Friday, May 16, 2008

The Dilemma of National Service Training Program

Every time there is a death among the participants of the National Service (NS) program, it generates a lot of publicity, sympathy and anxiety among parents. The issue should be viewed more rationally. Last year, a comparison was made between the mortality of the general population of the same age group and the participants of the NS program. The Ministry of Health found that the mortality rate was very much lower in those undergoing the NS program. However, as the 'captured group' undergoing this program, any death attracts adverse publicity.

Further analysis showed that most deaths occurring during NS ccouldn't have been prevented by a compulsory medical examination. It was revealed during the study that if the participants could answer the medical questions more clearly and truthfully, it would have been more useful that just a medical examination. It was found that many did not answer the questions accurately.

When I made a surprise visit to some NS camps, the medical personnel manning the clinic were not properly trained, not sensitive and not well acquainted with medical emergencies. The medical equipment used was outdated and the range of medication was very limited. It was then recommended by MOH that when the NS program is on, MOH Medical assistants and nurses should be temprorily rotated to staff the clinincs. Meanwhile, as a long term measure, the Ministry of Defense should train its own staff to run the medical clinics in NS camps. It was also decided that they should also purchase their own ambulances and if a trainee did not get well within 24 hours, they should be sent to the nearest hospital as an urgent case that requires immediate medical attention. Equipment should be added and medication should be expanded. No trainee should be kept in camp for more than 24 hours when they are sick. This had been subsequently presented and discussed in the Cabinet late last year. I have no idea whether this has implemented in this training session.

We can understand the anxiety of parents sending their children to the NS camp and the camp commandant and medical personnel should be more caring and sensitive to the needs of the trainee. In order to convince parents that there is no cover up in any death, the cause of death should be revealed after detailed investigation has been carried out and any party proven to be negligent should face the consequences. Maybe parents should be allowed as part of orientation to visit the camp to convince themselves that the relevant authorities do care and do the utmost to ensure safety for their children when undergoing NS camp. It will be a shame to abolish NS training program since it has been proven again and again its positive value on the development of the children, especially on multiracial interaction, being more independent when leaving home. In one of my visits to the camp, a lot of participants said that they have never had a chance to stay outside and a lot have very sheltered lives, with very limited social interaction and friends.







hongkie123 said...

Trainees died of constipation and unknown reasons. Please!! Medical staff incompetent. Slow response time. Dr Chua should be fully aware of money and contracts involved in NS. As long as monies are made and those who died are not certain people's children, it is OK but try telling that to the parents whose children died in NS. Always remember that Karma will catch up, if not now it will be in future life. Wonder how some people can sleep at nite with full knowledge that they are responsible for other's death.

Anonymous said...

Dear Honorable Dr. Chua, thanks for your insight. On this issue, however, the man supposed to be the next PM, just regarding the death of our young participants as a small matter.

KIMHO8 said...

人民對國家的司法,治安,醫藥,教育甚至未來都感到很質疑, 也可以說完全不信賴,何況是把自己心愛的孩子送到NS?

難道不平等的待遇不會在里面發生嗎? 政府一向處理事物都是馬馬虎虎,就將華小與國小比較,真是天淵之別的呀? 土著一向把照顧孩子的責任或孩子的將來都交托給政府,對他們就沒有問題,但對我們就有很大的問題呀!

九流的政府,何能叫人放心把心肝寶貝交托于他們哪? 國家還沒達到水準,再等吧!








iamataxpayer said...

Can you post this? Even not really about the topic, but certainly about your party and about chinese votes. Please...Dr...

1)-->跳槽的政治人物都是“没有人格者”,行为可耻。(by the dearest O-T-K)

Well, let's check your party, how many times your party has been accepted "跳槽的政治人物"? huh? dare not count? What? loss the ability "to count" after become MoT?

Even OTK is damned right of "跳槽的政治人物都是“没有人格者", this is just to show he is a person with "High Moral"! But wonder, such a "High Moral" politician/leader(?), why, why hiding himself in a cave and given "meaningless" speach when people were in deep pain?

So rakyat has decided to add one more "word" infront of "High Moral" for him, some thing started with "f" and 4 alpabets. Ops..not a dirty word, it is a "FAKE". How I know? Come one lar, I work with many Dr, all of them said so.

