Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Monitoring Opposition-led states and the survival of BN

With the Pakatan Rakyat in control of 5 states, it is definitely providing competition to the BN-led government, both at federal and state. The state government of Perak has taken the lead by giving a freehold land title (there will be technical problem in launching this) and also the Selangor government approving a big pig farm. This is a tremendous embarrassment to MCA for we are unable to do so for the last 50 years in power.

When I was a state EXCO in Johor from 1990 to 2004, what we did was to get the state government to automatically renew the land lease of new villages and the tenure depended on premium paid. If they pay higher premium, it will be a 99 years’ lease.

As for the pig farm, it was more on the tolerance by the state government and in general, the pig farms do not create problem in Johor, as long as they conform to the various conditions including environment. They were allowed to flourish but no farms were added. There was reduction of pig farms after the JE crisis.

With the moves by Pakatan Rakyat, it is now obvious that they have gone out of their way to woo Chinese voters and MCA’s survival is now threatened.

BN party must now reform in order to be competitive and BN must be brave enough to admit own weaknesses and seek forgiveness for their past mistakes and arrogances.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about cooperation between UMNO and MCA of how it should change and wake up from singing the same old tune in the past.







Anonymous said...

You have already admitted that MCA did not deliver on so many issues. And you being a Vice President of MCA should be considered as non-performing as well. It takes a great change and courage to go against the norm. Being compliant to UMNO will serve no purpose as a party or rather a Chinese based party supposingly representing Chinese in Malaysia. From the scandal of ex-MCA president to internal bickering of Team A and Team B, what have you shown to us? That MCA memebers are all out for power. Reflect seriously on how to really serve as an MP for the Rakyat and not yourself.

ipohboy said...

I believe it is far more important to monitor the leadership from BN instead of opposition parties. Unfair policies, impolite comments or actions, one-man show by somebody who wants to gain support from particular races, etc made the public felt unhappy and angry. MCA did not manage to stop all these incidents happened again and again, which in the end have to pay the price of losing the supports from the public especially from the chinese community.

We work hard, together serve the country, of course we should deserve the equal opportunities from the government. I felt pleased when MCA fight for our own chinese when some unfair policies were imposed, but it turns out that usually in the end we still need to give up a bit in order to solve the problems. Strictly speaking, as it goes on gradually, we will give up everything we have.

50 years ago, UMNO and MCA had the same target, to seek the independence from the British. The arrow was pointing to the British. We shared the same feeling, and UMNO and MCA also got the supports from their own members. Now everything has changed, the arrow not only pointing to the opposition parties, but also among the parties in the BN. I do not see the relationship among UMNO, MCA or MIC is even better compared to last time which is almost half a century ago.

If MCA dare to speak for chinese or the public, stop the unfair policies, impolite comments from other leaders, we will support the MCA leadership. MCA is a political party, not a wealfare society to seek "donation" from the government.

The wall is damaged, MCA should tear it down and built a new wall, fixing the minor problem only make it looks nicer outside, but in the end the wall will collapse in one day.

Anonymous said...

generally competition is good. hope BN can re-align their direction. especially long time race-based direction seems to be outdated. eg instead of NEP for UMNOputras, it should be for the poor. race is always sensitive, and this GE is a good start for Malaysian's Malaysia, hope BN stop playing race issue and focus on how to benefit most citizen and build stronger country.

glad that PKR-DAP-PAS can agree working same direction for good governance, and hope BN can work with PR towards good governance and put rakyat at top priority. i feel bad when BN leaders said mean thing on PR pro-rakyat policy, eg freehold land title, instead their should support PR and make way if policy is right. btw ex-CM DR Koh had done job assuring smooth hand over. i think integriy is importance for all.

i agree DAP's "deny BN 2 third for good governance", i agree BN has done alot for us and appreciate that, but we want more. anyway, i'm not ready to see anwar become prime miniser, so BN, pls be strong.

Gua said...

Instead of monitoring the Opposition-led states I belief you should be more concerntrate on monitoring your self (BN). We all, rakyat, can see what happening to BN, wondering the BN didn't get the message or is BN just practice ignorance.

