Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Upgrading of ACA to Malaysian Commission of Anti-Corruption

I welcome the Prime Minister’s announcement on ACA undergoing a revamp to make it more independent and transparent. Off hand, my random thoughts on this will be:

1) The integrity of officers in ACA is not based on quantity but quality. While pay is important, what is more important is dedication and to pursue their job without fear and favour;

2) The Advisory Board is still appointed by Prime Minister and whether this will ensure independence can be debated. The question is on what basis the Prime Minister appoints members to the board. In the same way, the Head of Commission is appointed by the King on the Prime Minister’s advice. Who gets to advice the Prime Minister is a logical question to ensure its independence. I notice this is often not discussed in the Cabinet. Advice to Prime Minister seems to be clouded in secrecy. Who are the people responsible in giving advice to the Prime Minister?

3) The ultimate decision to prosecute still lies with the Attorney-General and this will make him subject to political pressure.


Anonymous said...

This will send a shock wave to UMNO. First, If the ACA really do its work then a lot of UMNO leaders will be charged. Second, if UMNO leaders cannot corrupt, how can they survive and how can they fund their supporters? This turn of event will weaken UMNO even more, it is very likely that it will become an opposition party soon. So, what is the alternative plan of MCA if UMNO goes down?

Simon Wee said...

As usual it is old wine in new bottle.

One can change names thousand and one times but if there is not will, the same old ways of doing things will prevail.

I am sure there are many of us will say that the existing laws and setups are more than adequate to deal with any problem in Malaysia.

What is lacking is the will and enforcement.

Is this another of Malaysia Boleh syndrome which leads to nowhere but another meat for the vulture bloggers?


Simon Wee

Pearls said...

Our ACA is not independent?? You mean those buggers who keep telling us that our ACA is independent lied with their eyes wide open? BUUUGEERRRRR! No integrity! No honour!

Revamp ACA??? How long have you lived in Malaysia?? I have lived long enough to know that such promise is wishful thinking! I might as well dream of hitting the jackpot or hooking a rich and loving bugger to marry me!

The fact of the matter is how in the blinking bonkers world will that Good for nothing PM is going to go about such revamp? Totally?? Make ACA as credible as Hong Kong's ICAC? Get real la... We all know why this will never happen. We all also know that our ACA has been and will always be just FOR SHOW. Just take a look at the people heading that department and you will know it is all in the name of SHOW. Clown show that is..

Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

I support the Upgrading of ACA to Malaysian Commission of Anti-Corruption. However, it might faced lots of difficulty as this problem been the deep roots in the ground. The main problem lie in education. It plays a very important role. I think the priority is to start from education. However, it might takes some time to achieve. Nothing is impossible. I know we can achieve.

KIMHO8 said...



貪官能舍棄一切嗎? 到那時,不是人民叫苦,而是他們喊窮。兩袖清風,開玩笑吧!

為什么他們會不擇手段? 因為不想別人阻止他們發大財。貪污是不勞而獲的管道,何必自討苦吃呢!



Funniman1965 said...

We all know some wily leaders uses ACA investigation papers against its people. ACA can check all they want but the timing to charge someone is something else. The investigation file would remain uncharged until someone says..time to take action.

Having said that, it would act as a deterrent but will not eliminate corruption.

myenvelope said...

Do they have the power to investigate the AG and the PM?

If the MCAC is corrupt themselves, who is responsible to investigate these people?

monsterball said...

In blogging...we just read and enjoy..for one who supports anti corruption strongly...may be the worst Chinese running dog for personal gains.
He can be bought easily.
Faceless and some...nameless..hiding under a computer...some will instigate...project a noble personality...but deep inside..not worth one sen. So we read and enjoy.

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