2)-->46億醜聞‧我要公開(again, by the dearest O-T-K)

WHEN? 2011? 2046? Why not we go watch Wong Ka Wai movie? 2046?
Guys, please, to be fair, give him another two months, OK? So should be give him another two months, see he dare to help any of our unlucky BMC's friends? Even just a short comment to show to our BMC's friends "as following" (2).

3)--->人民是老闆 (O-T-K)
Speachless every times i heard "leaders" said so, now is OTK turn! Yes, he manage to make people "speechess". It made a "full house" of J***rs (see the conclusions) from your party! Wellcome to the club!

4)--->公眾有權舉報(who else? OTK lar)

I thought DapaD already reported 1000000 times? What? DapaD doesn't counted as "公眾" hence their reports are invalid?

5)--->OTK said, 不属特殊地位,应摒弃马来人支配思维

Huh? Again made his "fantastic High Moral" speech in Chinese? Is that the reason he is still safe from some booms? Why can't he said that in English and Malay so that the whole country can hear what he said? What? Oh my god, i think i am right, he did that in chinese, just to make fool with chinese! (But he end up fooled himself)

Conclusion is, One last joker in your "chinese(?)" party has finally shown his truth color, less than two months time become MoT.

Yes, he is just another Joker of your party. Same as others, nothing less, nothing more.

He has become the ultimate reason for last 15% of your chinese supporters, to changed their mind, and feel so regretted.


peisheah said...

Helen Ang said it the best.

Pearls said...

Like a lot of things in Malaysia, the concept is correct and noble but the implementation is all screwed up to perhaps benefit a few people who are too spineless to make a decent living! This NS thingy is no different.

I can appreciate the concept and idea behind this NS thingy as I have seen such programs implemented in other countries successfully but what I cannot understand is how a bunch of idiots who cannot even get their acts together have anything good to share with our youth? Allow me to expound..

This program has been ongoing for a few years and every year there are so many problems.. from simple arrangements such as pick up point, application of leave to go home during festive holidays, payment to these so call camp officers to serious shit like rape and death. What does all these say? It simply says that the people running this NS thingy are not organise to handle such big task with serious responsibilities. Perhaps these people are not very bright, I really dont know. And the government expect us to blindly entrust our children to them?

To add salt to the wound, when shit hits the fan, grieving parents have to put up with the government talking rubbish. The remarks made by DPM and another mangkuk recently is not just insensitive.. it is inhuman! How can anyone say that 16 deaths is nothing compared to the thousands who had and will benefit? That is atrocious! My 13 years old daughter remarked that it was a very horrible thing to say! Even 1 death is a big big deal because it is a life we are talking about! Nothing is more paramount than life itself!!

Yes, it will be a shame to abolish something that is conceptually right and noble benefitting our youth today but it is definitely not a shame to abolish something that is used by selective people to enrich themselves and their kunchus at the expense of human lives, our youth's lives. Yes, I believe we should make a stand to have this money making revenue for some abolished!

buckshots said...

Dear Dr. My heart bleeds with sorrow to hear of this news. I have 5 kids. Bringing them to this world watching them grow and see them die for nothing is something I will never accept.Especially,if they die for nothing while in Summer camp!!

A camp that has the smell of gravy. Heads must roll. 16 death is one to many!

I will never allow my kids to follow this stupid summer camp! I would rather go to jail then allow my kids to participate in this ridicules and absurd program.

Racial integration my bloody ass!

If the government turn this camp and make it like in Spore National Service, I will fully support it.

Don't blame me for being emotional, you are talking about my kids life!And its no small matter IDIOTS!!

CP said...

Parents entrust their sons/daughters to the government (ministry of defence) for NS training and would expect the safety aspect of the NS training to be adhered to at all time by the trainers and officers in charge of NS training.

Hence, all the parents want from the govt is the accountability of the training death: assurance that the death cases during NS training are properly investigated (preferably by independent committee of inquiry) to determine the cause of death and also to enable us to take all the necessary measures so that what can be prevented will not happen again.

If there is negligence found by those in charge of these trainees and those who do not adhere or comply to the operating procedure during NS training, then Attorney-General’s Chambers should proceed with criminal charges against these officers.

National Service call to parents

That Lee Lam Thye fella and ‘the system’

Singapore “NSmen death” search results from MinDef website:-

Howard said...



