Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On Datuk Lee Kah Choon's decision...

I congratulate Datuk Lee Kah Choon for taking up the appointment. I managed to speak briefly with him on the phone after he announced his resignation from all party posts and once again yesterday. I admire and respect his decision. His intention is to serve the people of Penang and he can achieve this either through Gerakan or Pakatan Rakyat.

I was also told by Datuk Lee that remuneration is not a factor in influencing him to accept the offer since the amount that he receives is minimal. Since he resigned all party posts from Gerakan, he is only an ordinary Gerakan member and if his conscience is clear, I see no conflict of interest.

Of course, he’ll always be viewed with suspicion by other parties and it is up to Datuk Lee to prove that he is a professional and dedicated to his job. There is no need for people to be excited or condemn him. Malaysians must learn how to respect people’s personal decisions as I am sure he must have agonised long and hard over it. GOOD LUCK to Datuk Lee.


Pearls said...

KORREK! KORREK! KORREK!! KORREK lor... Finally! someone got eyes and can see! MCA got little bit of hope...

Eh, I say little bit only....

jararaca said...

This is a new dawn for politics may be BN should take note. But BN continue to instigate what is bascially a good things for the people of penang.

PR could hv appointed anyone but choose to elect his opponent as the best person to serve the people. Can BN do that?

Now, What is wrong with that? As usually, Gerakan, was pressured by the racist UMNO to act.

Sacking or demeaning him will not serve the interest of BN, except make the rakyat more committed to PR. Gerakan more irrelevant!!

I congratutation Dr. Chua here for demostrating common sense politic without fear for favor.

Funniman1965 said...

Merit based party integration is finally taking place. It take guts to do it and yes, I am happy for the people of Penang. The only person you report to is the People of Penang, not Gerakan, not BN or DAP.


Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

I fully support on Datuk Lee's decision, only on his intention to serve the people of penang. If this is not his intention, i think he better quit from Gerakan. I don't understand why many people criticized on his decision. May be they jealous. I don't see any problem in it. At least got someone support his decision, which is you Dr. Chua. Hurray!!!
God bless..

KIMHO8 said...


All the best to you and my hometown,
Datuk Lee Kah Choon and Penang too!


dato' seri,

i cant agree more with you. datuk lee kah choon decision is wise enough for a good sake of his own state. BN and Gerakan should see it in a positive side. Knowing him, Datuk LKC is a good person to work with. Unfortunately, they react like it was end of everything for datuk LKC and also for BN namely Gerakan. So bad to see BN ppl are now dancing on a wrong beat.

novice101 said...


The BN is a gravy train to the UMNO and all those in the component parties. These people are very protective of this wealth-yielding train. All outsiders are naturally excluded. How can outsiders hope to be included when the members themselves even fight for the small positions and the small projects.

The 20 odd years of relationship with UMNO should have given the MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP a fairly clear picture of what they can expect from UMNO on the subject of power-sharing. Ong Ka Ting and all the MCA leaders, together with Koh Tzu Koon, Samy Vellu, Kayveas and all their colleagues could definitely recall how they have to beg for concessions of things that are legitimate. Why do they still want to carry on this relationship? Are they masochists? Their constituients have had enough of this demeanig treatment, they are saying 'enough is enough'!

The GE12 has brought out many 'firsts' into the nation. This recognition of cross-party talents is certainly something new in the Malaysian scenario. Making use of the best talents to bring benefits to the rakyat is not only a smart move, it is also a right move. See, what Malaysia has lost through the brain drain.

Hope MCA, Gerakan, MIC and PPP would not join hands with UMNO to derail moves made to benefit the rakyat.

CK Loh said...

Good call Dr. Chua.

I am all for fully utilise the 'brains'. Any government that can do this will gain my support.

Glad that you are one of the BN leaders who talk sense and not politising the matter. Hope you leave BN and join the party that will serve for the people or you will drown with them as well.

BN said, our inflation and other problem derived from our economy are global economy issues, and not really the government fault. Rafidah Aziz just mentioned again few days ago.

But one must wonder, are BN using the best resources, get the right people, the best people to fill up important post, especially on the important economy units/GLCs which will directly or indirectly contribute on our economy.

On BN criteria,
1) non-Bumi is a no go (none of the the GLCs CEO are non-Bumi)
2) non-BN supporter is a no go too. (base on Kah Choon's case handling)
3) non crony is no go too. (base on common understanding, might not be true for every case.)

