Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Looking into the future of MCA

Barisan Nasional faces major defeat in the recent general election and MCA’s election result is worse than the one in 1969.

There are some MCA leaders who blamed UMNO for the defeat. Of course, UMNO as the largest component party in BN has to take up responsibility but MCA being the 2nd largest Chinese based party cannot see themselves as blameless. MCA should be fighting for Chinese rights in the cabinet and articulating Chinese aspirations and fear to the government but MCA failed to efficiently perform their duties that caused dissatisfaction of Chinese towards the government.

This time, voters’ votes cut across racial line where Chinese voted for PAS, Malay for DAP and Indian deserting MIC. Therefore, the question now is that whether ethnic based political party will still survive in the future? Will MCA and the BN slowly becoming the political “dinasour”?

MCA has reached the phase where we need to change, to rebuild and to rejuvenate so that we can stay relevant. Traditional ways of doing things are out of touch. It is no longer workable to solve Chinese problems.

Therefore, I welcome party members and members of public to post any comments and opinions on my blog on how to rebuild as well as to reform MCA so that MCA is able to regain support from all party members and the public.

I personally thank you for your opinions and suggestion.

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不精な猫 said...

I am glad more politicians are starting to blog. Blogging is a good form of communication to stay closer to the people and let people have a direct avenue to voice their feedback and suggestion.

I am one of the folks who voted for the Opposition or Pakatan Rakyat like most of the 20s and 30s in this countries.

Why do we not support MCA or Barisan Nasional (BN)? Because we (the younger generation) no longer believe you are working for us, and other concerns (crime rates, std of living...etc) as widely reported.

Future of MCA is the same as asking what makes MCA more relevant?

The question I believe falls into two different age groups.

1st group: the late 40s and above. 2nd group: the early 40s and below.

1st group are those still very much supported MCA and i cant speak for them...LOL, generation gap.

2nd group are much closer to me. We blog, go to forums that talks about denying BN 2/3 majority... go to Oppositions' rallies and ceramah..

We want the political figures speak our language and talk to us.

Hence, the future of MCA is very much lies on how well it is communicating to us (2nd group). Your main body are fill with people at the age of 50+ and 60+ which should have long step down. Your Youth Wing focus more on getting visibility and political influence at the party (which is not serving the "Youth" in this country).

The revamp should first start from main body to first set the 2 term limit for all senior exco positions up to Party President. 3 terms are too long and absolute power comes absolute corruptions.

Change party constitution to remove privilege from party exco up to Party president to choose state president. This makes the Party Exco and Presidents (Vice..etc) less powerful and hence practice consensus approach in party issues. (This help the your MCA members to have more freedom/less pressure to choose what the President wants, which indirectly help us to believe your party is transparent)

Then revamp your internal party structure to allow democratic elections on state bodies. Chinese are very prone to use "menu system" before election to influence party members to choose the folks they propose. This is not too bad, but there are lack of independent body to help make a clean and transparent election. We should invite Dong Qiao Jong or other NGO to facilitate the election. This make your MCA relevant to CHinese NGO and people.

Same should happen to your Youth Wing. While it should be the home for newcomers, politics should be restricted here instead the folks in the Youth team should be the think tank organization. This helps drive the organization more 'relevant' to the country and current issues. Folks at 50+ overs have the experiences to 'screen' those ideas from Youth Wing (think tank) to ensure it can be work/implement. Youth Wing leader should not be put as Vice President post, instead the Youth Wing exco should be be given automatic place into Party Exco (20-30%) to ensure we have Youth views into the party's long term strategies and current issues.

The Woman Wing should be merge with Main body. Why Woman wing need to be separate? Same applies to Youth Wing, the Youth Wing should comprise both Male and Female. We are not a country practice gender discrimination.

Last comment, as MCA declared as the party for Chinese, please understand this country has over 50% population is under age of 45. You dont talk to us by walking around pasar or setting up a service center. Those are helpful to reach the 1st group.

You need to have quarterly forums inviting public from 2nd group to jointly discuss current issues.

Dont just invite those elderly folks from Dong Qiao Zong or what-what Association or Kongsi. Most of them does not know what their grandchildren wants.

Invite us (2nd group) to talk to you in a direct, frank and transparent session. We are not interested in so called Close Door session where you could said what you like after those sessions.

If MCA is truly a party of people, than you need to cater for both groups which you have fail now, and if you still dont believe and try to understand us....

4 yrs from now, the population that could vote will form majority by the younger generation (2nd group), and you will be gone down stream as like Gerakan and MIC.

Note: Fighting for more Chinese schools is not even a battle should be discuss,.. it is a joke every time MCA talks about how much MCA has done here.... Same as Malay school, Indian school, Iban school or Dayak school. Schools are a must for every race in this country that believe and loyal to the Constitution and the King. It should be a given, and not a topic to "Bargain", as we are all Malaysian and we are a multi-racial society.

Note 2: We should never need to discuss which race get more. As whenever we start to talk about this, it helps the larger group become disadvantage over long term and not exacting helping them. There are lots of smarter people in the larger group, but because of more benefits, it create more lazy people which limit the hardworking and smarter people to grow stronger and better,... in simple explanation, you can outgrow what is the boundary limits you. If you want to get a larger piece of the pie, the smartest way is to make the pie larger not cut a larger piece for the larger group on the same pie. So, you need to make the boundary larger to cater for your ambition, to do that, you need more people to be as smart as you, so you can as a team effort push the boundary larger.

Welcome to my Blog

As a concerned MCA member, I am trying my best to help in the process of rebuilding and repositioning of the party.

Therefore, I welcome party members and members of public to post your constructive suggestions and opinions on my blog on how to rebuild and reform the party, eventually enabling MCA to regain support from all party members and the community.

Thank you for your suggestions.