每当在国民服务计划中发生学员死亡的事件时, 都将引发大量的报导, 婉惜及家长们的担忧. 我们必须更理性的看待这个问题. 在去年一项针对同年龄层的一般民众及国民服务学员死亡率的比较当中, 卫生部发现参与国民服务计划的学员死亡率大大的低于一般民众. 无论如何, 身为该项计划的 "受俘群", 任何的死亡都将引起反面的报导.

进一步的分析显示, 大多数发生在国民服务计划中的死亡事件并不能在强制性医药检测中被侦测预防. 这表示如果在学习期间学员能就医药问题提供更明确及更诚实的回答, 则将比仅仅接受医药检测来得更有用. 而实际上, 其中有许多人并没有准确的回答问题.

当我对国民服务营地进行突击检察的时候发现, 负责疹所的人员并没有经过适当的训练, 对紧急医药处理并不敏感也没有充份的知识. 医疗设备过时而医药服务的种类也非常有限. 因此, 卫生部建议当国民服务计划启动时, 卫生部的医药助理及护士应该暂时转编为疹所的工作人员. 与此同时, 为长远计划, 国防部亦应训练本身的职员, 以操作国民服务营地内的疹所. 当时也决定了他们应该购置本身的救护车, 当生病的学员不能在二十四小时之内好转时, 应该直接送往临近医院以紧急事件处理并寻求即时的医药关注. 医药器材必须增加而药物处理也必须扩充. 没有学员应该在生病超过二十四小时之后仍留在营地. 这在去年的国会当中已多次提出并讨论过无数次. 我不知道这些措施是否已贯彻在本届的训练期.

我们能够理解父母将子女送到国民服务营地的担忧, 而营地的指挥官及医护人员也应该对学员加倍的关怀及对学员的需要更加的敏锐. 为了让父母们确信当局决不隐瞒任何死亡事件的真相, 死因必须在经过详细调查之后公诸于世, 若因任何一方的疏失导致事件的发生, 则应面对后果, 接受惩处. 或许父母应该被允许参与迎新活动, 以便经由参观训练营地让他们确知有关当局确实照顾孩子们, 并竭尽所能的确保他们的孩子在参与国民服务期间的安全. 在国民服务计划一再的展现其在孩子成长过程中的正面价值时断然中止这项计划是可耻的, 尤其是在多元种族互动及离家后更能独立自主的层面上. 在我其中一次访问训练营地的时候, 许多的学员告诉我, 他们从没机会在外留宿过, 而许多学员则只能有非常局限的社交活动及朋友, 在受庇护的环境中生活.

~ Translated by Howard Lim

yapchongyee said...

Yap Chong Yee,
5a Prinsep Road,
Attadale, WA 6156

Dato Zaid Ibrahim, Minister of Law
Putra Jaya, Malaysia,


Re: Re : Originating Petition No. D2-26-41 OF 2001 ;
Lim Choi Yin v. McLaren Saksama (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd

I quote from Malaysiakini from the report of the Lingam Tape scandal :

“A recommendation by the Lingam tape royal commission of inquiry for Dr Mahathir Mohamad and five others to be investigated over their role in the appointment of judges received a warm welcome from several NGOs today.”

I further quote from a statement of Tun Dr. Mahatir’s from the same source :

'I want them to charge me in court. Only then will I have the opportunity to expose more conflicts faced by the judges, including those who have implicated me.'

There you have it Dato Sri Zaid Ibrahim; from the horse’s mouth; Tun as much as saying, “if you charge me I will have more of the scandal that implicates those who control the government. Is it about Abdul Bedawi, Is it about Najib, IS IT ABOUT MY NEMESIS DATO ZAINON BINTI MOHD. ALI IS IT ABOUT ALL THOSE SERVING IN THE GOVERNMENT ? What a kettle of stinking fish in the barrel; one crook threatening all the crooks that if you charge me I will spill the beans on all of you.


Well, our gallant Minister of Law have it all served on his plate; so far everything he has been excellent, he has revealed the full content of the Royal commission report, but it is what he does with it that is important. I don’t know if this Mahatir fellow is as smart as they make him out to be, but he has except in details, has said as much that he knows what lies below the tip of the iceberg. Will Dato Sri Zaid Ibrahom going to go through with DOING THE RIGHT THING ? Will he go for the jugular so to speak; it means that he will have to charge the “5” named in the report.

