Monday, April 14, 2008

Media Freedom/ 媒体自由

The credibility of traditional media has taken a bashing in this recently concluded general election. We should now pay more attention to the new media (sms, blog, and internet) since many people are able to access it easily. Athough the information derived from the 'new media' might have been less than accurate at times, people trusted it more than the mainstream media. This is something that we need to come to grips with in order to connect to todays rakyat.

Our neglect of the new media has caused us dearly in the just concluded election. Every Malaysian welcomes more press freedom with responsibility. As stated in a survey earlier this year, Malaysia's press freedom has plunged from 92nd place in year 2006 to 124th place in 2007. This has caused people to start questioning the freedom and credibility of our press, especially in the context of the recent elections. The coverage was in fact, glaringly obviously bordering on propoganda. People have received emails to boycott The Star newspaper as it was claimed in the forwarded emails to contain news that were more pro-government and anti-opposition party.

Therefore, the time has come for political parties to re-look their share holdings in the mainstream media. This includes the MCA-controlled The Star newspaper and its shareholdings in Nanyang press. Should the MCA continue to hold shares in the above said newspapers or to divest them in order to restore a degree of independance to them. I welcome your comments.





Pearls said...

Hello Uncle!!! Wrong already la! Haiyooo...Not like that one la.. Listen la..

Traditional Media took a bashing because the information disseminated was crap. This is not 1945 anymore la, people can spot a lie or butter-up ass story from a mile away!! So, for the love of GOD please realise that it is not the medium of disseminating information. IT IS THE INFORMATION itself!

Medium like SMS, internet, blogs (new media category) is happening not because it is easily accessible but because the general public feels the information provided is free from campur tangan from the tua liaps (big shots la... those in power la). So, that is why even if all BN ministers are to have blogs, it will most likely work against them IF the information or thoughts put in there sounds and look like Crap Shit! So.. once again, repeat after me.. IT IS THE INFORMATION PROVIDED...

As for political parties having shares in these traditional media, well, I should think that as long as these political parties DO NOT use their power as share holders to strong arm tactic the press to their flavours, it should not be a problem for such traditional media to thrive and prosper. Such political party must realise that they are shareholders to make money and so, just stick to that... make money la! CAN or NOT?

Anonymous said...

Our newspaper has lost its credibility, people turn to web to get "trusted" information. It is nice that BN is starting to use web tools, in this way, people will have even more selection and choose which one to believe. MCA suppose to deliver Chinese votes to BN and UMNO in turn delivers Malay votes to MCA candidate, this formula is no longer working so well. MCA also get its share of cabinet posts and other government positions, so their leaders can have title, income and influence. MCA also try to influence the implementation of some policy that helps chinese community. This is the three roles of MCA in BN. The fact is that, people's demand and expectation is higher nowaday, it will be very difficult for MCA to keep up. Hence, MCA needs to examine its role and true identity. It can't rely on UMNO and BN formula, it needs to grow up and be independent. The first task is to just to survive on its own without BN. Then, the window of opportunity will be opened. If BN forms the next government, of course, MCA stays. If PR forms the next government, then should shift side. Then, if UMNO reforms successfully and it needs MCA again to form government, it is the time truly when MCA can really bargain as equal partner. At the moment, the talk of "equal partner" with UMNO is just dreaming. Get real and get tough, challenge the president to do the right thing. Dr. Chua, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Justin said...

whether or not the MCA currently holds any shares in the abovementioned newspapers is of no relevance hence does not make the slightest difference to media freedom. I cant help but asking the question 'who is actually the boss? MCA, UMNO?' MCA had all these times to reform the media by being part of BN, why didnt they do it then? one would have thought MCA had a better 'negotiating' position. Boy or boy, how wrong were we?

when i read the contributions to chinese community MCA has listed on its website, suffice to say tht they look pathetic and pitiful.

be under no illusion, so long as the federal government refuses to give in and changes their criteria in licensing, media freedom will continue to be oppressed in the foreseeable future. BUT 5 years is not too long a waiting.

fr a financial point of view, it will be wise for MCA to sell sell sell.... ASAP, as the shares are unquestionably heading south!

Shiok Guy said...

Welcome to the blogger world doc.
I will be reading your blog to see what direction you are going.

I might not agreed with what you did however I solute your action after.

We all have our weakness and willing to come forward to admit is a sign of a real man.


P/S I will add you into my blog Celebrity

TOKY said...

Please visit & read the title "Let the Fight Begin!!!". This title is in relation to MCA.

Cheers mate!!!

Prachai said...

Dear Dr Chua,

BN Politicians should have used the blogs to reach to the people Too bad you guys needed a thrashing to realize this.

At least with blogs, we are able to offer a piece of our mind to the wakil rakyat. Politicians who appear once in 5 years are completely out of touch with young people like me.

You probably know why young people (like me) prefer to get our news from bloggers, online forums as well as alternative news portals. At least we are not treated like idiots ; if you write bullshit we are sure to hit back like hell. The mainstream newspapers have themselves to blame for losing credibility. Maybe they think people will just accept all the rubbish written mindlessly. See how completely out of touch with the young voters the ministers are.

