Monday, April 7, 2008

Misleading statement regarding my resignation as an MP

Earlier today, I wrote that I had been invited as a panel speaker for an ASTRO forum. Before the forum started, I was informed by ASTRO that there were some sms being circulated among the public asking them to call in during the forum to ask me to explain my intention of not resigning as Member of Parliament. Besides that, also asked the same question.

I must say that when I announced my resignation, I resigned all posts including the MP post. I sent a letter to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister also forwarded my letter to the Parliament. Therefore, it is misleading to say that I have my own agenda in the party just because I did not resign as an MP, of which I did by writing to the Prime Minister.

At least I am being honest here, unlike some comrades who just care about building up their good images and use it to mislead party members to show that they are Mr. Goodie, and that they are really working hard for the party when they have their own agendas behind it. Who are these people? I will not want to say anything but let's just wait and see. Good news will arrive soon!






Eng Kuan said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

You have to be tough! and I bet you will. AS you can see, MCA is totally hopeless under "adik- beradik" leadership, if you can't make a change now, who else??

Is time for you to fight back!

ally1833 said...

Dear Dr.Chua,


Now just you can save MCA,just you can change MCA,only you can do it!

We alwas support you!


Figth back now let the adik-beradik out of MCA!

Lysendar said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

I am always support you. I always believe that you can do lots of things for our Rakyat. It is time for you to do something for yourself and all of us already.

All the Best!!

limnelson said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

You must come out to safe the MCA coz one day MCA would charge to Ong Brothers (M)Sdn Bhd. You must come out fight for the MCA President.
God Bless You and I think you would win!

Eng Kuan said...

Dear Dr. Chua,

As a Malaysian, I am proud of what you had done so far, at least you DO THE RIGHT THING.

Everybody wants you to come back to serve the rakyat, lead the MCA party but the question still back to whether you are ready for that?

If you are ready for that, please go ahead with your plan as we want to know if we can contribute to make this a success.

Life is short and just does what is RIGHT with no regret. Remember, people will eventually forget about you after 1~2 years but if you continuously stay close with Rakyat, and help to built-up the confident of Chinese community to MCA. You will be remembered.

I can see that there is nothing you can do much at the moment, Ong is pulling you out from his territory and your supporters being isolated. This is a very clear signal to ask you to buzz off! But looking at the bright site that this make him look bad and ugly. Not to mention the stupidity of Ong who asking his won brother to replace his Minister post, he thought we all blind.

I feel really sorry to MCA after what adik-beradik had done to our Chinese community, he even wrote a book to "poison" us before election. Oh, forgot to mention the TV ads that almost make me puke every time I see it. Oh my God.

Dr. Chua, JUST DO THE RIGHT THING before too late.

Eng Kuan said...

I came across this blog from (蔡细历也搭上部落客列车
I don't think many people know about this, as they quoted "然而,至今没有读者对该篇贴文做出回应", in fact not many people know about this blog, this doesn't mean readers don't want to react on your blog.

Guys, please spread the good news of Dr. Chua's blog!!!

Thegame said...

Dr.In my opinion you are very good in what you do as a politician.The problem is i find it very difficult to accept you as a leader after the sex incident.Letting you back into MCA is like forgiving you for the wrong done.I dont quiet think ppl are quiet ready for that.You have destroyed the marriage institution of trust and you should be made to pay for it.Otherwisr ppl will be made to think that if you are good in your work is ok even though you a sex thirsty individual.Its about time all politicians set good examples and lead by examples.please go on a long holiday and dont come back.

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