It is now Tun Mahatir’s turn to blackmail PM Bedawi to spill the beans. What a holy mess we are in. my, my ! actions speak louder than words.


Yap Chong Yee

Copy : HRH Sultan Azalan Shah, of Perak, Attorney General, Chief Justice, President Court of Appeal, Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali, President & Secretary Bar Council of Malaysia. Email to many practising Lawyers, Plasted all over the blogs ! YB. Teresa Kok, YB. Wee Choo Keong, Blogger Maverick SM. Blogger, Din Merican, YB. Fong Poh Kuen (MP Perak) and many many more.

PS, This is an issue that PM Bedawi can profit hugely because the size of the scandal is so big that debate and ongoing controversies will displace the call for Bedawi to resign. Beautiful bonous for PM Bedawi.

好活份子 : Howard Lim said...



1. 難道不平等的待遇不會在里面發生嗎?

2. 政府一向處理事物都是馬馬虎虎,就將華小與國小比較,真是天淵之別的呀?

3. 土著一向把照顧孩子的責任或孩子的將來都交托給政府,對他們就沒有問題,但對我們就有很大的問題呀!

4. 九流的政府,何能叫人放心把心肝寶貝交托于他們哪? 國家還沒達到水準,再等吧!
说得有理,国家还没达到水准,我们不能再拖拖拉拉的等下去了!是时候清醒,努力做得更好了!或是,我们就这么坐着空,等啊等... 等啊等... 等到哪一天国家自然 "达到水准" 了,我们才将曾曾曾孙子给送进去?

另注: 小弟也有孩子,知道父母爱子心切,但国民服务是一个培育国家楝梁的国策,为了国家及国民团结,更为了造就成器的孩子,小弟是赞同这项计划的;小弟也知道公路危险,但决不会因噎废食而不让孩子考驾照。同理也。

Jason ANG-blog shooter said...


Anonymous said...

I think Malaysia's problem can only be solved by the PM. That is why i advocate a Chinese Malaysian to be the prime minister. It is out of necessary to cure all the illness and then we can pass back the power back to someone else. The political reality is that whoever has the ability to form a strong enough coalition can form the government and be the PM in the process. Dato Anwar is trying his best to do it. But, is he the only one has this ability? I think Dr. Chua with your brilliant mind and vast experience can handle the task as well. The fact is that in the future, there will be an opportunity for a chinese malaysian to do just that but are our young leaders forsee this opportunity and prepare for it. Just look at MCA case, it can invite DAP to merge with Gerakan and then form an alliance. Secondly, looking for a fraction of MP from UMNO. This combination is strong enough to form the nucleus of the government. Of course, it is a matter of negotiation skill to attract the rest of the partners to gain the necessary number. The best and simplest condition is voluntary power sharing system, i.e. to implement a PM rotation system. Ong Ka Ting does not see it. I think i am even better qualify to lead MCA than him. At least, i see the future. Pak Lah should finish his job in 1 or 2 years, we will give Dato Najib the benefit of the doubt. There will be a new beginning starting from the 7th PM.

PL said...

Racial intergation in 3 months? This shows the level of mentality of our BN government and thinking the rakyat is stupid. Of course apple polishing ministers don't dare to protest. Racial intergration should start from young especially in schools. Stopping Islamnization in national schools will greatly helps. Even young school children are asking why certain races are treated differently.

Anonymous said...

福慧双修, 自我造化.

一, (水) 政治
慧眼笑看风云, 智者志取天下.
天生我才必有用, 君不见黄河之水天上来, 匯集百川合成海.

二, (木) 经济
扎根, 困中有木, 木在困中, 十年如一日, 明天又是一个十年; 资源共享, 大处着眼, 小处着手; 良禽择木而栖,贤臣择主而事.


1. If on your left side is “green dragon” and on your right side is “white tiger”, then, the best thing to do is turn yourself into water. Water, in the nut shell, is made of two hydrogen and one oxygen.

2. 乾坤大挪移

3. 避免虚火过盛, 水土不服, 以防螳螂捕蝉,黄雀在后.

三, (火) 教育
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一局, 三不, 五法:

1. 掌控大局
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2. 不知, 不懂, 不管
大局已定, 为了鼓励民主, 自由, 创意,需要无为而治.