And we are aware that MCA is the master behind some of the newspapers. This makes the newspaper lose credibility and hence young readers like me because we already know what you guys want to say anyway. Hands off the press and let them do independent reporting. Focus on the core stuff instead of mindless propaganda. We know how to differentiate between right and wrong so don't treat us like idiots. We hate that.

BeyMaga said...

Hi Doc.

Came to know of your blog from Rocky Bru. It's nice knowing you came back - albeit in the blogosphere for now.

I think MCA, UMNO and all the political parties should dilute their share in the media. Our media should be given freedom to report the truth as they are.

I stop subscribing to NST & Berita Harian two years ago when the spin becoming too much. I'd rather read Malaysiakini and to lesser extent Malaysia today for news.

Although the accuracy of the information disseminated by this media may be questionable - they are far better than - the spin done by UTUSAN and Berita Harian.

MCA should leave The Star alone - it's the only one I read regularly these days. The online version is getting better in my opinion.

You should have stayed in the government, now that you out of the government nothing much we can do.

iamataxpayer said...

李健强 | 4月14日 中午12点18分











Simon Wee said...

Datuk Chua,

I think you have given the new media too much credit.

A blog is just like a meat grinder. If there is not enough meat then the grinder would be idled. Just like what is happening in our neighbouring Singapore. Many have described the blogs in Singapore as amateur as contrasted with what we have in Malaysia.

Talking of meat for the grinder, there is no shortage in Malaysia.

When there is a sleep-walking PM, the meat is there for any vulture bloggers to descend on.

Talking of sleeping walking PM, sample this:

"Someone has commented that what Malaysia now has is a sleep-walking Prime Minister in the form of Datuk Badawi who has managed to sleep-walk through his first term in office.

For us Malaysians, PM’s sleep-walking has resulted in the following occurances:

• Roofs of government buildings somehow fall/leaked;
• The crime incidence is increasing to the extent that one is not even safe in the vicinity of one’s home;
• Temples being pulled down even those had existed magnificently during the British time (are the present government less tolerant than the British?);
• Protest demonstrations by many groups including Hindraf and Bar Council:
• The Lingam Tape which was suppressed during the previous administration now managed to resurface after 10 years;
• Land frauds with the connivance of those in charge;

…just to name a few.

I think the moral of the story is that if one is an ineffective leader, just don’t try to flex his muscle to launch jihad/crusades such as anti-rasuah and anti-others. If one is a lame duck, just let the sleeping cats as they are.

However, the sleep-walking Prime Minister, flushed by his landside election victory had to ruffle feathers and they just released the floodgate. As the saying goes if one can’t do the job, let go and let others take over. Along the same vein if the Malays can’t do the job, give the other races a chance. After all we are all Malaysians and we live and die in Malaysia. The other Malaysians are here to stay come thee what may. "


Simon Wee

United Malaysian Party said...

Will MCA drop the word ' Chinese' & be renamed as 'Malaysian Association' (MA) in the near future ?

Will your party become a multi-racial party in future?

'Race based political party' will fade away like an old soldier.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr Chua,

I see you dont get the point here.

Free media is one thing, but do you really think that the loss in the recent PRU 12th by BN is really atributable to the arrival of new media, instead of dissatisfaction of malaysian public against the ruling party?

Brother, (I am treating you here as my peer), BN loss in the recent PRU is because it has gone to beyond the tolerance of the public.

I used to stand against the buying over of the STAR newspaper by the MCA group when the news broke out, but where were the MCA guys at that point of time? All in their mind was........"MSM in our hand, and we will be the boss". Using the excuse of business in mind, they were really believing the public is fool.....exceedingly foolish...!

Not bad that you are looking back what stupid thing MCA has done to the public....and they are still doing....only if you do think so!

If I were you, my sincere advice will be to leave to MCA - the Malaysia Chinese Agony party, instead of trying to rejuvenate it. How frequently have you gone out to talk to the public and ask their opinions about MCA party? they will be lying if ever they say MCA is the only one for them. I wish you see the truth now, nothing but the truth.

The tide is high, the wave of change is even stronger now. We are no more as in my mom's generation, who were cheated so badly in the what so called as "Ma Hua Her Chuo Ser", and left me no money at all to further my study in medicine, resorting to borrow money from ah long and still, then still voting for BN.

You may disagree with me here. But you can't deny how much MCA is being hated by the Malaysian Chinese now. Remedy? WHO would be so stupid enough to rejuvenate the agony party no more?

Media or no media, the truth is - do what is right and never worried why no one will support you.


PM said...

"""restore a degree of independance ""


Only a degree is not good enough. Reporting must be fully correct and to the point and not twisted. It must be fully independance.
On the other hand, will the MCA leaders have the guts to refute or challenge the component
parties speeches and action especially from UMNO. Eg the keris issue. What is the point in having an independance paper if the MCA minister have not guts.

@dam said...

Dr. Chua, first of, welcome to the world of blogging!

The alternative media played a huge part in helping DAP, PKR and PAS to convey their message to the public. And BN has openly ignored this alternative thus lose out here. There's no mistake with that!

However, ignoring the alternative media per say would not have caused the heavy loses faced by BN. BN has used the mainstream media to the maximum. Mainstream media was and is still the one that reaches the most people. However, BN might have put off some people with the overly bias news. Still, the "good" news constantly being conveyed to the public for 13 days would have played a huge part in helping BN.