Recently new policies introduct by the federal government against the PR states. The PR state governments are elected by the Malaysian, federal goverment should respect our vote. But now, all I can see is that BN keep pushing self-center policy, people well being still been put aside.

BN are no in way of restoring people support. BN are only making the people become more and more hate to the BN. If BN keep acting this way, no doubts that most of the people will have no mercy to kick BN out from the office.

Rick said...

There is one clear message; the people have rejected the race base politic.
I have a lot of friends and colleagues who are all Malaysian from diferent ethnic groups. We all want to see a Malaysia lead by Malaysian to compete in the global stage.
Any party who cannot see this fact, they will either be "expired" or forgotten in no time.
I think we are now really moving towards our wawasan 2020.

Anonymous said...

datuk seri

saya hargai sekiranya datuk seri membuat entri di dalam bahasa malaysia juga..

terima kasih

q-eyes 四眼看财经 said...

Datuk Seri, if you are really sincere in changing MCA, first, i hope you may make a public apology on behalf of MCA and BN to all Malaysians in general, and all Chinese community in specific of the inability and incompetence of MCA and BN to bring about a more equitable, competitive, peaceful and with higher dignity Malaysia for the past many years. It is because you are part of that government until January this year. We will definitely accept your apology with open heart and open arms. This is the best chance for you to do something really meaningful for BN and also for the country. It will show you are a leader with big heart (just like the new Prime Minister of Australia). Since you don't have any post in the party and country as of now, it is your best chance to do so as you have nothing much to lose. It will at the very least win many hearts back for yourself, if not for MCA or BN.

LohSH said...








问题是假如一个政党,不管是那个政党,的领袖只专注党务而不务政务, 他将如何能有效的领导党在政治上施展它的政治力量和达至它的政治抱负呢?









The MCA President opting to stay out of the new cabinet is the first step that MCA takes after its horrible performance in the recent GE. The President believes that as MCA fails to get a strong mandate from the Chinese, he can no longer rightfully represent the community in the cabinet. He therefore chooses to focus on party affairs to revitalize the party.

What is surprising is to see that the party leadership, led by the Deputy President, accepts the decision, although not without persuasion to the President to retract it, saying that they respect the president decision. So the decision, after all, is the party’s decision.

The problem is it is hard for people to understand such a decision. The rationality and wisdom required of the party leader and leadership in making such a decision is nowhere to be seen.

Perhaps we have been living in a very unhealthy political environment for too long, to the point that political leaders, particularly those in the governing position, always believe what they do is always right, it is other people or the voters who are always wrong, and they could not be bothered with the perception of the people.

Opting to stay out of the cabinet can be interpreted as the President believes that his presence in the cabinet is no longer representative of the Chinese wishes, if there are people who think he should not have stayed out, he should not be blamed, the fault lies on the Chinese, it is the Chinese who help create such a situation.

Let’s put aside the problems between MCA and the Chinese.

As far as a political party is concerned, one cannot separate party affairs from political affairs. As a matter of fact, political affairs are the core business of a political party.

The crux of the matter here is, how can a party leader who opts to concentrate on party affairs, relegating the political affairs to second tier leaders, be able to lead the party effectively in flexing its political power and achieving its political ambitions?

It is hard to imagine the specific benefits that can result in strengthening the party if the President takes care of party affairs full time. Without attending to political affairs, the President has said, he can devote his energy and time to rebuild the party. If that be the reason, the question of a leader’s capability and stamina arises.

Like it or not, under any circumstances, the leader of a political party must possess the required capability and stamina to execute party as well as political duties required of him. In the present uncertainties, the UMNO President while taking on party affairs, has to take care of BN and shoulder the heaviest responsibility as the PM of the country. Just how convincing can it be to say it suffices to focus on party affairs?

Although there are 4 MCA ministers in the cabinet, one of them needs to be appointed as the MCA leader in the cabinet, to represent MCA in decision making. The President no longer represents MCA in the cabinet, and is merely a back bencher in the Parliament. Under such circumstances, just what is the political position and role of the President?