3. 想法, 看法, 说法, 做法, 手法

四, (土) 争, 争, 争, 更上一层楼
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1. Malay Dilemma Tri-visited

2. 妇女能顶半边天

3. MSC-Window-Buster-Southern-Belt

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Jason Wong

KIMHO8 said...

To 好活分子..Lam


我在此只想告訴Dr.Chua(MCA), 一個母親心里的話. 你生兒育女了嗎?你有失去孩子的經歷嗎? 我有!


KIMHO8 said...

To 好活分子..Lam


我在此只想告訴Dr.Chua(MCA), 一個母親心里的話. 你生兒育女了嗎?你有失去孩子的經歷嗎? 我有!


KIMHO8 said...

NS所留下的后遺癥, 證明了它必須從新檢討, 直到合格為止,盡量確保萬無一失。

當悲劇發生在自個兒的身上, 痛非欲絕的感受, 不是每個人可以承擔得到的!

KIMHO8 said...









好活份子 : Howard Lim said...

KIMHO8 这样的评论看来合理而有建设性多了,谢谢您的指教!

Orang Pahang said...

Correction, medical staff are not incompetant. Problem with the NS camps is that they are not well equipt. AMO and SN from MOH are sent there to work BUT they are not provided with the basic equipment to work with. Emergency trolley, antibiotics, surgical equipments are hardly available. More so an ambulance for emergencies. We have to smuggle antibiotics from our MOH clinics when we serve in NS camps. We work under tension, trainees came 3 to 4 times a day for the same thing - URTI with hyperpyrexia and there is no antibiotics available. Send a specialist and he will be handicaped too. All request for drugs and equipments are not entertained. The nearest clinic is about 30 minutes away. we take care of about 350 to 450 people in the camp including the officers and workers. Most of the time the SN will be away sending referral / appointment cases to the hospital. The AMO is alone examining, treating, dispensing medication with the help of the army first aiders. These army first aiders don't take instruction from AMO from KKM. They are on their own. We have to treat the trainees round the clock. In the clinic there are 2 sets of people running it. One from KKM and the other from MO Defence. You are X- minister, tell me HOW to WORK? We are small flies taking all the blame. SOME PEOPLE ONLY WORK WITH THEIR MOUTH.

maverick said...

after all the deaths and countless of anger and frustration. isnt it too late to say it out now? wat have u done as a minister of health? did someone address this problem or another of those tak apa attitude? when u have the power, u did not do anything to make the changes and now, u spill everything out. what is the point when someone died just because we did not do anything?

what disgust me most is that you have found the problems previously but u did not address it out. tell this to their parents, i would like to see how u will get some smacking. no point of complaining now when u cant do anything but regret for doing nothing. jus think, when u can do something, u did not do a sh*t and when u cant do anything, u start to complain....

Francis Foo said...

I was a Trainee of this National Service Training Program back in year 2007,2nd batch at Kem Baling, Kedah. When I fell sick,i phoned back to my parents so that i was able to go back to my hometown in Penang for treatment. I have no confidence in those medical staffs stationed there as many of the trainee could easily cheat them to get Medical Certificated to be exempted from physical training. I remembered that there was a little outbreak of Measles(campak) and not action is taken to quarantine the camp although the numbers of trainees affected were more than 50 people. Fortunately,those who were affected get to go back to their home. I don't know why they didn't take that matter seriously. This is a blatan 'tak apa' attitude by them...
NS is good but there's room for improvement in terms of the health of the trainees.

aiyomanaboleh said...

You mentioned that medical facilities were/are inadequate. So why was the programme still on? Professionally as a medical doctor, don't you think that the shortcomings must first be attended to before the programme resumes?

jararaca said...

it is NOT a dilemma, but some form of political gimmicks at the expense of the people with their life and money.

What is the purpose of NS? How can a 3 months prog resolve the issues?

The problem lies with the our racist system. It is a systematic discrimination of the non-bumi.

It starts as soon as we steps into this world. Can it be fix in 3 months?

Gov is treating us like fools and MCA seems to do nothing about it except cakap cakap macam opposition. For christ sake, you are the gov. of the day. just fix it!

KIMHO8 said...




Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

I think there are still lot can be improved this program. As there are other countries in this world also practise NS training, we can study what other countries practise. Nobody is perfect. It is time to review this training program.

