the comments made by Chor Chee Hueng, one of your MCA leaders (a Deputy Minister)on the beating up by the police of a young chap who was brave enough to stand up for his rights!

Is Chor's stand, your (MCA) party's stand?

How many times must your MCA leaders appear apologically or politically-correct each time being asked a straight question, when it's so obvious that the people wants to hear an honest, truthful, fair and just reply.

Chor is so outdated politically in mindset and if this is what MCA has to offer in terms of leadership, I will raise my glass to celebrate the day the party meets its demise!

俠客 said...


俠客 said...


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