The downfall of BN is not so much down to the influence of alternative media.

The true cause is BN itself. From top leaders down to local councilors, there are groups which misuse their power, are corrupted and misuse the tax payers money which should be used to help the people! These are being made obvious and exposed through the alternative media and THAT causes the downfall. So it is not that being involved in using the alternative media will help BN but cleaning up all the decades old dirty politics, misuse of power and money which will help BN, if it is going to ever happen!

Politics may be a dirty game like a lot of people would like to think. However, it is important that the politicians stay clean in the eyes of the people. When it is exposed and obvious that the leaders of the country are not up to standard, ignorant and arrogant and misuse their power, then not any form of media will help them!

It is better to stay clean than to end up defending and denying all the wrongdoings. When that happen, it already create doubts in people whereas clean politicians have little to be criticized!

Remember, if you blog and still show off the keris and threaten the non-Malays, you can say all you want in your blog yet nobody will vote for you just because you blog!

In no way BN's manifesto = equality to all! There's no logic for me to see a party which claims to fight for the Chinese yet stays in BN! In fact, I think MCA never fights for the Chinese...they only protect! That shows that the Chinese race is already been put as a inferior race and this shows that MCA accepts Chinese race as an inferior race.

By the way, Chinese do not need protection. Same goes to other races. What we need is equality because we are all Malaysians.

Vincent Wong said...

Precisely, I am glad you see the light, doc!

I blog just about that @



Anonymous said...

it is not just media freedom, look at oppositions' blogs, they are attacking BN on various issues, but i dont find any defense statements, clarification from BN, not even from main stream media. and i dont know wat the BN leaders are thinking, and become no transparency.

listen to one side story has made me bias at times. so BN shud use blog as well to connect with ppl.

Asil said...

If traditional media doesn't practice equal reporting for both BN and Pakatan Rakyat views, then traditional media is still irrelevant.

People has voted for Pakatan Rakyat, so people has the right to hear from them. I've stopped listening to Selangor FM coz they didn't allow a single slot for Selangor's new government to express their views.

So, what choice do we have? Alternative media!

SiamangBukit said...

Dear Datuk Chua,
The people who does not know the history of the Independence of Malaya are always harping on the so called inequality and preferred not to acknowledge the existence of a Social Contract. This is where the problem begins. The independence was negotiated between people of various origins. It was win-win and take some-lose some situation.The term Chinese - Malayans/Malaysians only really exist after the independence. Many before that are only called Immigrants. Nevertheless, there will always be opportunists who will take advantage of this not-so-perfect agreement. I believe Alliances between the major races are the best option and this had been proven for more than 40 years. Even the calm after the storm election results had shown the Malaysian political maturity.I believe too that some of there are also some ethnical (including Bumiputera/ Malay) political opportunists in the ruling government and these people must be eliminated or sidelined for the sake of the Country. I am sure many would agree that we over the years had mutual respect for other races as each of these has strengths and weaknesses. As Malaysians we need to continously work on our strengths, as we had always been. This had been the pillar of our strengths. In this country, every community must work and support each other to eliminate poverty and injustice.
On Media of expression, I believe we must be careful about it as there will be people who uses racial issues to instigate the anger in their communities. Believe me, our not-so-perfect situation is probably the best model yet. At least we do not turn like Bosnia or Iraq.

For the sake of freedom of expression and for what you are famous for, may be you should choose DrChua69 as the blog's name instead.

jararaca said...

BN has missed the wood for the trees. it is not the medium but the truth behind the message. MSM just dish u thrash.

New media is open and transparent. That is why BN include MCA refused to embrace cyberspace. BN is corrupted. Including you. At least you are part of the criminal gangs.

Already 1 month after election. Where do we see MCA? A boat to nowhere. same old MCA.

if you believe MCA is relevant to the Chinese communities. Show us some news worthy policies that deserve frontpage in Star paper. Yes your own paper. CAN? I can give you anyone of the choices below which i consider news worthy. 1) Abolish ISA 2) Release Hindraf 5 Now...There is hundreds for you to pick on. The truth is you CAN't bcos you are just to scare and need to kawtow to UMNO.

Give this a thou.
leave racist, corrupted, expired UMNO now before it destroys you completely.

stocktube said...

welcome dr chua ...

by joining the blogosphere i hope your comrades within BN will not call you "monkey" since nobody from BN (that includes you) defended the bloggers back then ...

credibility? what credibility of traditional media that you're talking about? stop the denial syndrome ... unless you're living under coconut shell, you should know most of the people on the ground knew how pathetic and bias the newspaper especially theStar was ...

it's ironic how the chief editor now took the 180 degrees turn after the shameful defeat ... maybe he needs the job badly in case the second tsunami strikes again ...

blogs might help the oppositions but the fact is the swing of voters against your master, UMNO, could not go any further even without blogs ...

poor economy management, racial statements by your boss's s-i-l, the dancer who play with keris, nazri-the-racists and all the bullies from the arroganr BN leaders (that's include you also dr chua) are the main contributor to your defeat ...

anyway, you should thank OKT for architected your early departure else you could face the same fate as that former minister of (mis)information as well ... don't bother to make a comeback to MCA because it's no longer relevant ...

have fun blogging ...

karloon said...

