Wednesday, April 2, 2008

大选失利归咎巫统不正确 蔡细历:马华也需负责




蔡细历昨晚出席峇株巴辖小贩商业公会新届理事就职礼时,向报界那么表示。 他说,现在的马华必须上下团结,不能因在大选失利后,就好象四分五裂一般。

询及身为前任马华柔佛州联委会主席,蔡细历在新出炉的联委会名单内榜上无名一事,蔡细历说,委任州联委会成员是州主席(黄家定)的权力。 他说,目前,柔州马华是稳定及团结的州属,向来强调矛头对外,加上与州政府有良好关系,能让州政府了解华社的问题。

-南洋商报, 2/4/2008-

English Version

Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek feels that a lot of MCA leaders blame UMNO for the lost in the general election and this is not quite true because MCA should also bear some responsibilities.

He pointed out that undeniably, UMNO as the biggest component party should bear the responsibility for the lost in the general election, but as the 2nd largest party, MCA should take up part of the responsibility.

He stressed that as a party that represents the Chinese, MCA should protect Chinese's hope, benefit, position and effeciently raises the needs and requests of the Chinese so that other races understand our needs because if MCA didn't play their role right, it will raise satisfaction among the Chinese.

Chua was speaking to the press in a function in Batu Pahat.

He said that for now, MCA should unite and not to split up just because they lost in the election. When asked regarding the new list for Johor State Liaison Committee that his name was not in it, Chua said that it is up to the MCA President to appoint committee members and it is his prerogative to do so.

He further said that at the moment, Johor MCA is a stable and united state and they have always maintain good relationship with the state government so that they understand the problems faced by the Chinese.

-Nanyang Siang Pau, 02/04/2008-


ally1833 said...

Dear Dr.Chua,

You're right,lost in the general election MCA should also bear the responsibilities. MCA leaders please stop to blame already! enough!!!!! Please if you have time to talking about nothing,better spend your time and use your blain to find out why MCA will lost???

Precident MCA when chinese face a problems you always say"kita akan bincang dengan pak lah"than the answer come out is....?????? we know the answer already!! MCA precident i must told you we're malaysian ok,no need to "bincang bincang" "mesti dapat"!

We're not child,1 time,2 times,and more.... you always cant settle any problem for chinese,so i want to ask you,how we can believe you again? We're not fool!!!!

Dr.Chua i hope you can come back to manage MCA as soon as possible,coz only you can change and make MCA strong. The most important is you're the person who really can help and understanding chinese need!

Wish you're health and happy!

bengkuan said...

I agreed that MCA shuoldn't blame others for this PRU 12 failure especially those top leaders like the Ong's brothers who know so well about Confuciousism and talk better than the great ancient Chinese scholar Confuciuos on the stage,infact MCA shuold have conciousness to know / study what is wrong within the party , with UMNO and the Chinese comunity

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