Tuesday, April 8, 2008

ASTRO AEC FORUM : 马华如何重新出发?


JasonTan said...

I think MCA lost due to weak leadership; too focus on appealing the rights of Chinese from Umno rather than making it clear that we are all created equally and have equal status on this earth. I used to support BN in many past GE however have lost complete confidence with the leadership.

Jinclary said...

In the just concluded Election of March 8, 2008. It was my very first time to vote for the first time at the age of 23.Frankly,to say that i voted for DAP both for state and Parliamentary seats because i really cannot stand the policies made by BN-Especially UMNO, MCA as a main component party which is supposed to safeguard the interest of Chinese has failed to speak out in terms of education, economy, cultures and religon and sadly to say MCA is being nose-led by UMNO.What the DAP said that MCA and Gerakan are the bodyguards of UMNO was correct. I agreed with the DAP statement.

有话直说 said...



Anonymous said...

BN lost was due to arrogance and the exposure of corruption and misbehavior of top officials and Minister. Without alternative media, the public would never know the truth. Mainstream medias are all pro-BN which makes it bias. Imagine all the money spent on advertisement in TV, billboards and newspaper. Isn't this our money? Why go all out to win when you can't even eradicate poverty? My advise to all the fallen leaders, admit your mistake and dissappear from the public. I think enough of rubbish has been said without proper action or changes. Now the chance has been given to Pakatan Rakyat. Should they perform, they will definitely win the next Election

Eng Kuan said...

Can you spend some time to make your blog look abit nicer??

Eng Kuan said...

Can I make a suggestion?
Make a poll on:

Should I contest for MCA president post?

I will be the first to vote "yes"

ipohboy said...

I won't believe the poll here.

People only take a few seconds to vote either "yes" or "not", but you need to take more than few months to consider the pros and cons.

Anonymous said...

feel bad on how BN handle issues like lingam, PKFZ, hindraf, zakaria, lawyer marching, royal commission, Attantuya, Zaid's suggestion to apologize to former judges, etc and MCA does not make enuf voice and i dont feel any justice from BN parties. all BN parties shud not restrict their voice only for particular race, instead shud voice out for all!

i am chinese and i do have feeling for Malays and others. i also received helps from Malays and Indians, we are not very different. MCA must help out other races and UMNO must stop playing emotion of malays, NEP shud be for the poor only.

kangcs said...

I will support you Dato. Dr. Chua, I am also from Johor and i am still remember MCA and Dato. Dr. Chua helping me to get the loan (Yayasan Johor) during my study at UKM in year 1996/7. Thanks Dato.

If got change / opportunity, i might join MCA and become your supporter in whatever programme to re-built the party MCA, to take care all the Malaysian especially Chinese.

PM said...

Datuk Seri,

You are a great leader, which we are lack of in today Malaysia / MCA politics.

Please continue your battle!!

Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

I think what MCA can do now is to focus on what actually made MCA lost, rather than accusing on other parties. We must always look back on what actually happened, are there any mistake we did? And find the solutions to solve them, and then move forward. However, the leader of the party plays a very important role. He must be a person willing to listen comments and also willing to accept criticism, whether there are good or bad. If it is the right time to change the leadership, why not??

Anonymous said...

All this while, from Dr Lim to Mr Ong, I didn't see any of those MCA leaders or MCA's ministers have guts to object the biased policies initiated by UMNO in the parliament.

Will the new MCA leader have the bravery to voice out? Are you dare?


Product of the System said...


You are very much welcome to visit my blog if you are truly seeking unbiased opinions about the MCA as well as yourself.

Your Former MOH Staff/Kakitangan

Product of the System said...


You are very much welcome to visit our blogs if you are sincerely seeking honest and unbiased opinions about the MCA as well as yourself.

Your Former MOH Kakitangan

LohSH said...








问题是假如一个政党,不管是那个政党,的领袖只专注党务而不务政务, 他将如何能有效的领导党在政治上施展它的政治力量和达至它的政治抱负呢?









The MCA President opting to stay out of the new cabinet is the first step that MCA takes after its horrible performance in the recent GE. The President believes that as MCA fails to get a strong mandate from the Chinese, he can no longer rightfully represent the community in the cabinet. He therefore chooses to focus on party affairs to revitalize the party.

What is surprising is to see that the party leadership, led by the Deputy President, accepts the decision, although not without persuasion to the President to retract it, saying that they respect the president decision. So the decision, after all, is the party’s decision.

The problem is it is hard for people to understand such a decision. The rationality and wisdom required of the party leader and leadership in making such a decision is nowhere to be seen.

Perhaps we have been living in a very unhealthy political environment for too long, to the point that political leaders, particularly those in the governing position, always believe what they do is always right, it is other people or the voters who are always wrong, and they could not be bothered with the perception of the people.

Opting to stay out of the cabinet can be interpreted as the President believes that his presence in the cabinet is no longer representative of the Chinese wishes, if there are people who think he should not have stayed out, he should not be blamed, the fault lies on the Chinese, it is the Chinese who help create such a situation.

Let’s put aside the problems between MCA and the Chinese.

As far as a political party is concerned, one cannot separate party affairs from political affairs. As a matter of fact, political affairs are the core business of a political party.

The crux of the matter here is, how can a party leader who opts to concentrate on party affairs, relegating the political affairs to second tier leaders, be able to lead the party effectively in flexing its political power and achieving its political ambitions?

It is hard to imagine the specific benefits that can result in strengthening the party if the President takes care of party affairs full time. Without attending to political affairs, the President has said, he can devote his energy and time to rebuild the party. If that be the reason, the question of a leader’s capability and stamina arises.

Like it or not, under any circumstances, the leader of a political party must possess the required capability and stamina to execute party as well as political duties required of him. In the present uncertainties, the UMNO President while taking on party affairs, has to take care of BN and shoulder the heaviest responsibility as the PM of the country. Just how convincing can it be to say it suffices to focus on party affairs?

Although there are 4 MCA ministers in the cabinet, one of them needs to be appointed as the MCA leader in the cabinet, to represent MCA in decision making. The President no longer represents MCA in the cabinet, and is merely a back bencher in the Parliament. Under such circumstances, just what is the political position and role of the President?

At the moment, other than the President, his deputy is apparently also taking care of part affairs only.

Other than the MCA party leader and leadership, it is hard for anybody to see the rationale of the decision, and in what way it can positively help to further the political future of the party.

The party and its leadership can decide to do the rightful thing, but it will be left to the people to decide whether they agree or disagree with them.

In the next GE, if the President decides to return to the Kulai constituency, the people will decide whether they will cast a vote of confidence in a party President who opts to stay out of the cabinet.

But before that, the MCA members will have to decide whether such a President will still be able to continue leading the party effectively.

Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

Can you please comment on the 倒黄运动 issue that now happening in Perak? Thanks

albert1951 said...

我想 你们在这里讲那么多是没有用的。你们真的爱Dr Chua 的话,又认为他是一个好人,那么就跟他说去cross over to DAP 吧!DAP 也是要用人才的。在这里婆婆妈妈的是没有用的。Action 最要紧。
很多马华的members 都打算hop over to DAP 了,你蔡老还不快join as a member?
老实说,我也join了。说真的,以前我都看不起DAP 的,现在时代不同了,we got to keep pace with the changing world,otherwise we would be lagged behind !

聪明的Albert from Penang 15-4-2008

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