Dear Dr,

Ever heard of the real meaning of political promise? hint* = B*LLSH*T

Wonder why MCA soon become extinct along with MIC and PPP?

Hint* = The Big C

Joining blogs won't safe BN or PK. Be true to yourself will (that's why people still respect you after the tape surface) safe you. We don't need a party who only protect Chinese school, chinese culture and chinese religion. WE want a party that protect ALL MALAYSIAN.

Even though I don't agree with you that ethnic base party should allow to exist. However, I respect your point. But if that's what the party plan to do "protect ethnic base privilege" then the party should preach what they said.

Now, if Dr. can answer me this question honestly, me and my whole family (consist of 5 voter) might consider to ever vote MCA again.

The question is, as an elected YB, will you support an opposition when they table a honest and good resolution for the better of country/people (exp. abolish/change ISA)

karloon said...

Dear Dr,

Ever heard of the real meaning of political promise? hint* = B*LLSH*T

Wonder why MCA soon become extinct along with MIC and PPP?

Hint* = The Big C

Joining blogs won't safe BN or PK. Be true to yourself will (that's why people still respect you after the tape surface) safe you. We don't need a party who only protect Chinese school, chinese culture and chinese religion. WE want a party that protect ALL MALAYSIAN.

Even though I don't agree with you that ethnic base party should allow to exist. However, I respect your point. But if that's what the party plan to do "protect ethnic base privilege" then the party should preach what they said.

Now, if Dr. can answer me this question honestly, me and my whole family (consist of 5 voter) might consider to ever vote MCA again.

The question is, as an elected YB, will you support an opposition when they table a honest and good resolution for the better of country/people (exp. abolish/change ISA)

KIMHO8 said...

如果馬華真考慮賣掉星報和南洋商報的控股,然后告訴民眾關于新聞報導的掌控權已不在 馬華手中還是不在國陣的手中?




My way is the only way!


■日期/Apr 14, 2008


消息来源告诉《独立新闻在线》,内政部秘书长阿都阿兹(Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof,右图)召集东西马的各语文报章总编辑在今天下午3时30分左右前往布城内政部“交流”,至少有35名编辑主管赴会。这场交流会在下午五时左右结束。


为配合1998年“烈火莫熄”改革运动的精神领袖安华依布拉欣在明天(4月15日)的“政治解禁”,人民公正党将今晚八时将在吉隆坡甘榜巴鲁(Kampung Baharu)的苏丹苏莱曼俱乐部(Kelab Sultan Sulaiman)号召万人大集会,迎接安华重获参选权;预料万名党员、社运活跃份子将出席,受邀出席的嘉宾包括该党主席、候任国会在野党领袖旺阿兹莎(Wan Azizah)及人民联盟的代表。【点击:万人集会庆重获参选权 安华演说勾划改革方向】


去年11月6日,与国内事务部重新合并为内政部之前的国安部曾口头指示报社停止报道干净与公平选举联盟(Bersih,净选盟)在11月10日的大集会新闻,“好像完全没有发生任何事那样。”【点击:国安部又封锁新闻 这次对象是净选盟】

尽管共有大约四万人出席11月10日在吉隆坡举行的净选盟大集会,但第二天本地三语报章都低调报道这场政治活动,而且几乎都只将焦点锁定在吉隆坡的交通堵塞现象,以及为大集会定调为“非法集会”。【点击:净选盟选举改革诉求靠边站 报章突出非法集会交通堵塞】

11月13日,国安部再次召见各语文报社的总编辑,指示报社避免报道太多净选盟的新闻。【点击:国安部召见各报总编辑 再指示低调报道净选盟】

me said...

It's not just about hoping various sides practice self-restraint (by resisting the urge to control the media, for example) and then hoping for the best.

It's about institutional reforms that ensures self-restraint. Start with the obvious: licensing laws. This clearly runs against the whole idea of devolution of powers that federations are supposed to embody. Hell, unitary states like France and the UK have more powerful regional and local governments than our states.

And then, legally require media outlets to state the fact that it is related to political parties if one political party is either a majority stakeholder or the biggest one.

Don't just say it is perhaps time for the parties to willingly relinquish this destructive stranglehold, but actually drive for check and balance mechanism to make sure it happens.


Old Fart said...

And welcome to the comments that you would get from me Oldfart, aka Paul Warren!

Dr, just in case you don't know it yet, this is a space that I wonder in, ponder and lay my thunder!

As it is for your very first post, I should admit that it must be a huge tectonic kind of expereince for the first time the absence or indeed the presence of Media Freedom.

The rest of us know about all of this already. nothing new to us. Maybe for you la!

So you want to say something , say la something real.

Oh BTW, click on my link and you'll hopefully find out what I mean.

Stevie said...

underestimating the alternative electronic/internet media is just the HOW of BN's loss.

leave the headache to the strategists.

you should find out only the WHY.

ah, on second thought, don't bother, it doesn't matter anymore, DR.

BN is the thing of the past.

Ranger said...

