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United Malaysian said...

Topic: Are Chinese and Indians merely hedging?

Posted by Raja Petra
Tuesday, 22 April 2008

RPK invite all MCA members to brainstorm.

I believe you should participate.


I am extending an open invitation to MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP, etc., members to meet Malaysia Today’s readers/members for a brain-storming or roundtable (or anything you want to call it) discussion to explore how to bridge the racial and religious divide and how to bring Malaysians closer to the one-race concept. Time, date and place at your convenience, but let this be a no holds barred, heart-to-heart, sincere ‘rakyat’s summit’ with absolutely no party agenda. We will leave the various parties outside the hall and, inside the hall, wear the common hat of Rakyat Malaysia.

You said you are willing to serve all Malaysians.

Or was I wrong ?

ally1833 said...


Actually i dun think you must ignore that people who send that stupid msg to you.They are all stupid person now they just want to disturd you,why?coz someone afraid you're going back to MCA.

But i want to told them,please everyone will make mistake,if they can change we must give them chance,Dr Chua too,he's human not god! the most important is he really do the best to MCA and chinese!So shut up and dun send that stupid msg again!

Dr Chua i always support you!

From:batu pahat

Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

I think you have to deal with this issue seriously, as it might affect you deeply if you wanted to contest the upcoming party election. However, i know you can deal it with your wisdom. God bless you and good luck

Pearls said...

Say what?? This post is in Chinese and I cannot read chinese.... Sigh.. blame my mama for being so Engkok!

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