At the moment, other than the President, his deputy is apparently also taking care of part affairs only.

Other than the MCA party leader and leadership, it is hard for anybody to see the rationale of the decision, and in what way it can positively help to further the political future of the party.

The party and its leadership can decide to do the rightful thing, but it will be left to the people to decide whether they agree or disagree with them.

In the next GE, if the President decides to return to the Kulai constituency, the people will decide whether they will cast a vote of confidence in a party President who opts to stay out of the cabinet.

But before that, the MCA members will have to decide whether such a President will still be able to continue leading the party effectively.

Pearls said...

Sigh... if only MCA could see all that you have mentioned in this post, today, MCA wouldnt had lost so badly. Sigh..

I dont think any BN component has the right or is qualified to monitor the opposition led states. What is there to monitor when you have lost faith and confidence of the general people? I must also say that all the "noise" made by Ong Ka Chuan about the issuing of land titles in Perak by their MB is so unbecoming!! Please stop such actions! Sounds like some jealous girlfriend..i.e. like a bitch!

Ronson said...

You are the former Health Minister and you still think the disease was JE. You are not fit to be the Health Minister or Doctor if you are this misinformed.

The virus is not JE but Nipah virus. This new virus is carried by fruit bats & flying foxes and not by pigs.

Nipah virus

[edit] Emergence
Pteropus vampyrus (Malayan flying fox), one of the natural reservoirs of Nipah virus
Pteropus vampyrus (Malayan flying fox), one of the natural reservoirs of Nipah virus

Nipah virus was identified in 1999 when it caused an outbreak of neurological and respiratory disease on pig farms in peninsular Malaysia, resulting in 105 human deaths and the culling of one million pigs [7]. In Singapore, 11 cases including one death occurred in abattoir workers exposed to pigs imported from the affected Malaysian farms. The Nipah virus has been classified by the CDC as a Category C agent (http://www.bt.cdc.gov/agent/agentlist-category.asp).

Symptoms of infection from the Malaysian outbreak were primarily encephalitic in humans and respiratory in pigs. Later outbreaks have caused respiratory illness in humans, increasing the likelihood of human-to-human transmission and indicating the existence of more dangerous strains of the virus.

Based on seroprevalence data and virus isolations, the primary reservoir for Nipah virus was identified as Pteropid fruit bats including Pteropus vampyrus (Malayan flying fox) and Pteropus hypomelanus (Island flying fox), both of which occur in Malaysia.

The transmission of Nipah virus from flying foxes to pigs is thought to be due to an increasing overlap between bat habitats and piggeries in peninsular Malaysia. At the index farm, fruit orchards were in close proximity to the piggery, allowing the spillage of urine, faeces and partially eaten fruit onto the pigs [9]. Retrospective studies demonstrate that viral spillover into pigs may have been occurring in Malaysia since 1996 without detection [7]. During 1998, viral spread was aided by the transfer of infected pigs to other farms where new outbreaks occurred.


Thim Fook, Law said...

I find it very ironical that MCA has self-appointed itself as a watchdog to Pakatan Rakyat (who is doing something good for the Rakyat) when previously it was perceived as a dog to UMNO - one small bark from some UMNOputras is enough to make the MCA dog cower and with it's tail inbetween it's legs. When Kerismuddin wielded the keris, did MCA say anything? When the Chinese were threatened, did MCA do anything? When there's so much corruption within UMNO/BN, did MCA say/do anything? I think you guys are just sore losers, just like those UMNOputras, eg Khir Toyol, etc.

If you're really keen to work for the Rakyat, be more transparent and do the honourable thing - resign from MCA/BN, and work with the Pakatan Rakyat. At least we can say the PR is 'Malaysian' whereas MCA/UMNO/MIC are race-based.

It's the end of the time, and it's time for MCA/Gerakan/MIC to go the way of the dinosaurs!

Btw, if such critical comments are not published, it only goes to proove one thing - you guys are not ready to change, and this blog of yours is just another showpiece!

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