Dr, why do you not take up a new job of dismantling the MCA, after all you are only the running dogs of UMNO. Your's is a race based organisation, just like UMNO a racist organisation. Where were your cojones, when they played with the Keris or when the old goat Mahathir declared Malaysia an Islamic state or when he called Suqui a communist organisation. Anyone of you in MCA, have cojones? There are multi racial parties in Malaysia, if you must know. Allow me to introduce you to them, the DAP, PKR,Pas and PSM. You might go far if you realise that MCA is no more relevant. It is a "has been party", wake up and smell the shit, with all due respect.

The MSM is your making, you contributed towards it, it has been shackled. Just look at the mirror, it is YOU. Last but not least, you looked great in the video clip. You made me and others older than me very envious.

Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

To me, Media Freedom is not a problem as we Malaysians got eyes to see what is right, what is wrong! Nowaday, all the young malaysians are well educated, and know how to differentiate and analyse what is right, what is wrong. Even though the BN own the mainstream media, but still lost in the last GE. WHY?? Not because of it. It is all because of the performance of BN, corruption,crime, and ect.....


PL said...

what was shown on paper/TV made me puke. no wonder i never want to read/watch MSM

Johorean said...

This is the first time i read your blog via rocky's blog.

I am sorry. Whenever, I look at your face, i can't help but these pictures of you watching XXX video and having sex with a young lady in a hotel room and cheating on your wife leave me bad taste.

You didnot set a example to the younger generation, what happen to 'leadership by example'? I used to support you but no more.What a hypocrite.

Pearls said...


You make me laugh out right! Wakakakakakakaka!!! Let it go la. What's with you and Uncle Chua in his moments of ecstasy?? Wakakaka!!(such vivid memory)

As for leadership by example, well, Uncle Chua is a human afterall and to err is human. Dont take such a hard stand on such things la.. Not like he kill someone for pleasure! Just concentrate on Uncle Chua's abilities to serve the people, Chinese or otherwise la. What he does with his free time and himself, aiyah.. as long as it is not illegal or a crime, don't care la.

US Visa said...

sup uncle,,

the bottomline is we are not idiot..stopp feeding us garbage then maybe we ll start reading your paper ..the star is a good paper no doubt,,some of the article are brilliant,so is the contributor,,but all this stupid garbage made it all stink.

Sing Lau said...

Dr Chua,

MCA has rotted beyond redemption.
It has passed its 'USED BY' date.
Toss it into the bin of history.
To keep it is positively harmful.
That's what a good Dr always remind his patients.

Do the same if you are a real Doc.

WoW said...

Young generation nowadays in comparison spend more time in front of their PCs than doing anything else including reading newspaper online instead of offline. I believe media is no longer the most efficient or fastest way in disseminating info to the public but forums and blogs are.

These two are the tools that could be used either for and against an individual, group or even a State at large. The said is inevitably a preferable way for those who intend to express their feelings, grievances, hardships and so forth that they are unlikely to do the same via the conventional mainstream media in particular matters in relation to politics.

It is therefore the Govt of the day must be aware of the technology advancement on the internet and at the same time listen to the real needs of their people in order to regain people's support.

Damien said...

Dr, this is my 2 cents to your question "Should the MCA continue to hold shares in the above said newspapers or to divest them in order to restore a degree of independance to them." I'll just stick to the business side.

The media business is a business. Some media report the news. Some media make the news. Actually there is a market for making the news as any sleazy tabloid will tell you but when a company operates on the basis of integrity and fails the integrity test year after year, it loses one of its fundamental pillars.

Secondly, a smart media would know better than to sabotage its own products. In this case, its the half truths and deliberate ommissions to fit stories into some predefined narrative. When integrity is in question, people pick up a habit of triangulating facts using their own sources and making their own conclusions. This is the equivalent of a company rolling out defective products by design and the customers making hay of the defects. The penchant for self sabotage makes me question if the management is competent. There goes the second fundamental pillar.

In the long run, the only people who buy The Star are people who have no means to verify facts independently (maybe not internet savvy) or are indifferent to the truth. You'll agree that this is a shrinking constituency. As far as mindshare and heartshare is concerned, there seems to be more negatives than positives now. It sabotages the millions of ringgit the company spent on brand building. There goes the third and final fundamental pillar.

We all know what happens to the stocks of companies with weak fundamentals.

I don't believe their share prices hold any long term value and if I had them now, I would sell them off while I can still get a price.

Regarding the second part of your same question, ending in "in order to restore a degree of independance to them." Independence alone will not guarantee a stronger stock price. Only the restoration of business fundamentals will.

Field_of_Gold said...

It has already been said, but i would like to say it again. It is not the medium but the message that counts. Think about it. The mainstream media like The Star and NST have big circulation numbers, but why is it they don't serve the purposes for likes of MCA?

Why do you think that traditional media is taking a bashing? Well, you have the answer.

We are simply just so sick and tired of being treated like idiots by all the half truths, twisted facts and outright lies dished out, and continue to dish out by them.

Give you some examples.

I was so pissed off recently to read some MCA big shots politicising the PAS islamic agenda in The Star. They asked DAP to apologise to voters for cooperating with PAS, ostensibly because we were fooled into voting for them.