So, after so many filtering, if they are 1000 capables person in Malaysia, BN will only use not more than 10 of them, and the rest of the 990 will be fill up by most of their cronies which are second best.

How Malaysia can do well, you tell me?

If there is no improvemnet from BN in this area, using 'brains' regardless of races and political belief, I still think rakyat will reject them on PRU 13, even though they continue reform in
1) jurisdiciary
2) ACA
3) media
4) police

At the end, under utilising the 'brains' are the main problem BN faced that cause various issue that directly hit the rakyat like
1) inflation
2) public safety
3) nation unity

And this is the issue where rakyat will vote against them, because it hit the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

After taking off Man U jersey, Dato' Lee KC can now wear and score for Arsenal.

Ooops, Man U change to Gerakan. Arsenal change to Penang.

teong wha said...

Lee Kah Choon's decision to take up a position in PDC of Penang is welcome by the people of Penang.If Penangites endorsed his participation then the rest who are not happy with the decision is not important anymore.My advice to those who oppose it is to bang your head against the wall!

笑看风云 said...

"" 横眉冷对千夫指 ,...... ""

Think of all the MCA, UMNO, MIC, PPP, GERAKAN.... MEMBER WHO SERVE IN THE 5 STATE goverment body or control coperation as engineer , pengarah, clerk.....

ALL must resign ??
it is a joke.

Funniman1965 said...


As long as you are qualified, you have the merit, irregardless of race and party.

Hopefully this test case would transcend across all of Malaysia in keeping our talented people.

MCA, you can also do this. You do not need to appease your not so qualified MPs / Assemblymen to get support. Let's not let the talented people who did not get elected sulk,jump ship or abandon politics altogether.

Ciaklat !!! said...

Datuk Lee has the guts!

Gerakan and BN 's reaction towards him accepting the post shows once again how narrow minded they can be....

Just becoz Penang doesn't belongs to BN now, they want to restrict all the talent and resources from contributing towards Penang's DISGUSTING..

Lo said...


The old school where BN people can only work for BN boss is gone. We all can serve the rakyat regardless of political background. I congratulate Lee's decision. He is a brave and honest man. We need more people like him in this country


Anonymous said...

Bravo you are a Hero Kah Choon. You did the right thing. You see PR also got heart la and know who to chose...

Currentaffair said...

Datuk Lee is a hero.

tc88 said...

Datuk Lee is very courageous in accepting the two positions and probably confirms his passion to uplift the economy of the State. Lim Guan Eng and the PR Government must be hailed as going out-of-the-box looking beyond their respective parties to offer someone from outside and from the opposition a high profile post in the State. Lim Guan Eng dares walk the talk! Something that BN, be it UMNO, MCA, Gerakan or MIC would not do or dare to do. They would offer such plum jobs as reward to their supporters or to ensure their continued support.

Of course Lim Guan Eng has another motive in offering Datuk Lee the two high profile positions. One is to demonstrate DAP's message of CAT (competence, accountability and transparency, another is to ensure a new political culture or paradigm for Malaysia that is not tainted with political, religious or racial affilitation. Select, offer and empower the most qualified, abled and passionate to do the job. Alas, I cannot say this about the BN appointments be in in the cabinet, state exco or GLC, or statutory bodies! That's why we have so many failures... Proton, MAS, STAR and PUTRA lrt, Perwaja, just to name a few.

Another motive of Guan Eng is probably to rattle the BN leaders who have lost in the general elections or not offered positions in the cabinet, exco or government positions. Like the Chinese saying, plant a thought or a virus in your enemy, nourish it and let it do the damage within your enemy. I am sure some, if not, several BN not-so-high leaders are thinking...

Having said that, Datuk Lee has a tough job to do, not the task itself but fending off the inuendos, and suspicions within and outside. But he has the passion. I wish him good sailing with a one-direction gentle breeze.

Phang Thiam

monsterball said...

Yes...DR.Lee is brave and did the right thing.
He loves Malaysians..and want to be useful.
Those Gerakan guys are simply jealous.

ney said...

we need people with calibre to do the right thing and placing people at the correct place and job is vital.

Jason ANG-blog shooter said...

Dear Dr Chua, this politic culture is not healthy, we should not encourage it happen in malaysia, Lee Kah Choon just a politic frog, why we should respect him, if one day u joint PKR , does this good for MCA ?

百合博客 said...

人言可畏, 人个有致.

good luck!

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