Saturday, April 19, 2008

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Azmi Sharom, a columnist wrote in The Star :

“…The problem with the NEP, as I see it, is that it breeds a mentality of entitlement based on race and not merit. This mentality seeps into governance, and it creates an atmosphere of mediocrity. One example of this is how the Constitution has been disregarded in relation to employment issues.

The Federal Constitution states that you can set quotas at the entry points of government services, for example, the civil service and public universities. However, this is counter-balanced by Article 136 that says all federal employees must be treated fairly regardless of race.

This means that once inside a service, everyone is to be treated equally based on merit. In such a situation, only the cream will rise to the top.However, since the introduction of the NEP, the practice in government services has been to promote Malays mainly. This has in turn led to a drop in the number of non-Malay actors in the service of the public…”

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I fully agree with what Azmi has written, especially with the problem of NEP, breeds a mentality of entitlement based on race and not merit. Because of this it has sort of created an atmosphere of no competition. In the same way, it is become dis-incentive to a large section of non Malay that they are not competing on a same level field and this may explained why there has been a net migration of talented young people, especially Non Malay, to neighboring countries especially Singapore.

I have said it openly before if all the doctors in Singapore and Australia back to serve in Malaysia , then we will solve the shortage of doctors which seem to be a perennial problem in this country since we have achieved independence.

When I talk about an ethnic based party like MCA or UMNO and even MIC with a multi racial approach, I am saying that we should not just be concerned with our own particular race but also all Malaysian. When we are championing the rights of the Chinese, we should also think and give consideration the effect of our action on the non Chinese (likewise from other component party). So if this multi-racial approach is adopted then I am sure Malaysia would be a better society.

Blogger kickdefella ( has written on the relevance of ethnic based party angled at UMNO and the Malay Community. Thanks to Jac for sharing this with me. Read his analysis at:



作者在文中提及新经济政策衍生的问题,其中包括孕育了"种族为先而非绩效考量"的思维。我很同意他的说法, 这种思维,间接在马来同胞圈子内形成一个无需竞争的生存环境。另一边厢,非马来同胞得命运却迴同,因为不满没有公平竞争,我国大量人才,尤其是非马来人选择移居海外,邻国新加坡就是其中一个大量吸纳我国贤才的国家。

我也公开说过,如果在新加坡和澳洲工作的大马医生愿意回流,即能一劳永逸地解决国内严缺医药专才的问题。 我所主张的“单元种族政党浇以跨种族概念施政”,强调不管是马华、巫统或印度国大党,都不能继续抱持自扫门前雪的观念,只处理单一族群的问题,这些政党必须要照顾全民、顾及所有种族的需求。我们为华裔族群争取的过程中,也要考虑有关决定对非华裔同胞的影响和将引发的后果(其他成员党也应如此)。 我深信,不管是单一族群或多元种族的政党,只要发挥对各族同胞需求的体凉,实践跨种族施政概念,都能打造更和睦的马来西亚社会。

对了,大家若想听听其他人对族群政治的看法,可以到以下连接网址看看, 这是一位部落客从巫统和马来社会角度,对族群政治写的一篇分析评论:,-releven/


tiger50 said...

Dr Chua
Ideally we should have aracial political parties where race is not a factor and in a way America with Obama leading the race for the next president is showing us the way. However this was not the case even 20 years ago where racial politics were still in the fore front of the American political scene. Aracial politics is possible today in America is because of black activist politicians like Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson etc who fought for equal rights for black Americans, and only after political equal rights are given to all Americans irrespective of race can they have a aracial political system.
In Malaysia the non Malays do not have equal political rights and it is increasingly difficult to explain to the younger generations why this should be so even after so many generations.As long as this inequality exist, we cannot have true aracial or multiracial politics.If this inequality is for perpectuality then we should expect the young non Malays to immigrate to countries where once they become cityzens they are given equal political rights, something they cannot achieve in their country of birth.

Sarjan low said...

Political party in Malaysia must start to champion national & malaysia citizen issue as party vision & mission.

No point still talking lots of NEP issue when all the political party now is racial base party which champion own race safeguard.

Like Dr.Chua Said, every movement of political party must put in a question: is this will effected others. If yes how much & how to compromise.