Why it is that they never learn and continue to insult our intelligence? What makes them think that we are so stupid that we can be so easily fooled? We voted with our brains not with our butts. So stop insulting us by implying that we are idiots.

And beside, why the likes of Ong brothers in MCA make so much noise about PAS's islamic agenda, while not a single word been said against the issue of punishing non-muslims of Khalwat?

It is because IKIM and the Shariah Judiciary Department are both institutions that were created under the auspices of the UMNO-led government, therefore MCA is too scared to say anything?

What is right is right. What is wrong is wrong. So be honest about it. Don't keep twisting and turning with facts and fantasies.

If the same attitude and dishonesty is portrayed in the new media, you can blog, sms and YOuTube all you like, you will get the same response. Duh!!!!!!

eddiekoh said...

Hi Uncle,It's good your blog continue to received comments good or bad.Now the bn politician wants to blog,but can,t take the comments.Like Melaka CM Ali rustam.when he raise the pig issue people whack him left and right in 2 day with more than 400 comments most of them accuse him of brainless and today no more comments,can't take the heat ,better not to blog.

frostier said...

As the things move on, we are aware of the most of the traditional medias are politically related. Be it in any form which makes it less reliable.

Hence, when Jeff Ooi started to blog and releases information from different point of view, it soon become a source for check and balance.

It is not just because of the traditional medias but rather the way it was presented.

lets look it from the ads placing. It makes more sense to me to accept it as a form of threat rather than ... more of a scare tactic if u tells me.

zorro said...

Datuk, welcome to blogosphere. I dedicated a posting 1 April 2008 on political parties ownership of MSM

monsterball said...

Hi Doc!
I am posting to let you know...I admire your courage and straight forward personality.
But regret so are still an MCA man.
Under Mahathir...MCA is balless and selfish... and majority Chinese never respect MCA at all...for as long as 50 years now. Have you ever ask yourself...why Chinese do not support MCA??
Get it very clear...I belong to no political party.
So many people went to jail...even died young....and hundreds of thousands went to the streets...treated like animals...with tear gas and water cannons. They protested ...not for the fun of it..but because MCA/Gerakan and MIC did not do their elected noble jobs....and because we love Malaysia...more than most MCA guys..including you.
MCA in the Barisan a reason to defend the Chinese rights is just full of bullshits.
If you really love Malaysians ..then stop being a a Malaysian.. resign from MCA..and join the opposition.
Don't ask for this or that.
Now you have is within your own MCA people...that shamed you with the sex video....why are you still there?
I are there...because there is great opportunity for you to be some body in MCA...right?
If are naturally selfish and a ..please don't try to convince patriotic you are.
You love race and religion dirty politics.
All things been said....your courage is much be admired and so are in the wrong party.
May you and your family be well and good.

Alan said...

There's no way to replace to mainstream media. Let's not kid ourselves, there's still a lot of people reading/watching.

Divest it! Unless there's a law protecting reporters/editors/whistleblowers, how are they able to report honestly?

MCA BARU said...




PMB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
iamataxpayer said...

Mr Chua
One months time, I been talking to all friends, malay, chinese, indian, over many issue, pig firm, corruption and etc, including the dirty trick by OKC, how dare THINK the fund by Federal government to state gornvement is his own pocket $$? How dare he said he needs to "ensure" these $$ goes to fund of "BN members"? WTF, the $ is come from RAKYAT and should be back to ALL RAKKTAT! Not just BN, not just MCA, certainly NOT OKC.

If ALL BN members vote for BN would perak, selangor lost to PR? YOu MCA people have no brain at all!

Make OKC a minister has pronouced the death sentense of MCA. From this point, I and family say byebye to MCA, even i have to vote to PAS, yes, i will vote for them because i know at least they are now standing firm to support chinese pig firm project!!!! (WHERE IS MCA IN THIS CASE? "work" silently?).

BYE BYE MCA, and for OKC, be nice to rakyat please if you want to hear to last last advice.

After this I will not visit your blog anymore, because MCA is a pass, a sad history.

From a heavy tax payer, a johorian, who used to vote for MCA, but NO MORE, forever.

PS: all my malay friends, who are normal RAKYAT that never been brain-wash by your "friend" (or should said your "master"?) that you always "work silent" with, they have no problem for chinese to have a pig firm.

myenvelope said...

Dear Dr Chua,

First of all, I applaud your courage to reach out to the general public.

Whether to withdraw shares from mainstream media, it's up to MCA. But I feel it is better to withdraw. The perception people see is, if you have shares in the media company, people tend to think you have a control over what gets published. Worst still, that was not the concern but what's gets edited to suit a particular political agenda.

However, the lost in the recent general election was not due to the arrival of the new media. But, the people's TRUSTs in BN.

Yes, blog had reached out to the public and make people realised thare are lots of things the government did are wrongs. That, in a sense, did dilute the people's trusts in the government. But do you think, it is the arrival of blogs that causes the general election losses?

I read blogs since 2005 after Jeff Ooi popularise it. That time, there were also pro-government blogs. But I think the reason people did not buy whatever published in those pro-government blogs because the information contain lies. People will know, you cannot publish inaccurate information and hope we will not notice.

