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Reply to comments on media topic/ 回应留言

Thank you for responding about the press and media freedom.

For a long time, the conventional wisdom was that as a political party and when you control the media, you can actually shape the opinion of the public, so as to be favorable to you, or your policies. Unfortunately, over the years, most political parties are so used to it and have become complacent.

The presence of new media, has provided alternative channels for desemination of information, which, may not necessarily be true. However, it does give a different version compared to what is reported in the main stream media. This neglect of the importance of new media is obvious especially from BN parties. Part of the success of the Opposition is that they fully utilized the new media which has a substantial following, without the BN knowing about it because they are so used and so dependent on the traditional media to convey their message.

Of course, political spinning and sugar coating government policies has been such an old practice that politicians have forgotten that the rakyat have changed because of education, and with the advent of the new media, people have alternative sources of information which because it is new, provides excitement and also opportunity for them to read what they preceive as truth. In short, the rakyat have moved forward as far as reading habits are concerned, while politicians are mired in the traditional or mainstream media.

MCA was thrown into a crisis in our purchase of Nanyang Press. Of course shareholding has been reduced substantially, if I am not mistaken MCA has only 20% left in the star, which is regarded as the jewel in the assets owned by MCA because of the dividend received. Again I have said that probably there is a need to relook at this shareholding, if ownership of these newspapers in anyway caused rakyat to shun these 2 newspapers and affect people’s confidence in MCA.

About the media...It is a huge topic where we will have neverending discussions and arguments. I have already said again and again, that what is reported in the new media, we have to read in between the lines in the same way as the main stream media. For wider perspective and justification, READ BOTH.

Here, we have a different point of view on mainstream media:







lisa said...

Dear Dr Chua,
This is my first time visiting your blog. I first heard about it from a relative. I must commend you for joining the blogsphere, because here, you will be faced with the ‘version of truth' that each individual who posts, believes in. Some are constructive, and some may not be.

A few personal comments:
1) It is not easy to search for your site. Google search (my most natural way of trying) ends up with more nefarious postings. If you do the same search with 'Lim Kit Siang' you will see his post as the first item appearing. So, maybe you'd like to consider getting IT- assistance on this aspect. There are certain ways in linking your site in more friendly manner. If you wish to reach out to the masses, 'help' the masses by making your site more easily-accessible.

2. I noticed you linked Dr Lim's blog on your site, as the first item. For me, putting alternative views on your website is a sign of being open and willing to check out what the other side of the table has to say. Being mindful of alternative views, to me, is important in good governance. Surrounding yourself with "yes-men" will only lead to one's downfall (as what UMNO has done in decades, and controlling the media also misled them into the delusion that people are with them, when in actual fact the paper is just saying what they are paid and told to say. It's classic case of "the emperor's new clothes"). Hence I commend you for this act. In fact you are the first local politician that I know of, who has done this in his blog.

3. I think there is a reason why you have not responded to the comments... I think once you start, there will be people who will try to goad you into responding. The site may possibly crash. Haha. So it is a good tactic to say your piece and let the masses say theirs in peace.

4. If MCA really have the intention to revamp the party, and be one that acts for the people, why not have a MCA-blog/forum and let everyone put in their wish list for change. This is not meant to be politically-motivated, but a real 'personal appraisal', for 'personal improvement', akin to the feedback mechanism/appraisal system in workplace. The views will be good eye-opener to the party I’m sure. How the party deals with the info will also be key to its survival. For example, from that mix, identify the ten key areas which MCA will focus on the coming year, best if it is the top ten items. Everyone knows that figures and stats are powerful messages. We have all kinds of "polls", why not do a constructive spin with it, with one that is catered to constructive use, not to flog any party or person(s).

5. If the signs and comments are anything to go by, the people are disillusioned to what MCA stands for. "Revamping" it may be akin to moving a mountain. People will treat any action by MCA with distrust. Start afresh on a clean slate. Dismantling and setting up something different, with a team who share the same views, who are for constructive action, may work with better results than revamping. There is a reason why you are still respected by certain folks (no one can please all) and even the opposition. Get like-minded individuals and form something which we can believe in. We no longer believe in MCA. It stands for too many things negative. (I too hope you wouldn't stay with MCA. Be an independent politician and let your actions and achievements speak for itself, and not be dragged down by how the party has failed, because people will associate you with the party's failings, when it is not your doing. Not worth it at all, and not even fair, when you are just one in the party).

6. Don't neglect Malaysians who are living across the straits or overseas. They took leave, and return in droves to vote, and I believe they played a part in the turn of tides in recent elections. And there is a reason they stayed away. Each vote counts.

Good luck and fruitful posting!


AC said...

Those stakes undermine the country's democracy. If MCA wants dividends, buy something else. There's lots of other choices.

But don't got the way of Maika.

Sobbez said...

相信有了部落格,很多年轻人都会浏览您的文笔及一些 “原滋原味” 的真相!
老实说,现今执政党的领袖都一直 “自我陶醉” 着,单单一篇文告,就有几个不同的报导,发生在不同语言的报章。


好好加油蔡医生!“原滋原味” 的真相!

Stanley Yeo said...

Dr Chua, 我可以叫你蔡伯伯或是Uncle Chua吗?因为我觉得在网际网络里这样的称呼你,我会觉得比较有一种亲切感。因为网络是无界限的。这样的称呼可以好像朋友的关系来交谈。



加油,我会一直追随你的文章 !!!

Stanley Yeo said...


Kevin said...

Perception is worst than reality.

Image this:-
You are one of the board of directors that recently awarded a multi-million dollar contract to a company linked to your brother.
Whether you had any influence in that decision doesn't really matter. The perception that the company got the contract because it was owned by your brother is damaging enough.
The correct thing to do would be to excuse oneself from the decision making, or the company not bid for the contract.
Like that also need to teach meh?

Any political party or government controlled media will ultimately give the perception that it will be favourable only to the party or the government that controls it.
The media will have to work extra-hard to criticise and question the party/government to prove itself not biased.

Like that also need to point out to you meh? All BN people not young anymore leh.

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