Pearls said...


You are correct! I have seen such programs successfully implemented in Europe and Asian countries for their youth but do you know what is the difference between ours and these countries? I tell you....

It is the INTEGRITY!

It is not about lack of experience or knowledge or manpower. All these can be mastered in a jiffy but the fact is that our government has never been sincere in their approach in this NS matter! Everything is done in a "fly by night" manner and there were even reports of how some people are on the take for providing bus services or catering or whatever. Don't tell me that there is no big shot involved? Come On!!! Nothing can happen without the head being involved, that includes rotting! HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING?! If the services provided are excellent than I can still try to appreciate that point of arguement but the service is crap! Where is the integrity?

I hate to say this but I doubt if any of our ministers have an ounce of integrity in them. Look at the Defense department, buy helicopters that cannot fly, got no spare parts and god know what. Weiii.. billions spent for nothing ok!

Look at our Education Department, there is not 1 policy that this department have seen it thru and thru. We are talking about our children's future, mental and intellectual development and yet we toy around with it hitting back and forth like some ping pong game... Everytime change minister, change minute use english, another minute, use bahasa. One time is bahasa baku or paku, another time is bahasa melayu... Where is the commitment to our children's future?

What else?? Works department... Build highways that can crack up, build hospitals that can breed fungus that kills even the healthy ones and god knows what else, sign toll agreements that are loopsided to benefit the concessionaires... How is this possible? Where is the integrity?

Health department... all the merry go around in government hospital can kill a healthy person! I know because I used to do all merrying for my grandma. I am very surprised I am not dead before her! God bless her soul! Where is the integrity?

Sigh.. Yah, I am very fedup with this whole country. It used to have some hope with Tun leading the way. He may not be correct or do the correct things all the time but he is only human. But now!? Aiyooo... internally, BN is fighting within. UMNO is fighting within. How to pay attention to what is going on worldwide? How to lead? How??

Sigh...what is a human without integrity?

HSH EmperorX said...

Someone tipped me off that ..

Raja Petra Kamarudin is a Commoner ..

Q1: How come Raja Kamarudin has TWO GRANDFATHERS ie. Raja Uda and Sultan Musa?
Q2: Why he refused to answer such questions posted in his own site (

A: Sultan Musa is NOT his grandfather! More Here [ ]

Kevin Low said...

YB Datuk Seri Dr.,

1)Why didn't you recommend postponing NS until the NS staff are properly trained to handle health emergencies?

2) We used to have Uniformed Units in school the likes of Army Cadets, Police Cadets, Girl Guides, Scouts (land & Sea), St. John's Ambulance, Red Crescent (good source of First-Aiders for the NS), Marching Bands, etc. Why aren't these units being promoted in school?

3) Can you list down the number of BN's leaders' children in NS now? This would show that these leaders truly support NS and not just giving lip service; that they trust NS with their children's safety n well being. Leaders lead from the front, not behind the followers.

4) Now that many deaths have occurred in NS, what are you, as a member of MCA and component party of BN, going to do about it? Are you going to marshall up support from MCA and other parties to push for suspension of NS or just keep lobbying in Cabinet whose reps are more interested in keeping their seats than running n looking after the country and its people right now?

Please Dr. Chua, you are a trained physician though in psychology not medicine but you are still a healer by training n vocation. Doesn't it sadden you that young lives are being lost n destroyed by the ill-prepared NS? How high does the stats need to go before NS is finally shut down for good?

You are a parent and from one parent to another, please bring these people to their senses before more children die! You have the courage to admit your errors in public and your constituents still support you; capitalize on this while you still can. Use it to mobilize your support to bring about change in the way NS is being run. Remove Lam Thye if need be. Remove Najib,too if need be (from NS decision making process). Remove the unnecessary from the decision making process.

Seek professional assistance if need be; contact the professionals running Outward Bound Lumut(, they've been running development camps for youths since 1952. Tap on their experience!

The rest of my thoughts would bring the Sedition Act upon me thus I shall keep them to myself.


tongchai said...

you must be crazy to support the NS. let your children attend then you talk. don't just talk cock here as a pro. just see where you stand today. better you go n become actor than try to to lead the chinese community. i believe you fully deserved to be exposed as such and let now you come and talk cock again.

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