There is a mistake that BN always do, that is, pin pointing the wrong root cause. For example, the nude squat, you all target the camera man for capturing the video, rape cases you all target the victims for revealing dresses. And for this election losses, now you all say it is the arrival of the new media.

Some interesting things you should know. I seldom visit the blogs by Tian Chua because I know it contain lies, and visit it just for the 'entertainment' part of it. But I visit Jeff Ooi's blog because i think he is the most credible blog writer. Somehow, we knew Jeff and Rocky Bru are pro mahathir. You see, the readers are not stupid as to take whatever that's fed.


Things that made me fed up of the government (not in any particular order):

1) Tol contracts are secret docs - this is absurd.

2) Lingham's case - the government did not set up a truely independent probe that has the power to investigate the powerfuls

3) government spent a billion of in exchange of motorola's reinvestment of a few hundred million

4)Zakaria istana

5)Using of force to disperse peaceful demonstration

6)Spending of millions just in a particular entertainment

7)Open tender that was not really open and fair

8)Racists remarks (e.g. "go back to china", "bocor", "stain chinese blood on the keris", "chinese rob the malay's wealth", etc)

9)Failed to explained why NEP is fair for all and does not promote cronism - mechanism for check and balance

10)Unfair fund allocation for vernacular schools

11)Cronism in giving AP

12)Commission for friends for billions of military deal

The list goes on...

Just work on these issue. You can start a thousand pro-government blogs it won't make a difference when election come, if the government doesn't improve.

The flip-flops that the government did reached a price more than the price the citizens are willing to give Anwar Ibrahim a try despite the distrusts people had in him.

Furthermore, UMNO, MCA, MIC are raced based. UMNO represents the malays, MCA the chinese, MIC the indians are obsolete and racist in nature. This can be evident with the racists remarks given by the BN ministers.

Also, MCA=MIC=UMNO which when UMNO say yes, the other parties would not say no or get reprimanded. So when you talk about MCA represents the chinese MIC represents the indian doesn't make sense because we obviously have no say aka other than the malays, the rests are 2nd class citizens.

What BN has to do also is change to a model better than the oppositions.

However, we are observing in these five years what BN will do and what the opposition can do. We are hoping to see fair competition.

Depriving funds to the oppositions on development plans will only make BN look even worse and I'm sure that's not the right way of doing things. The federal government must work with the oppositions now for the good of the country.

Forget about race, religion, and where we come from and truely serve the country and the people and we all will prosper in the end.

Pearls said...


We must all learn the correct terminology here, les, we all look like that suakoo(mountain tortoise) information minister.

Traditional media = print media.
SMS, internet, blog = electronic media. Paham??

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr,

Well, media freedom seems to be a big issue nowadays, no?

And with much reason, I believe.

About MCA not being share-holders of the Star paper, well, that's probably one way to go about it. Back in the days when I was still living in the country, I used to read The Star. My dad was a fan of the paper, and we used to read it from cover to cover. It's not a bad paper, really, just awfully one-sided when it came to reporting on political stuff.

As most of the comments have mentioned, it's not so much the medium, but more about the information being transmitted through the medium itself. I personally prefer newspapers. But if they don't provide me with objective enough views and reports, and diminishes to being merely a mouth-piece for the ruling govt, then you can't really call it a 'news'paper anymore.

As readers, we want news. And be fair. As much as the MCA was suffering being the underdog behind UMNO, the same goes for the opposition. Let's all be fair and play on level ground.

By having the newspapers be objective, MCA probably stands a chance to show that they are not afraid of what might be reported, because they stand for the truth. It could show your strengths. And when everyone's on equal ground, who's to say that there was no fairness?

Again, would love to know what you think after all these responses from us.


monsterball said...

Hi Doc!
You have tasted the worst kind of man...stripping you naked .......and here you have Simon Wee..talking about justices..when he is the worst blogger in Malaysia.
He exposed every details of my life..two years ago...and said...he will get me into jail too.
He committed the cardinal sin in blogging......and I am still waiting for expose himself...where he live...who he rally is...and dare meet me face to face.
He dare not face me...and here ...he is talking about justice and logics.
Like you Doc...I will never run away from one....seeking to have trouble with me....and Simon Wee is the biggest braggart and can ever wish to know him.
Words of advise to all his friends..from a near 70 year old man. This man have no principles in life.
He will sell his the highet bidder....and I will not be see him sell his a support this bunkum life.
I dare him to respond to this message and meet me.
I think Doc knows how feel...and we old guys..have seen enough...tasted enough. This young punk needs to be taught a lesson.......sooner or later.

monsterball said...

Doc...It will be more exciting and friendly.....if you could...occasionally respond to comments from your visitors.
This my a suggestion only.

monsterball said...

See I told you Simon Wee is a real coward..with no principles in life. He exposed all of me.with my photo...MY HOME ADDRESS!!!..all details of my business..and what I like...what I don't like..and threatened to get me arrested.
I asked you many bloggers put out their faces anD home addresses?
I understand...and accept that..but Simon Wee should be brave expose ...all of himself.
Two years ago..everyone scolded him...committing the worst sins in blogging. He has not repented. All can forget...not me. Just like you will never trying to hurt you..and your family.

monsterball said...