NEP is not evil but the the political oppotunist was.



i think you must be wronged by ur own thought... even u can see how promotions in KKM is happen to be like so implausible for doctors..

imagine.. from U41 to U44 for perak state.. its just afew of Malays listed .. let say if there is 10 candidate.. it gonna be less than 3 was malay... nobody cares.. each beings are treated equally..

and for a new housemen... each lapor diri have a chinese domination... again, nobody cares about it... but its so peculiar to have the ex-minister keep on whining on it..

Anonymous said...

Now that Pak Lah want to make ACA an independent body, he will make even more enemy who want to push him aside as quick as possible. Dr. Chua, do you have any move to save Pak Lah since he is trying to do something good for the people?

jararaca said...

it is kind of late for you to write on this and to claim the moral high ground now.

You were the bloody health minister. You could have reformed the Health system. you didn't or you couldn't.

Our University are churning out sub standard doctors and gradutes no one wants. Foreign doctors from "unrecognised" are effective barred to serve even they are ready and willings.

If the same exam are applied to the local doctor, I believe none of them would have passed anyway.

A systematic discrimination against our own people is a crime. and sadly you were part of it.

Mike said...

Today, you should be thinking as a Malaysian.If the PR should require your service for a particular project
should you not set aside your position as an MCA leader and provide that support as a Malaysian for the good of the community and the country!
Lim Keng Yaik's outburst on the Penang CM recruiting a Gerakan leader to help out show how shallow his mentality is!
He is still caught inthe old mindset that anything concerning the Opposition is to be rejected.Aren't such ideas out of date?

yapchongyee said...

A multiracial society just cannothave a political structure based on race because such a race based structure is in and of itself DIVISIVE; each race will want to be the master race like what has been happening in Malaysia for the past 50 years. Can anyone say that we in the minority races been in any position to ask for our fair share of rights and priviledges like what the Malays have ? If you did you will be put in prison under the ISA as the 5 Hindraff Indians are so languishing in prison.

Since March 8 election, the door has opened to allow our Indians & Chinese to participate meaningfully in the politics of Malaysia and to dismantle MCA, MIC nad Gerakan. I say to all my MCA bastard brothers who are soul-less and the worst and heartless opportionist who will still talk about reviving the bane of Chinese rights, the MCA.

I will say it without worrying about the retaliation from the Malays that for the first time in our miserable history, THE CHINESE HAVE BEEN ABLE TO MOUNT A MEANINGFUL SWING VOTER BASE. We Chinese & Indinas form 32% (24% for Chinese and 8% Indians). This in any normal practicing democratic nation is a huge block of votes, and by any count we the minority need not have surrendered our rights so easily as did the fucking Chinese and Indian leaders in MCA & MIC had done in the past. WE MUST RETAIN THIS SWING VOTER BASE AND WE DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE LIKE SCARED RABBITS. This situation will never ever come back again if MCA & MIC will again betray our people. If Pakatan on this on this occasion, DOES NOT FORM GOVERNMENT, then UMNO will come the next election will throughly RIGGED THE POLLS LIKE WHAT MUGABE IS DOING IN ZIMBUBWE. There is nothing to stop UMNO because they have already appointed UMNO judges so that when any vote count is refered to the Courts, the judges will decide against Pakatan. THIS WILL BE THE ABSOLUTE END FOR THE INTERESTS OF THE CHINESE PEOPLE.

WILL YOU DR CHUA SOI LEK accept responsibility for this certainty to take place if Pakatan not be able to form government this time and the last Time ? Think what your fucking betrayal of the Chinese will do for your children ? All so you power hungry Chinese traitors will retain your "pankat". yOU mca BASTARDS ARE SICK.I repeat myself, Dr Chua Soi Lek MCA must never ever allow our new found strength to "SWING VOTE" wither away and die on the vine. In politics we owe no loyalty to anyone. Do not think of the BN, think of the Chinese and we Chinese can only find STRENGTH IN A MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY LIKE IN AUSTRALIA. Malaysia has failed because UMNO is a party that is FUCKING DIVISIVE IN EVERY RESPECT.

I see a last chance for the Chinese in Malaysia and if we loose this time it will mean the end of Chinese in Malaysia. We Chinese do not need any government hand outs BUT WE NEED A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD, SO THAT WE CAN REGAIN OUR LIVING AS MEMBER OF AN EQUAL SOCIETY. I say to you do not think of the MCA as a Chinese rights party, that is dead and just as well it is now dead. MCA never ever fought for the Chinese because they had all along been kissing Malay arses.

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