By the way Doc...Simon Wee claimed to be an active MCA member.
He has his own blog..said to be a Russian trained investigator and worked in USA for few a private investigator.. and now back in somewhere in Petaling Jaya..doing same job.
MCA should sack such a man without principles in life....and your case...who knows....check him out!!! You know what I mean!!

Simon Wee said...


There is a difference between what I did to monsterball and what they did to you.

The expose on monsterball was the result of him challenging me to sue him for defamation. It was to show that the man was a flop and all I would get in the event of a successful court case, was only a paper judgment.

Monsterball could well go down in the Guinness Book of Records as the most prolific blogger spewing expletives and nonsense until most decent blog owners have granted him persona non grata.

Datuk, yours could well be his last frontier.



monsterball said...

At last that faceless coward replied!
Very dare to strip me a man... put out all the same details of yourself.
Everyone did try be hero to some one sided pro Mahathir bloggers..and trying so hard to make you blog successful....but I know.. you did that for a fee!!
Shit..I am still waiting for you to complete you put me into jail.
Yip..MCA active claim to be.
One who can stoop so home address.and brag to be a Russian trained private investigator....sitting on motor Malaysia...catching wife or husband...for a fee..for divorce low can you go??
Just tell me where to meet you...time and date...if you dare.
It is somewhat a destiny...that Doc was being stripped person or persons...trying to destroy you..which ..strangle...made you more a politician..and thus...have some understanding of my case...with some compassions.I hope so.
Doc...there is SOMEONE..who set up the cameras..and usually is a person.. like Simon Wee...for a fee...will sell his services...could not care less...right or wrong. He has no principles in life.
Wait for his meet me. That's all matters.

monsterball said...

I have been commenting at so many blogs...received countless compliments..for even right now. I have traveled all over the world...seen and done everything...trying to part all my knowledge in defending without fear nor favors what feel is right or ong.
I walked at BESIH and Hindraf...for he country...soaking wet for hours...and treated with tear gas and water a animal..and I am not poor...DOC!!
I belong to no political party...and have been doing my own business for more than 36 years.
Lets see...readers believe his..coward..Simon Wee or me.
So many commentators...f...ed him up. He hide for more than a back in blogging.

monsterball said...

Dr.Chua...You defended NaWee on his one else from MCA...but you only.
Simon Wee never responded in other blogs...whenever I tracked him down.
OK!! Lets use his line of logic.I defied he exposed me.
Now I called him..a bastard...a spineless worm...wiling to sell his love ones as prostitutes.
So he should accept my challenge meet me..face to face.
This worm will sell his own race too...if he becomes a powerful politician. This is a real worm.
So glad...we are in an MCA powerful man blog. to his name...and view his credentials.
I was also educated in Batu Pahat High School...for few years!!
My class mates were Dr. Ang Ah Leng ..Jimmy Quek Jin Fong..Seto name few.
I love Batu Pahat and many Johore towns...except..Johore Baru.
I am 69 years.
My real name is Goh Swee Soon....commonly known as S.S.Goh.
Will appreciate..if you can help .to look at MCA membership file...put out his face and home address...but that maybe not do.
But he exposed...everything about me....even my home failed business likes and dislikes...showing what a great investigator he is!! But he did that to impress..a politician..hoping to get a job.
So he admitted..trying to get me arrested...go read his message.
What an idiot he is...and obviously young punk.
Hokkien have a saying.."goo kia .bor put hor...low hor bor put sai"
That's what he is.
Come on Simon a man.and face me.
Are you a pondan??

monsterball said...

Shit!! I am welcomed at Anwar..kata tak nak...kerp.. Dr.Hsu's Forum..blackinkorea...mob1900..kickdefella...Patrick Teoh's "Niamah"...and many in day out.
This is my last frontier?? bet.
It is the only blog owner.....that suffered low class ..cowardly act to him.
It is the only blog...that should understands me.
Why talk so much craps....Simon Wee.
I now challenge you to meet me face to face.
Yes....Doc..certain bloggers are giving a bad name to blogging..especially political bloggers.
But this always.. looking for a job...trying so hard to be a hero.

monsterball said...

For female bloggers....I was at Susan Loone. I was her favorite and most trusted visitor for few years.
She banned me...saying I am a racialist. God Bless her!
Elizabeth Wong welcomes me for years.
Monsterball is loved and respected.
And in be trusted and respected...are the key words o success. One has to earned that.
Hi...Simon Wee...Dr.Chua is no fool.
Stripping a defendless man you to the same...just different low class you.
Both are hiding you..but you will be easy mea...sooner or later.

monsterball said...

Doc..The worst type of Malaysian one who is a running dog.
A pimp is one...and Simon Wee is the other...selling his low class service for a fee..ignoring all principles of life. I was sold off by him...for a small fee.
And I am sure...he loves to investigate wives and husbands..for divorces.
He the nail...being employed to do a dirty work for others on you...Doc.
He can use all the excuses he wants.
I ask only for meet me face to prove he is a man...and not a dog.
Don't be taken by sweet cultured good English. That does not make a person...a man.
He also can be in the Guinness the only one coward blogger...exposing others....hitting under the belt...committing the cardinal sins in blogging.
And such a record...must again.. come from Malaysia.

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